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  1. Thank you i hve now im upset but know this is for my birds sake!
  2. I am trying to find out how to be a chatty here?, i was PMd my a moderator here, but I dont know if they got my reply,I have to find my parrot a loving new home,and all I wish is to pay the money to be a chatty to advertise my bird,I did mention in a post but it was removed temporarily,until i can be a chatty, where do i find out what exactly a chatty is, as I cant find any info about it :?:
  3. Thank you for your advice Nat and Millie Im very upset right now,my boyfriend has been making my life hell since i have had Billie and now admits to me he feels like sliting his wrists when she makes her normal parrot noises or dings her bell,he thinks its like chinese water torture!. I have tried to make this work,I have nursed her back to health,I went away for 5 days and my boyfriend must have upset her,because she had snipped her tail feathers off!,I realised for her own sake I have to let her go.Her owner we got her from finally after months ago hearing nothing,asks how Billie is,I dont know if I should ask the previous owner of Billie if she wants her/him back or hope someone here may open their heart and home to this wonderful little bird,she is very friendly affectionate and many parrot lovers would be lucky to have her she will let you kiss her face when you give her a treat she will let you kiss her when she is on her back playing with you she is so sweet!.I think she would be best with someone who has another parrot since she needs a preen partner and she does seem broody. My boyfriend wants £500 for her because of all the stuff we bought her a chube she sleeps in a cardboard ring Perch for claw/beak trimming,she will eat while her feet are on this. wicker linked rings,she has chewed one off! a cosmic crunch perch trimmer a birdie kabob a swing a party paper pinata ball a fruit tree branch a ceramic bowl which I fill with hay and bits of cardboard with treats a ball with bell she loves to ding! The same cage she came with which I feel is too small! many parrot treats and food,I was feeding her Kaytee exact parrot pellets and treats of Nutriberries,she has many nuts in the shell also! I am in tears as i type here but know in my heart I am doing the right thing for her sake,she is adorable and you will be very lucky to have her!,I am going to miss her terribly! :cry: I will also include the duster which I use to let her know step up and when its time to go back in cage and she is being stuborn i used the fluffy end,truly she is a very well behaved little Parrot I read of so many other parrots with behaviour problems and some that wont even let there owners touch them!,Billie is cuddly and loves to be stroked even down her back. She is good at pooping on paper most of the time,my boyfriend got so angry when she pooped on him,and I had to try and teach her to poop on paper she is still learning, but gets better and better. She is used to some time out in a garden with her cage,and playing on stairs,but im sure she will adjust to anything else as long as she is loved cared for and given all the attention she deserves!.She is capable of making her own fun too. She has sweet little whistles and chirps I am sure she is probably quieter than a lot of other Parrots because she knows she has to be because of my boyfriend!. There is also a pink sheet I put over her at bedtime and she will send night night kisses to you. She will let you mist her or use a trinkle from the tap or even a quick shower she is good with water. I think I have said all I can for now,I hope someone will care to reply here and help? Thank you for reading this and thank you all for your help and advice. God Bless xoxo
  4. Hey everyone Yes she lets me stroke down her back and makes this funny tail bobbing,so if thats female behaviour i think i have a girl. Im not happy with my bfs behaviour,and i agree this is so unfair to Billie, I meant to say now that my bf has been so horrible she has gone right off him,used to go to him, now doesnt want to know him, she will let me do most things with her,she loves playing in her ceramic bowl i will fill it with hay and hard cardboard and small treats and she can forage in that for ages purring as she does I totally agree no ones bird should be in the presense of my bf,Billie will now try and attack my bf,which i dont blame her for, when i carry her cage out to the garden and then ask my bf to bring it in, she will try and bite him. Billie is wonderful! :wink: ,I was warned taking on a rescue Caique can create many issues and as you may know she is my first parrot, but i researched and i know you need to praise the good behavior ignore the bad. I have a technique for when she is going somewere she shouldnt like to the cats foodbowl upstairs i will use a long wooden duster she loves to sit on and preen on and swing from, and when i want to divert her the fluffy end works great