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  1. With mine i constantly repeat the phrase/word i am trying to teach - good idea to do it when they are excited - or cross - just in a heightened state - when i do dancing with them i keep repeating away and they seem to pick it up quite quickly. Sometimes they are fast to learn, sometimes not. Our macaw tolerates me but loves my husband but she's learnt to say I LOVE YOU in a nice high pitched voice now and it didn't take too long. My little grey has learnt three little sentances and i've only had him three weeks. Keep trying, keep repeating - thats my personal experience. Good luck with it, its so rewarding when they do copy. We are working on some little jigsaw puzzle things now.
  2. This is terrible. Do you know which area of France? I had it happen to me in the UK years ago and never want to go through it again.
  3. Well done both of you! Its a great feeling isn't it.
  4. I'm just looking into getting a certificate of capacity from the french government, not an easy task by the looks of it but am going to keep ploughing through all the information. Its for certain breeds - though in true french style i can't find out which certain breeds they are! I am planning on doing a website about parrot keeping - particularly in France - so will let you know the site name and when its running - hopefully i can help others of us out here to get to understand at least some of the rules. Any helpful info always appreciated.
  5. Thanks nicotineoverdose - will try ringing DEFRA. Are you in Brittany by any chance? Its not me taking a bird back to the UK, haven't been back since we left and no intention to do so at the moment. Only reason i would go is it i found a bird/birds that needed a home, now that would be good enough reason for a day or two! Thanks again.
  6. Don't know if this will work for anyone else but we put black ground pepper down then watch the ants run away. Just the normal stuff you buy in the shops.
  7. Thanks Mandy, so thats two members thinking my little guy is a girl, your little grey looks lovely.
  8. So Austin may become Austina! Harris the Macaw was a he but is now officially a she, so i try to call her Paris. She loves my husband to bits and flies through the house if she even thinks she hears him, takes showers with him and lovingly reguritates in his ear. She tolerates me - i am the one to feed her, talk to her, clean her cage and spoil her rotten but she'll only come onto me if she hasn't got a better offer. Little Austin(a) loves me, dislikes my husband but i have had a feeling he is a she from the moment we met. Can't wait til we can find out and then i can look for a friend for him/her. When we do find a bird/birds that need a good home with us we are going to drive back to the UK to collect them to try and minimise the stress. Can't wait to add more to our family.
  9. Just one more thought - Austin does a lot of crouching down and gentle flapping of wings - any ideas if this is female behaviour? I am intrigued to know whether he is in fact a he. As soon as i know i will be looking for a mate for him. I miss keeping birds so much and can't tell you how much our two parrots and three cockatiels mean to me. I first started about twenty years go, i had a fantastic collection which i built up, i let the birds parent rear in the main because i wanted to have captive bred breeding stock in years to come. Things went so well and i was lucky to have pairs of scarlet macaws, blue and golds, eclectus, amazons - three types and greys and others - in total i had 56 wonderful birds. For eight years i collected, looked after, put every spare penny into aviaries etc etc., then came home one day to find the whole family stolen. It broke my heart and although the police were called, none of them ever came to light. From then on i decided i could never go through it again, but now we live in a different country, have comlete privacy and lots of room and i am ready again. We are now setting up an association (charity) in France in an effort to take in poorly treated birds and to try to help where i can. Out here birds are very very expensive and even though they are sometimes very poorly looked after they are just sold and sold on and on. There is a beautiful amazon in a garden centre which i pop in to see most days, he is for sale for 2000 euros, can't imagine they will sell him but i am so concerned about him, every week he looks sadder and sadder, his tail feathers are in an appaling state and i can't bear it. I have written a letter in my best french which i dropped in to the store last night, asking if they would let me have him. Probably come to nothing but never say never, if i had the money i'd buy him today but i haven't. His diet is seed only and the bottom of his cage is about three inches deep in droppings and old food. Disgraceful.
  10. OK, i have put them on photobucket, not too sure how to add them yet but the link is: http://s923.photobucket.com/home/Penhoet/allalbums Could someone see if this works for them? As a newbie on here can you just tell me how to stick the photos on? If i pay the ten pounds to become a member then is it possible to post? Thank you.
