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  1. Hi, Just wanted to spread the word about an avian vet who has just opened up his own practice, 3 weeks ago - Richard Jones. I have been taking my birds to him for years where he used to work and he has always been very good. His new practice is called Avian Veterinary Services - it's attached to Gauntlet Birds of Prey in Knutsford. I went for a guided tour today - it all looks great. He has a website so well worth a look for anyone in the area. Kimster
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    I watched you come into my life Fifi and grow from a tiny egg and now I have had to watch you leave again. I never thought the day would come that I would have to say goodbye to my best friend of 14 years - you were my world and I am lost without you. You have left such a massive hole in my life. You were such a beautiful little girl and brought me so many happy memories. Thank you baby. I only hope you have found your nanny and that she keeps you safe until I find you again one day. I love you so very much. Be happy little one Love always, Mummy xxx
  3. Thank you so much everyone for your kind thoughts and sympathy. It has helped me get through the day, knowing so many of you care about my precious girl. I hope she has found her bird mummy at rainbow bridge and is happy again. xxx
  4. Devastating news I am afraid. I just had to have Fifi put to sleep. I got a phone call this morning to say that when they caught her to remove the cannula, her breathing sounded bad again so they had another look and her trachea was as bad as it was on Sunday. She had a tiny opening about 2mm to breather though. They said that would keep happening as the steroids and antibiotics were working against each other. I had two choices - the other being the stent, which at best gave her a 20% chance if she survived for the 2 weeks it would take to have it made and sent over from America and as it has never been done on a bird, they had no idea of a realsitic prognosis. Shw was in such a terrible stressed out state, I couldn't put her through it all, knowing she would have to endure so many invasive procedures in the meantime as well as the actual procedure. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make and I am missing her so much already. Thanks so much for all your advice and reassuring words over the last few days - they have really kept us both going! Kim
  5. Fifi had a good night off the oxygen and has even eaten some seeds today, although she is still being tube fed. They are removing the cannula tomorrow to see if she can cope without it to breathe through her trachea, and will monitor her for 24 hours. All being well, she may be home on Thursday in time for the long weekend. Although I will be a bit nervous of having the responsibility of nebulising her myself with no vets for 4 days!
  6. Just off the phone from the vet. Good news and bad, but mostly good - much better than I could hope anyway. Good: The steroids are working and her trachea has opened up 50%, enough to get the scope down to see further. She is continuing with the steroids. Bad: She has at least 3 strictures so the operation is now out of the question! Good: There is a lot of infection (psittacosis) which they can treat and she is being nebulised with antibiotics for this. He thinks her immune system took a beating after the egg binding and although she was on antibiotics, they have not been strong enough. Bad: She may also have aspergilos (he has taken swab) but again, treatable. She is on F10 at the moment and he will use something more specific if it does turn out to be aspergilos. If the treatment doesn't work, he mentioned a produre called "stenting" (not sure of spelling) which is done in cats and dogs (so it would be experimental in a bird) - this involves replacing her trachea with a plastic tube at a cost upwards of £3000! Let's hope it doesn't come to that - I have never insured her as we had a lot of problems with pet insurers when her bird mummy was ill after being attacked by her bird daddy! I dread to think what my bill is at currently! Anyway, good news on the whole - he was even talking about her coming home in next few days as she is not easy to handle by anyone but her mummy so she is more stressed there. He says she can be nebulised at home and may have her cannula removed tomorrow. Phew!!!
  7. I hear it's quite common in macaws - I have been googling all day! A bit of good news - my vet just rang to say she has had a good afternoon, is more settled and breathing ok with the tube. She has been tube fed and even had a few bits of fruit/veg and demolished a millet spray!
  8. Thanks Marie - that's reassuring to know. And thanks to all of you for your kind words - she needs all the prayers, finger-crossing and love she can get!
