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  1. Hi Kim, I was reading your post earlier, about your Umbrella laying you eggs. Sophie started laying eggs for my boyfriend about 8 month ago.. We have only been together a couple of years too, and living together for about a year, but she tends to lay him eggs every couple of months or so. She has a sleeping bag she loves going under on the sofa and we find them in there. I had a big problem with jelousy with her when her hormones kicked in, and she got very vicious towards me because she went mad for men. I had to have her wings clipped once because she would fly at my face and I discussed the fact with her avian vet that this was becoming quite scarey and he suggested clipping her wings just to get her down at ankle height which was safer, the little bugger learned to fly again after about a week, she just flapped her wings extra fast but it did get us over that issue, because she's out of her cage most of the time we are at home. Now she's happy out and about with both of us sitting around (as long as we dont sit next to each other). Sophie loves tricks but she's not that bothered about toys in her cage.. I can spend a fortune on toys and she wont bother with them at all, she just waits til everyone is at home and wants to come out of her cage. The only toy she really bothers with is a full coconut toy that she can shred. Haha you cant help but give them lots of names, I used to call her tiddle bum and my bf made it Tidds for short and it just stuck! It must have been mad haveing a big Moluccan around the house.. they are sooo big! and so beautiful!
  2. Hi Guys and Gals, Its nice to join this forum and read some of the post. I have a 6 year old Umbrella Cockatoo called Sophie Sue, also known as Tooeyloo and Tidds. She only really gets called Sophie when we are telling her not to do something! I've had her since she was 7 months old. She's very tame, very loving and at times very naughty (when she doesnt get her own way).. but all in all she's good most of the time. She likes doing tricks like playing basketball and stacking hoops and playing avian Connect 4 and a few more, she even knows a card trick. I'm hoping to start flight training her when the weather warms up a bit. Anyway, nice to meet you guys. Nicola
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