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  1. thanks for the info mpeafree , will have a closer look tomorrow but im sure that the egg isnt cracked , but if it is i will remove it. cheers dave
  2. thanks for that , the egg isnt cracked , just has a dent in it , so i think i will leave alone , just incase , as i wouldnt want the parents ignoring the others if i remove. dave
  3. hi all , hope this is in the right section , i have a pair of greys , sitting on 3 eggs , 1st egg was laid 31st jan , i have the nest box on a camera so can watch all the time , i have just noticed that one of the eggs has a large dent in , should i remove this egg or just leave , if i remove will the hen still care for the other 2 remaining eggs , she is sitting tight and i only ever get to see the eggs when she moves them about and sometimes it looks as if she is about to throw them . thanks dave
  4. cheers for that , have been looking at a few sites and a lot of people have said that they use hammerite and have done for years and have had no problems , but i want to make sure first , the rust isnt bad , but does need treating
  5. hi all , need advice on safe paint to use for mesh panels for an aviary , i have 10 panels that need to be re-painted before building the aviary , the panels are already painted but have a little rust in parts , so need some advice on how to clean and make safe . thanks dave
  6. cheers bob , will check that today
  7. was actually thinking of leaving the door open as late as possible , but what if i used a dehumidifier when the door was closed , would that be ok ?? dave
  8. hi david , i think it is mate , will have to put more bigger vents in as the ones i have put in at the moment are only small . dave
  9. yes i know dellboy has given me good advice , the door of my shed is opened each morning and i have another mesh door so cats cant get in , so the birds are getting lots of fresh air , its mostly of a night with door shut , thats why i have put 5 vents around the shed to try and combat the situation , i have also purchased a de-humidifier that will be used mainly at night time to try and combat the humidity level once the door is shut . as for removing a side of the shed and replacing with mesh , wont this be a bit too cold for senegals in the winter . dave
  10. hi shed is not damp , just cant fathom out why the humidity is so high , plenty of ventilation
  11. they do get lots of fresh air and light
  12. hi all , im having problems with humidity levels in my shed , were i keep my senegals , in a previous thread i told of how my sennies 4 eggs were alldead in shell , im putting this down to the high humidity that is in the shed , the sennies look like they are breeding again so i need to sort this out , the shed is insulated and did have a bit of ventilation , i did have a heater in there but have now taken it out but the humidity levels are still in the 77% , have put 5 small vents around the shed but still no luck , would buying a dehumidifer solve my problems as i really dont want my sennies laying again and losing them all again , any suggestions much appreciated . dave
  13. yep , cant wait till next time , was a bit down when found eggs were dis , but as you say these things happen , so i have now turned heating off and just left them to it and wait to see what happens.
  14. well since i removed eggs on thursday they have both been back in box cleaning it , so im just going to leave them and see what happens
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