she will get the message as it playfully chases her downstairs and then walk onto the wooden end, this method is also great at getting her to go back in her cage when i have to make dinner etc, she knows with the fluffy end and does not put up much fuss I was asked why my bf hates her?Sadly my bf hates noise and mess he complains when she has her playful noises in the afternoons, and thats normal for her!, and she has got a LOT quieter since we have had her,when i take her to the garden we can whistle and talk away and im grateful she has that. But in the house its be quiet!,and to be fair on her for a parrot she does well at that!.Yes Billie is being a normal Caique in fact less hyper than most,he will never understand i have tried talking to him,and explaining he needs to realise Billie has feelings and it effects her when he shouts at her,his words back, I dont care,i dont want the bird, you do Trust me, theres NO reasoning with my bf when it comes to birds ive discovered,he has no patience he gets angry if she poops on him,and if she chews his clothes, but she has not done that to me in ages and he still wont give her a chance All i can do is what im doing, i do tell my bf off if he shouts at her,as she hisses back at him all stressed!. In a way its a good thing she has now bonded to me,as it was horrible to see her treated so mean when she tried to befriend my bf. Thank you kindly all for your advice and words :wink:
  5. I forgot my password :oops: , and had computer problems, but all is sorted now. I was just letting anyone who recalls i got a rescue Caique know its been months and even though not as playful as other Caiques he/she is such a sweet little bird. I got a chube and my bird started making a nest in it,picking bits of the chube and hay etc, em well i found out on a site from that if my bird is making a nest, that makes who i thought was a he a she, he was called Billy, but since i saw the nest making, and the site, I have called her Billie, im confused because I double checked and another site said male Kieeks can tend to the nest a lot,said nothing about making a nest, but well as far as i thought female birds make the nest :? I was really hoping anyone knows the definate signs your caique is male or female,as I thought nest making would give them away...now im not so sure! Oh yeah he/she LOVES my bf, but my BF Hates her/him :cry: Its an unfortunate nightmare my bf does not have the patience understanding Billie is such a loving little Parrot and she has already hand wrestled with me and always lets me stroke kiss her while she eats a treat,she is way less noisy than she used to be,and is happy except for when my bf shouts at her and stresses her,i told myself theres no way im letting her go UNLESS my bf upsets her so much she starts feather plucking, but she really does have a better life than she did,she does not bite and she does not poop on us anymore, I have made sure she is no where near my bf, but its really hard sometimes She if is a she, seems VERY broody, she will preen the carpet while moving her tail up and down,can anyone also suggest the best preening toy for a Caique its the one thing i dont have!, I was thinking of a preening ring? Well i have to admit i was told she would settle come out her shell a lot more,but since my bf makes it hard for her to enjoy herself round here,its not that easy, she will go on her back and play with and chew gentley my fingers but still not wanting to play much with other toys and she still wont hop,she does surf a lot though which is very cute I know ive went on and on,Ive not been here ages so had a lot to say LOL! Hope all is well with everyone here :wink: xoxo
  6. :cry: So sorry to hear of your loss, the poem had me in tears, know you did all you could, he loves you, Bobby is at Rainbow Bridge,you will meet again (((healing hugs)))xoxo
  7. Hey everyone thanks so much again, I have had Billy out in the garden and not had chance to go online till now!. Yes the house issues are sorted,we chucked the teflon and got new stainless steel frying pan and wok :wink: I found Pecans in the shell he LOVES them, but i have to crack it a bit for him so he can get to it easier!. Yes I have to admit i was at first soaking the bottom, but now I have scrubbed all the cage clean and dry and no more soaking, thank you for the warning, i am a new parrot mommy still learning! :? Mandy I didnt know you had a Caique Pepsi cute name :wink: ,I realise Billy has a lot of emotional scars like you said he doesnt know how to play but he is loving the foragers i make him, he has his pinata now but like i thought would happen is not too sure of it yet!. Awww bless the babble balls sound funny!, I am sure he would be scared of it, I mean I showed him some rope and he went crazy!, he hissed when I showed him the toys that the previous owner gave me to give to him! :shock: God knows what this wee soul has been through! Well like i said today he loved calling in the