  9. Unfortunately not good news from the vet. Fifi has come out of the anaesthetic ok but has to have a massive operation tomorrow if she survives the night. They found a section of her trachea was restricted (so small they couldn't get the scope through it) and she is now breathing through a tube in her side. She has to have a section of her trachea removed and stitched back together. Apparently, there are a lot of risks and complications and she is so weak from all the stress and lack of food. I couldn't think straight to ask the vet the right questions and now I can't get through as its their recorded message. Has anyone ever heard of a bird having this operation before?
  10. thanks nia, She is now back in Tarporley. The on call vet came out to see her -phew! She is having another anaesthetc so they can scope her again to see what is causing her breathing problems - they think it is probably the ulcer on her trachea and the prospect of operating on it didn't sound good. I am waiting to hear from them in the next few hours.
  11. Fifi is in hospital She took a turn for the worse this evening and wouldn't stop coughing/sneezing then became really restless, going beserk. I took her to the emergency vets and they said they could put her on oxygen but that was all till Monday when my normal vets would scope her again. I decided to avoid the stress as she would be sharing the room with a massive dog and thought it best to keep her home. But she wouldn't settle and went completely nuts all night so at 4am, I took her back and she is now in the oxygen tent. She was so stressed out, she even made herself sick up the little bit of food she had taken earlier on. I am going in to see her in the morning - fingers crossed she is ok. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the support
  12. Thanks - this is all really useful. I was actually reading about the cider vinegar yesterday - I will give it a go. Yes she has had a couple of calcium injections and I am putting some in her water every day. It is an avian vet I go to - have been going for years and have always been really pleased. We saw someone different who does sound like she knows what she is talking about but I am worried something is being overlooked. Do you have any experience of hormone injections? I am wondering how much that may have to do with her loss of appetite and subdued mood. They told me it shouldn't affect her too much but I can't see how it wouldn't, knowing what a difference hormones make to humans! Thanks for the phone number - may take you up on the kind offer at some point Kim
  13. Thanks everyone for your great advice - really helpful. Yes I have mentioned the sneezing and coughing (along with my many other concerns over the last couple of weeks - poor little thing came out of the op with injuries to both eyes, a squishy pocket of air where the scope went in!) On top of that, she was having muscle spasms, which they said was probably calcium deficiency from forming the egg - she is on calcium supplement now. They don't seem bothered about the sneezing and coughing - they put it down to the tube feeding she has had a couple of times and the scope. They also found she had an ulcer in her trachea , probably caused by stress - would that cause the sneezing? The cough settled down after a couple of days and I didn't notice the hoarse voice till last night as she hadn't used it, so I haven't mentioned that yet. I will definitely ask about the nebulizer - am also looking into a HEPA filter in case dust/pollen is affecting her. She had a better night last night, sneezing-wise - I have a baby monitor in her room and for the first time, she only woke me up a couple of times. She has hemp in her seed mix as she has always been partial but only wants her safflour at the moment - everything else gets wasted. What you said about warm food makes sense as she has always liked sharing my porridge, pasta, potato, toasted teacackes - you name it. I normally limit how much human food she has but this week, it's just about all I can get her to eat! It was her hatchday yesterday - what a rubbish way to spend it, feeling rotten! Kim
  14. 2 weeks ago, I took my umbrella Fifi to my avian vet as I was convinced she was eggbound (she has been laying randomly for about 2 years). I was right and she was put under anaesthetic for the removal of the egg and had an xray and endoscope to check all was well. He also gave her a hormone implant, which I had been considering, to try to stop the egg laying. Since all that, she has been off her food, lost 40g in weight and is really subdued. She flew for the first time today and used her voice for the first time too - it was really high pitched and hoarse. She has also been sneezing a lot, mostly through the night. She is on antibiotics and a calcium supplememt. Does anyone have any ideas what is causing the sneezing and how I can get her back onto her food - it is a daily battle finding something she will try. I assume it is down to the hormones and a bit of sulking about what she has been through - she is even more clingy than before! I don't know if I am being paranoid - I have taken her back to the vets a few times and they have tube fed her but this is obviously not a long term solution! Kimster
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