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  1. steamed and mashed with carrots.My two love it.
  2. Cheers net i thought it was dry skin but now youve mentioned it its obvious as theyve both been moulting.I keep spraying them but there not keen on it.I put them baths in the cage but they didnt use them.The only thing ive seen them do is put there heads in the water dishes
  3. Hi.I recently aquired two senegals which lived in the same cageThey are two years old.The female is the dominant one.I watched them for a while when i got them home and the female was really bullying the male in fact she made his life a misery.Bit like most women.Anyway i seperated them and now the male has really come out of himself and his feathers are magnificent.Ive got him tame and you can see that he loves life now.The female is really cuddly tame and will let you do anything but she still insists on walking over to his cage and attacking him.I always know when shes on her way because chip the cock bird starts screaming.I dont like to keep them caged but i cant leave the hen out because of her aggression.Yet as i say to me she is soft as tripe.How do i get out of this one then.Also ive noticed that they are getting what looks like dandruff.Little specks of white.I regulary spray them but it dosnt seem to be helping.When i spray them i notice the spray on the cock bird forms little drops like water on a ducks back but the females feathers get drenched as if she has no oil in her feathers.She has been moulting but this has slowed now.Please help.They seem very happy with there life and look really in top feather but for the dandruff.Please dont suggest Head and Shoulders.
  4. Well i have got my two senegals.I have had to put them in seperate cages as it was obvious watching them that the male was being bullied and having his tail feathers chewed.He now has his own cage and sits on the top as proud as punch.He has really come out of himself.I dont think they have ever ate fruit and veg as they dont seem to have a clue what it is.Im perservering with it though.I went and brought some chopped nuts and sprinkled them over the fruit and they seem to be getting the idea that the fruit tastes good.They didnt even know what pine nuts where so ive been playing with them on the floor and cracking pine nuts with my long nose pliers and feeding them .Ive now got to the stage where i just put a crack in the shells and they do the rest.They are eating the harrisons mix though so at least they are getting the right vitamins.Not got a word out of them yet though.
  5. Is it possible to train an older bird to do this.
  6. Mine use to love green chillies.He never ate the flesh but tore it open and ate all the seeds. Pomegranites as well but be warned they do make a hell off a mess with these.
  7. I had two budgies and a canary but chip my senegal was,nt very keen on them he use to try to grab them.The two im going to look at have always been together so it should be ok.Somthing i havnt thought about is breeding.I dont want that to happen really so im presuming that they would only breed if the conditions are right. ie bird boxes ect.My budgies,canary and senegal where all male so i never had a problem.
  8. Couldnt you train them using a harness ? it would be nice to try it.
  9. Hopefully i have found a pair of senegals.Two years old needing rehomeing.I would have liked a cag but it worries me because of there reputation of plucking.I think i will be better of sticking to what i know. Ill be keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that all goes well.
  10. Thanks thats the sort of information i have been searching for.Going for a read.
  11. Hi Ive been looking to replace my lost senegal now for a few months and after visiting numerous breeders am more confused now than ever.Please help.I work from 8 till 4.30 and my wife works from 9 till 3 but im desperate to get another parrot.The parrot will be kept in a large cage during the winter but let out while im at home everyday.In the summer time during the day i intend to keep them outside..I mde a mistake with chip my old senegal as he wouldnt have anything to do with anyone else except me.I could do anything with him and he could talk for england and when anyone knocked the door i had trained him to shout "come in".I intend to get evryone involved when i find a suitable bird.Im 46 now so buying an older bird would better suit me.I am looking for a pair of senegals so they will keep each othere company whilst at work.I know they will be harder to train but am sure i can do it.I wont have them clipped either so they will be allowed to fly around the house.They do soon learn to fly safely in the house well chip did. so thats my idea with the senegals.But and this is anothere enquiry.I woukd love to have a CAG and some say you can leave them whilst at work and some say you cant.Surely im not the only parrot owner that works. This is where all my confusions start. If i got a COG i wouldnt have the senegals but it would be kept under the same conditions. I eagerly await your replies.
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