garden to our neighbours parrot, think they have an Amazon, anyway its so cute to hear them call to each other! Well done to all who have or have had parrots they had the patience to help through tough times, as I understand they are very sensitive creatures...like myself! Billy sure is lucky he has 24/7 attention, and can even see me in the kitchen he has the music channel on and all sorts of entertainment,we got him pine nuts,pumpkin seeds and flax/lin seeds, and also the Pecans in shells, he is given the best things i can get him to eat :wink: Amazingly his beak bottom overgrown part is GONE :shock: , I was delighted when i saw it, and the only thing i can think of that worked is the tough cardboard foragers i have been making him...ohh i have caught the wee monkey chewing his chube also I hope in time he will not be so scared to explore new things and play. When he has tantrums, like say,he is one minute surfing on sofa,then chewing the sofa and we want him to stop,he will nip, i just tell him to step up and then if he is still being moody slowly flop him on his back,and this seems to calm him :? I find this strange since normally he is not that keen on being on his back,like to play on etc, so why would he be ok with this! :? , after this correction he goes all sooky on me like saying sorry haha! I was doing the time out method on him by popping him back in his cage when he chews sofa, but then i tried the lay him on back and since he has been good so i dont know if i did the right thing or not, but it seems to have worked Because of his past its hard work not knowing what will set him off, what objects, sounds etc i mean sadly theres so much ill never know, all i can do is work on improving his future :wink: Thank you all for youer help, im so tired now, but been meaning to get back on here!, Hope all is well with everyone and your feathered babies :wink:
  8. Thanks again Hotfoot*Im trying my hardest,I know I have took on a huge challenge as he does have many issues and behaviour problems Thank you Kerenza* Sigh Chi's situation sounds a lot like Billys his cage is only 22" x 18", and I read the min cage for a Caique is 24" x 24" He also like Chi has a ladder its a wood rope ladder he does not touch, he doesnt like toys or play much,he is scared of balls, and the lovely wooden foot toys we got from Yvonne I had to pull some of the toys appart and gave him it in bits he hates leather it seems,yet I read Caiques love this ,he did chew one little pine block,and a bitty bagel,he doesnt like Blackberries ,he loves apples and pears and corn and peas and pomagranite and grapes,he is not into much veg at all!.He is scared of balls even the ball we were given from the people we got him from The Hagan perch we got him arrived but he wont touch it even though i put it near his food dish Its wonderful to hear in a month Chi changed into a more confident little Caique,I hope in time Billy will feel the same,all i can do for now is make him cardboard foragers,I realise a new cage would terrify him To stay on the safe side with Billys poos,I always soak his newspaper so the tray is never dry,and I wear a bandana round my nose and mouth. He has been molting like crazy since his every few day mistings,is this a good thing or not Thanks for wishing me luck, Im still trying to find mixed nuts in the shells! :? Hope all is well :wink: xoxo
  9. Hey everyone Thank you for the congrats with Billy,and all the helpful info* :wink: I tried sending a longer message today but he kept walking all over my laptop, then surfing on it LOL, so as you can imagine it was not possible to type here!. The little rascal is sound asleep now,bless Well something I wanted to ask is where can I get nuts in the shell that will help his beak?, mixed if possible!. Also what does it mean if a parrot does not have a leg ring? Billy is bonding wonderfully with both me and my boyfriend,he is such an affectionate parrot I say he but no one had sexed him so we are yet to know,also we kept the name Billy as thats what he was always called. I have been giving him cardboard to chew, he loves that and today i made him a foraging toy out of cardboard,poor wee soul acted like he had never foraged in his life :shock:,the cardboard is helping his beak, but the lower side thats raised i am hoping nut shells will help that!. At first Billy seemed scared of them, but then he today was munching on a little pine block i took apart,so im glad he tried something a bit harder on his beak. We also got him a Chube,hoping he may sleep in it,instead he is kinda scared of it,so i have been hiding bits of walnut and brazil nut at the back and this temps him to go inside the Chube Also got him a hagen perch for beak and nails and a cosmic cruncher perch calcium ring,he is not sure of that now,it only arrived today!. He is unclipped,and he seems to be eating with no problems, its just that you can see with one side of his lower beak from the other a big difference,and im sure it cant be comfortable for him! Unlike other Caiques I see,he has never hopped,and he is not that comfortable to lay on his back Im hoping in time he will have fun learning all of how to be a Caique and enjoy playing more, he mainly surfs,preens and chews. I admit its been amazing the transformation in him, he is always skimming his beak and tounge on both me and my boyfriend kissing us happily, and surfing on us. I will need to learn how to areo preen is it :? , as he has some pin feathers round his face he scratches at, i got a few off his back and face today but didnt want to push my luck!. Well hopefully in time he will get more and more confident and his beak will wear down from some nut crunching :wink:
