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  1. I hope i get answers soon Then i can start looking for breeders. And thank you!
  2. Thank you all, YES he is loud.. Planing to place him down in the big cage i made myself. Gonna build so he can fly out in the summertime. But he will not stay there alone, i buy him a friend. But i dunno what parrot that will go well with him? And no, he will not be down there the whole day, i take him upstairs and give him atention the when im home
  3. i understand that Thank you Little Als Mum
  4. Here comes some pictures of my lovly parrots Sonic Emma
  5. Hello, im Karoline soon 17 from Norway I love pets, specially parrots and other birds. Got 1 African grey, 1 Ara N Nobilis and 2 budgies. I love to make it nice for my pets and build stuff to them, cages toys and others. And spend my money on a lot of toys and accesories to them too, cant get enough (probobly not alone about that ) (sorry my bad english) :oops:
  6. I dunno if this is the right place to post it, but i try I got an Ara Nobilis and i want a new parrot to live with him in a big home made cage. But i dunno what parrot that goes with him? I allready got an african grey, but they didnt go well together. Someone here who got their Ara Nobilis with another parrot? What type then ? Some of the parrots that i want: Amazon, African grey again?, another macaw or the big one?, sun conure, caquie. Hope someone will help me. (sorry about my bad english, im from norway btw)
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