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  1. lee24v

    Had this email today Tragic News

    but the thing is they are parrot killers and plug in air fresheners and many more things i'm finding out about
  2. lee24v

    Hello everyone - (ceejay2005)

    Welcome to the forum
  3. lee24v

    x box question

    yes you can
  4. lee24v

    Windows 7

    look for a program called RemoveWAT here is a linkdownload it and run the app http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/10895-RemoveWAT-A-safer-activation-solution. it should work
  5. As to my other post in help wanted http://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/25517-help-needed-please-mealy-amazon/ He as got worse squawking and biting even when you only walk past his cage, and to clean his cage and change his water and food that's hard enough, He use to let you clean his cage and change his food and water and stroke his head, now that's out of bounds tried all things to stop it but he is like a teenager with too side to them, In the day when he is naughty i cover him up and leave the room, is this the right thing to do, I brought him one of them birdy babble balls, since then he got worse so took it of him to see how he acts
  6. to help the public not to be scammed when buying a parrot had this email today from Anthony Matthews" <matthews.12@****.com> Thanks for the quick response to my mail,i do really appreciate you getting this parrot at your home as i was just looking for a lovely and caring homes for the parrot.i am a contractor and i just have a new contract over to Belfast so we are based now in Belfast .The reason why i want to give this parrot out is due to the fact that,there is no one at home to take care of the parrot while i am a away for work since my wife just travel to the new york with my kids.But i am more than willing to have this parrot deliver at your doorstep which will cost you £120.You are to make the payment of this fair directly to the delivery agency that will be doing the delivery to you. ,i will need to have your full contact details such as. Your full names Home address Contact Numbers Post Codes Once i have all these in formations,i will have the parrot register at the delivery agency very early tomorrow morning then as soon as i am done with the registration,then delivery agency will then give you a notification on how you are to make the payment to them directly so that they proceed with the delivery to your home.So hoping to read from you with the details.
  7. lee24v

    hello (Tinkerbell)

    welcome to the forum you will receive some good advice here like i did
  8. lee24v

    Free Samples

    got an email yesterday saying that they are sending me some free samples out
  9. lee24v


    Saxon is coming to life thanks to members here for there tips and advice, He is now freely coming out of his cage for treats, he love's chips and smashed spuds toast anything where eating, will try some weetabix in warm water and some other things posted here,
  10. lee24v

    Hiya all (lee24v)

    Thank you all for the warm welcome
  11. lee24v

    Help needed please mealy Amazon

    He don't seem to eat much fruit or veg, he tries it then drops it then leaves it, How can i get him to eat more fruit or veg ? Its his beak that doesn't look right to me, it looks like it as something all over it and flakes of when he cleans it on his perch , you can make his beak out underneath, could this be because of poor diet in his past and neglect or something else,
  12. lee24v

    Birdy Babble Ball

    just brought one for saxon,
  13. lee24v

    Help needed please mealy Amazon

    Morning all, This morning i gave Saxon a mix of apple, carrot, peppers, broccoli, and tried him with a couple of grapes, why i sat eating some toast big mistake, He started squawking very load and bobbing his head up and down wanting my toast not his mix i made for him, So i said to myself lets see how bad you want some toast, so i took the front of his cage of got his stand put some toast in one of the bowls, he was straight out of his cage for some toast, is toast good or bad