  10. Ive not been on ages because I have a new addition to our family, a Black Headed Caique Parrot called Billy we are this wee souls 3rd home!,and he is 5 years old.Things are going wonderfully,I mist him every 2nd morning and also every few days he has a shower in the sink,he enjoys morning kiddie programes like In the night garden!lol,I use a bandana round my mouth and nose when i clean him out. He let me smell him today,touch my nose on his back,he smells lovely I kissed his back today as well as he played and surfed round my neck, he is so sweet and has fit into our family so well i do have a pic of us but no idea how to send it here?. He came from a loving home,but i admit not as knowledgeable as i hoped, they didnt have time for him and he was fed mainly sunflower seeds and peanuts,so now im weaning him on some parrot pellets and healthy fruits and veg. Of course because he is a rehome he does have some behaviour problems but not that bad, he will scream like a fire alarm for attention,so i either ignore him when he does that, or cover him and uncover when he goes quiet, slowly but surely he is getting the message He also bit my boyfriend as he is not as keen on men,i have worked with him saying no bite,today he behaved wonderfully with my boyfriend,he is a very happy, but clearly also overwhelmed parrot from all the attention he gets now He seems not used to playing as much as other Caiques i see,and ive still to see him hop!. I am concerned about his beak the bottom of his beak is overgrown I wonder is this from poor diet, or not the right perches?,he has a fruit tree branch which came with his toys and cage,can anyone recomend the best perch for keeping beaks trimmed? Hope all is well with everyone xoxo
  11. Hey everyone* I was at docs and it was kinda a weird experience,the doctor not my regular one has her own birds,and said if you wear a mask cleaning out you will not have breathing problems round your birds,she said many bird owners have been ill because they dont realise they should wear masks when cleaning your pets out, because most homes are not well ventilated enough so problems do arise in the future,I had a breathing test she didnt think my lungs were a problem,she said if I am allergic to birds then it cant be that serious as I have been around birds recently. I told her i want to get one and she sees no harm in it, seemed very understanding yet not wanting to go into full tests with me!. I was shocked to hear many people think they are allergic to their birds, when the real cause is dust in general!. Well Ive decided I am going to take on a bird a rescue,my heart feels its right,I have the time and patience. I will be finding the best mask for cleaning out as possible and my heart is definately set on a Caique,even though I love Greys also I dont want to push it,as I know they are very dusty!. IF I find I have serious problems,then this is why Im making sure its from a previous owner,so that the bird can go back to them, but i truly dont think im going to have any problems the doctor seemed to feel positive about me Its more worth it to me to take a bird away from a small cramped cage or lack of enough attention than to get a baby,I hope you guys understand Thank you all so much for your help and advice! Kerenza its nice to hear from you hun I tried to get tests done but most i got was a breathing test!,sigh, I do feel im doing the right thing!. Im going to get the best mask,and also always wet the poos then layer with more newspaper that should trap it,and if its ok can you mist your bird every day?, or is it only every second day, I know its mornings not night. Awwww hun, I know you say your lungs are scarred but, cant something in time heal those scars, something out there surly can,I believe anything is possible, theres people who have been told they are going to be blind and they eat goji berries and then find the doctor is stunned as they have healed their eyes!. I was mainly feeding the birds of prey and training not always cleaning out, but yes we were supposed to wear masks now I learn later on I have never had another bad reaction round a bird since, and our friend has a cockatiel they have a lot of dust, im always near talking at his cage and we are in the