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  1. I've asked the big boss too, just hope it isn't too late for Murphy. Thank you everyone for the support.
  2. Ok this morning I have spent a few hours on the phone calling local vets, registering details & any other contacts that could help but still nothing to report. I have also emailed reporters for the local newspapers hoping they might do a story & give me some press coverage. I have managed to put a lost ad in our main newspaper that goes out tomorrow, I said "reward given for safe return" Done a few other adverts on any website I can. Now on page one in google for "lost African grey in Worcestershire" I've called some animal shelters that might have birds & animal welfare organisations & registered my details. If he is found & somebody wants to return him it shouldn't be hard to find me now. When Kate gets back from her meetings I'm going to go out again & then visit local pet shops & out up some more posters & also neighbouring villages. I figure that if somebody finds him they may go & buy some seed for him at one of the pet shops like marion said. I just wish I had micro chipped him to make his return to me easier, something I'll be doing if I get him back straight away.
  3. Thank you parrot alert, I have also sent you a photo to add. Regards Paul
  4. Just got back in after the last search of the day, unfortunately I haven't seen or heard from him once today, I'm gutted. I really thought today would be the day I found him but instead I feel he is lost to me even more. I just can't believe yesterday he was around & today he seems to be completely gone. If he was still around I'm sure he would have answered me at least once. I've been out to the outskirts of the village with a megaphone I borrowed from a neighbour but still nothing. All there is around the village is open countryside, absolutely impossible to locate him if he has left the village which I fear he has. I'm guessing something spooked him first thing this morning & he must have flew off in the wrong direction. I can't quite understand why yesterday he didn't turn around & come back to me when I was calling him as he flew overhead. The feeling of knowing I was so close to him yesterday but couldn't do anything is gutting. Oh Murphy I hope your alright my little mate, I'm missing you so much. I don't like not being able to talk to you as I walk past your cage. PLEASE MURPHY COME BACK! XXX
  5. I've spoken to every person I have seen today in the village & asked them to keep an eye out. I think pretty much the whole village knows by now & are on the look out. It's now getting quite hot here so I imagine he needs a drink.
  6. I've been walking round with his favorite bell since yesterday, a bowl full of food & a pillow case calling & whistling but nothing today. I've just came in to call John Haywood & have a coffee, going back out on the hunt in a minute.
  7. Well I've been out this morning searching & calling but nothing, I can't locate him. last time I seen him was yesterday evening flying over my house & this morning I've been back in that direction again hoping to hear him.
  8. Well thank you everybody for the support today. I'm now off to bed as I'm knackered after today's events, early start tomorrow looking for Murphy. Good night everybody & good night my mate Murphy, see you tomorrow. Regards Paul
  9. Just got back in at now 9.35pm, the sun went down around 9pm & the sky went quiet. I did one last walk round the village even though I knew would probabaly be pointless but I just couldn't give up. Haven't seen him since his last fly by over the garden a few hours ago. Guess that's it for the night now, don't know how I'm going to sleep. My little mate has gone!
  10. I've just got back in after another 4 sightings or so. I have put up posters & asked the local kids to help, one of them spotted him flying high above & land in a tree near my home. I went into the field, called him with some contact calls & he came flying out of the tree but flew straight over & off again. This happened over the next couple of hours with the last sighting flying over my back garden. He has now flew off somewhere again unknown. Two of the times I sat in a field with his bowl of food & I think he wanted to come down but is unable to land. I made sure I was enough distance away so he could land as I know they need 45 degrees to make a landing. I'm starving hungry & thirsty as hell so I can only imagine Murphy feels the same. I'm sure he wants to come home but not quite sure how to.
  11. Yes registered with parrotalert earlier.
  12. Paul Here, got back in for a drink, I'm knackered walking round the village for hours, can't believe I lost him again. Going to try & get the cage outside if I can get it through the door.
  13. Went back to Paul and he has flown off again, he was giving us contact calls when in the tree, just hope we can find where he has gone too!
  14. Hi it's Kate, Murphys mum, I found him in a tree!!! Very high tree and right at the top. So Paul is there whilst I've come back to get him some food to try and tempt him down. Just praying we can get him back.
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