  11. Hi everyone, i'm adding my experience of our new little african grey that i was given a week ago on Sunday. Dear little thing is about twenty years old, has been owned by a lady for fifteen years and in that time has never been out of his cage (apart from one escape when his cage got blown over and she grabbed him with oven gloves and shoved him back in). When i'd asked what he ate i was told sunflower seed and chips! He is plucked all down his left hand side front, all around his neck and down his back, oh and left leg as well. Apparantly he's been plucking since she had him. I brought him home and he sat there terrified and shredding any feathers he could reach. For the first few days i just spoke to him gently and gave him little pieces of boiled egg, cheese, sweetcorn and other bits of food. After three days he started responding and talking and whistling, seemed not scared at all, so i opened his cage and left the door open. After about an hour he ventured out and sat on the stand on top, spent about an hour out and then went back in. The next few days saw him gain in confidence by the hour, i've had him for nine days now and he is a different bird, he is on my shoulder right now, he flies to wherever i am and loves snuggling down in the evenings on my lap, lets me stroke him all over and sucks my fingers, i love him so much already, feels as if i've had him for years. Regarding the plucking, i am just keeping my fingers crossed. After the first day when he was just terrified, i haven't found any feathers and there are little down feathers coming though in patches - plus some top feathers, i seem to count them by the hour. In his cage i have replaced all the dirty horrid perches with calcium perches and fresh branches ( husband is a tree surgeon which is very handy for twigs and branches), i've hung bunches of twigs all around, put some new toys in and a constant supply of boxes to shred. Diet wise, he gets sprouted seeds and pulses in the morning, plus a small amount of egg, lunchtime he gets a cake that i make for my birds, which contains oats, sesame seeds, grated carrot, more sprouted pulses all mixed in a cake mix. In the evenings i let him have some parrot mix and some sunflowers, along with whatever vege/salad we are having. I also add a drop of apple cider vinegar to his water. He (we call him he because the lady did, when i get a feather or two i will send of for sexing), seems to have settled so well and i do so hope his feathers will return - though i will love him regardless because he is so lovely. Makes me so mad when birds are so neglected. The lady who had this little bird - i am calling him Austin as he was just called Parrot before, so he has become Austin Parrot, was a very heavy smoker, not having a dig here as i have the odd one outside, but she smoked constantly inside and this must affect him. When he arrived his baldness had a lot of dry skin flaking off, i give him two showers a day and it seems to be completely clear now. I have read all the other posts and ask that if anyone has any other suggestions to help him not to return to plucking, please do let me know. Our lovely macaw that we took on about a year ago did also pluck, but she has the same diet and touch wood hasn't done it again. They both have plenty of time outside in our day aviary - taking turns - so plenty of sunshine and both can fly beautifully. Sorry if i have gone on a bit, just trying to list everything i am doing to aid little Austin and hope if anyone has any other suggestions that they let me know. I will post some photos when i work out how. Thank you.
  12. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your help. I visited Ava and Manuel yesterday and the little chicks are doing ok. They managed to get hold of a reptile heat mat and i had a plastic tank that the children use for mini beast collecting, so they are all fine. Thanks again - quite proud that living in France it was us Brits that managed to get it organised for them. Thank you all again - very much. Now off to post something on feather plucking as i was given a little plucked grey a week ago who is doing well so far!
  13. Sorry - one more question: what temperature should the chicks be kept at - they are two days old now. I have a large plastic tank with lid so i can take that round in the morning and they can go look for a heat mat. Thanks for all this advice, you're really helpful.
  14. Thanks for that Gem, yours came through whilst i was doing my best franglaise with the help of google translate on the phone. I'll phone them back now.
  15. Thanks for that, i'll pass it on! If anyone has a link for a reasonably priced brooder that i can contact in the UK i will happily buy one and lend it to them, be good to have one again for when we eventually get more birds. If anyone has a second hand,gwo please let me know. Secondly, would a heat lamp work with their little chicks, i do have one of them somewhere? Just not sure what to suggest and looking for any ideas.
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