same room for hours, i have no ill effects, so im wondering if i had pheumonia!,it was winter when i got the flu symptoms then couldnt breathe. Awww I love the funny cheeky Caique stories, the worst bite of my entire life was from a water boatman,its a diving beetle, it was vicious it actually jumped out the swimming pool from my holidays and attacked me, all i did was watch it swim!.The feeling was the most stinging agonizing pain ever i think id face a shark even after that LOL!. I sure do understand about Libras going on and on haha!, although I am a lot less feeling as chaty as usual as it was just yesterday i only felt better from feeling so ill!. Im still not able to think straight,but i do feel with my heart this is right,some things just make sense!. You are all wonderful people* :wink: xoxo
  12. I know ive not been on ages Im getting over a virus i caught from my bf, so been feeling poorly, but had some energy to look at lung conditions and treatments and found this! http://www.ehow.com/how_4488593_treat-pneumonia-natural-remedies.html I was on a site that regards AA and Pneumonia as very similar and when I read this,yes thats what I went through,flu like symptoms etc!. I had to post this, while im taking the vit C and paracetamols LOL,I will be back to respond when i feel better,till then, hope this helps!, theres many lung help remedies,the carrots and cayenne pepper one claims to actually heal lung tissue! Thanks for everyones support :wink: xoxo
  13. Mandy and Flock*, yes hun I read all of Kerenzas posts,and it was heartbreaking :cry: I believe even though i might be wrong that maybe because Kerenza already was ill from dusty birds,that it was just too soon to heal her lungs around non dusty birds, but then i know we are all different and life is not always fair, I want to believe that in another 5 years time as long as Kerenza stuck to non dusty birds she would never have a lung problem around them,but who knows,I know that its hard for me to say what my symptoms are if I got a Caique I could find Im ill within weeks/months,or maybe even days,I dont know, and I feel frustrated doctors never take you seriously,Ive been to doctors for so many things and they never really take much interest,the at home allergy tests are WAY too expensive.The cockatiel I was going to borrow, well he is very old I hear he has been falling off his perch a lot, so I feel wrong taking him out of his enviornment when it will probably stress him I have also been looking at preloved a lot online,and was sadened the amount of Greys needing homes I cant find much on Caiques but find many Greys, and I have been so tempted to instead of getting a baby bird,getting an older bird in need,I got my Chameleon from a lady who was boarding him,but couldnt bond with him,his colour would go dark(not happy)near her he also hissed and gaped, but it was like meant to be when she let me have him,as we bonded immediately,his colours went bright green and yellow,and he was relaxed and happy with me. I believe some animals choose us,I feel maybe I should let my future parrot choose me?Or is this a bad idea? :? I do have an air purifier,its a Bionaire, does anyone have this? Mandy* again hun thank you for your concern,I know it will be my own fault if I took a bird on the now while I still dont know how allergic I am,so I will be taking a very very long time over all this!. Net* Harry sounds a right little character LOL Sigh by the sounds of it Caiques really do suit me best!. On reading Kerenzas posts, I got the impression she got her Eclectus Sage first, then her Caique Chi :? , but in between seeming fine with them,she decided to pay a visit to her old birds the Grey and Cockatoo,I feel personally it was when she visited her old dusty birds that triggered her lungs to have a serious reaction that even meant she couldnt cope round her non dusty birds :? The only reason I say this is because for I think it was months she was fine around her non dusty new birds,so something must have been working for her until then, who knows Oh trust me you guys theres NO WAY I will be getting a bird until I find out if I really am not going to be allergic,if mildly allergic,that is ok,but not something serious like feeling i cant breathe! I agree Net,it would be unfair to a bird,that is why I need to make 100% sure!. I read that Mango shampoo for birds reduces bird dander?also misting the bottom of the cage stops poo drying and flying round,ohh yeah also was so interesting to read that amazingly it is better to have carpet if you have dust allergies,because the dust(including bird dander)sticks to the carpet and so does not hover in the air! makes sense!,all we have is carpet here LOL I would appreciate if im not allergic,if anyone would tell me the opinion of me taking on a rescue parrot?, so many need new homes Thank you again for all the helpful advice and support :wink: I have also posted a web link to natural remedies on the AA support thread.
