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  1. No idea how it would have happened but I am truly fascinated to read that the claw grew back on a previous occasion?! Beerbul our TAG had missing claws (and a missing toe) when we got him and what I'd learnt was that when they're young and pulled away with force from whatever it is they are clinging to then they can lose their claws. Beerbul's missing claws have never grown back :-( Maybe Grumpy was gripping a perch/rope and forgot to let go when taking off on a flight? He is still quite young so I hazard that guess... Hope it heals soon...
  2. Hi Lisa and welcome, as long as Alfie is not making a concerted effort to bite you i.e. only biting sometimes when you try and touch him then it is normal. As Fuzz said, you've gotta give him time to get totally comfortable with you but the fact that you can already stroke him is really a positive. One thing that has worked for me with biting birds is to make a loud noise when they try to bite (e.g. scream NO or OUCH)... that startles the bird and if they find that loud sound annoying and they understand that it comes whenever they bite then they'd rather not bite :-) Also, keep your hand movement gentle when attempting to stroke him, so don't suddenly reach out but instead gradually slide your hand in his direction so that he has time to prepare himself to let you stroke him - if that makes any sense. Good luck!
  3. Welcome Nikki - you will soon discover how wonderful a choice you have made!
  4. Hi Grape - I think you can get over your fear of parrots if you give them a chance and as the others suggest spend good time with them before bringing one home. Don't shut out the possibility of providing a home to a bird that needs one as not only will you get an adult bird that (potentially) you can have some history of but it could also be a talker as you desire. Saying that, do note that a talker may go silent in a new home... We had an interesting discussion on the types of parrots in a different thread, have a look below if this link works: https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/28242-best-1st-parrot-grey-or-blue-fronted-amazon-ady1/ Most important to remember is that regardless of species, a parrot is a living being, and an intelligent one so would have his/her own unique personality. All the best!
  5. I tie them to the side of the cage away from their perches... keeps them busy and occupied :-)
  6. Lindsey, Claytonfarlow has made the suggestions that had worked for me. In addition, try and spend as much time as possible with Him... if it means moving his cage to where you spend most of your time (but NOT in the kitchen since the cooking fumes etc. don't agree with their respiratory system) then try and do that. Also, talk to him to get him used to the sound of your voice. It can be a few days/weeks or months before he settles in but you will notice that his behaviour will change daily no matter how slow the change is :-) There are very knowledgeable and experienced folks on this forum who you can be assured of getting the best advise from... All the best!
  7. We might end up with monarchy though given the 'royal' wave ;-)
  8. A Mexican wave would be super-cool! I chose the names Beerbul (originally spelt Birbal) and Akbar (they were nameless before)... Akbar was a Mughal emperor and Beerbul was his Prime Minister who was famed to be the most intelligent man of that era. There are countless stories written about Akbar and Birbal. We've had Beerbul the longest and he was just so perceptive and intelligent to begin with that I named him that.... and when the Amazon came and befriended Beerbul then I named him Akbar. George came with the name and I can't change it even if I want to (I suspect he's a she given the affinity for men) because utterances such as GEORGE, GEORGIE, GIVE GEORGIE A KISS would give it away if I changed the name
  9. Hi Charlotte, I'm not sure if you remember Neel and Nicci... oddly enough before Nicci moved in with Neel SHE was doing the same through the bars of her cage and with some of her toys. It stopped once they were together so I guess it could be a hormonal thing. Unfortunately once they moved in together, Neel became the territorial aggressor :-(
  10. I'm not sure if this would help considering that all 3 of ours are rehomed birds and arrived in our home as adults (Genders unknown for all 3). We have Beerbul the TAG, Akbar and OW Amazon and George the CAG. Each one is a unique and yet remarkable personality. Beerbul had a very bad past and yet happens to be the gentlest bird and also the most active, affectionate and sensitive. Beerbul also happens to be the 'leader' of the pack despite being the smallest in size and the youngest in age. It was really easy to tame Beerbul as he arrived very scared and wary of humans - wouldn't even leave the cage initially. He needs the most attention and time. Beerbul is full of antics and is a real comedian. Picks up words very quickly but not as much a talker as George. George is affectionate and tame only with me and wouldn't think twice before nipping or biting somebody else. He has a lot of words and talks and whistles the most from all 3. He also picks words up quickly and has a go at saying them frequently. George is a jealous bird and doesn't even like me giving the other birds any attention. Akbar is the most docile and quiet bird. His calm nature and lack of activity gives makes him resemble an owl at times. He is the least messy of the lot and very very decent. It took some time getting him tame and he is generally friendly with everyone but only lets me hold him, he flies off if anyone else tries. I can never imagine Akbar biting anyone - not even Beerbul and George if they pick on him. I have yet to observe any change in behaviour (aggressiveness) from any of them at any time of the year... they're consistent through the year. All three are lovely birds and I cannot choose one over the other despite their differing personalities. The point to note is that every bird is different even if they belong to the same species; and I think that is because of the amount of intelligence they possess - each one is a unique personality and needs to develop at their own pace just as a human child does. You can provide the best of everything but still cannot guarantee that the bird will be tame or talk or be friendly with everyone. I would suggest you start with the facilities you can provide and base the decision on the size/colour/requirements of the bird. One thing I can guarantee is that if you give enough time, love and care to the bird then even if it does not talk or do all the seemingly fancy antics, it will still become embedded in your family and have its own special attachment with you! All the best as you make your decision...
  11. Beerbul our TAG has incredibly self learnt the wave. No idea how or when or where this was picked up but all we have to do is say the name Beerbul and up comes the right or left leg and the wave ensues :-). I am hoping that George the CAG and Akbar the OW Amazon watch and learn too. Never a dull moment living with these clever birds!
  12. A kind person had PM'd me sharing some information about their CAG parrots and this was something I thought would be useful sharing on this forum: "Feather dust well distributed means a good solid calcium levels. The feathers suggest contented grooming."
  13. Fuzzy and Clayton thank you for that - I have only tried bean and mung sprouts so far so will try the others you have mentioned. I hadn't put corn on the cob on my earlier list - they are getting it already enjoy that very much. I personally like Brussel Sprouts so with Christmas coming up, there won't be a better time to try and introduce our 3 Musketeers to that :-) Have a great Christmas everyone and thanks again for all your helpful advice!
  14. I haven't tried steaming them yet - good idea I'll try that out. Peppers, chillies and peas were also rejected in the past and I was staying away from Brussel sprouts because I was told that cabbage and family + avocados should not be given to them? I haven't tried watercress, rocket, Pak Choi and Wong Bok yet so would be worth giving them a go. Surely no AG in the wild would have tasted such a variety ;-) Mine don't like fiddling in our plates but surely take bites from chewed food my mouth (apologies if I grossed anybody out). Then they fly back to their bowl and start eating their own food. I also like the idea of adding the broccoli to their boiled rice/pasta - will give that a go as well.
  15. Then again - grey is a dull colour isn't it? It needs to be in order to contrast the bright minds and personalities these birds have! :-)
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