  14. Here is a wonderful site I found which if you look through it all it has many different things used for healing helping our bodies and increasing health :wink: http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/salt.htm I hope something in this site shall help someone who has AA,it does mention for example natural salt is very good for respiritory diseases
  15. Hey Everyone, awww thanks again for the concern,I have been reading past posts from Kerenza, OMG it broke my heart :cry: she had been through hell and back and then just when she thought she was over the worst,again she has more heartache,its weird I dont know her but not only does my heart go out to her so much but we sound similar in personality for a start we are both Libras LOL but seriously Kerenza if you are ever on here again hun,I pray for you Little Als Mum,and anyone else with this horrible THING as its called to find a natural way to heal your lungs completley and boost the immune system so strong one day you guys can all cuddle birds again I will be posting links on the AA support site that are about the different things used to naturally heal ourselves ANYTHING is possible,I refuse to believe that anyone with AA can never be near a bird again IF they find a way to completely heal and cure bird allergy!. Now I know its thought my condition was triggered by birds of prey huge eagle owls etc!,but when you think about it,I have been round way bigger birds than parrots and like I said I used to have allergies so bad I would sneeze and cough and my eyes would swell up and I couldnt breathe I would wheeze,and now I rarely ever cough or sneeze to dust and smoke anymore, when I used to find I was so ill with it!,so I know from using bee pollen,and honey and spirilla and so many other ways of boosting my health, goji berries that was another, theres so many things out there, I want to try eating natural clay at some point I like what I have been reading,and if you look at animals in nature they know how to heal there bodies more than we do!. Wow Timothy Im quite near you I am in Gloucester city area,Ive been to Robinswood hill with the dogs LOL its some trek Yeah I know that sadly just because you are not allergic to dogs and cats does not mean your not allergic to birds,sigh!,well I do admit my lizards Leopard Geckos are so clean Im not sure its possible to be allergic to them!,I used to have a Veiled Chameleon his feet gripped you like a bird would, it was a lovely feeling,I miss him terribly he let me kiss and cuddle him so do all my lizards lol, you would be surprised how affectionate they can be! LOL Little Als Mum,I think its wonderful you rolled in all sorts in fact it probably helped you be round dusty birds so long as it sounds like you had a really strong immune system at one time,and sadly something quite recently effected that and because of that made your lungs sensitive to birds,well one day you never know...maybe go have another roll in the mud etc LOL (joking) :wink: I have to admit I have not been around birds as long as you guys have,I have been in animal care in college and cleaned them out many times,and been around friends birds and the birds of prey,I dont believe though that you simply have a strong immune system then birds damage it,I believe that you have a weakening to start with that then when bird dust etc gets in, it can escalate!. You know its strange from what Im reading you guys have said about Eclectus, well sounds like it would be safer for me to have a Caique :shock: I have no way of just spending enough time around my friends cockatiel I have to actually take him on and clean him out to know for sure, he is about 18 they think sadly im hearing he has been falling off his perch a lot, must be getting on Adle I do hope it will make a difference I should find out soon with my friends bird,it may or may not make a difference,only one way to know! Yes Mandy and Flock I hope I can find out very soon through having the cockatiel here if I react, if so we will have to rush the poor wee soul back to my friends its a distance! Net its a shame I cant experience being round Harry it was a Caique I was hoping to have! LOL, awww did you find that Kerenza showed no allergic symptoms to Harry?, if so that is interesting! :?
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