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  1. I can only laugh at this and hope it will perhaps go away in time lol after writing a post asking for advice on how to get my rather reluctant 5yr old senegal (jack) to like me i am back with a new problem. This morning i was having a lie in (a luxury in my house lol) and from 7.30 unitll 9.30 jack diud what can only be described as screaming for 2hours solid...now dont get me wrong im very glad to hear him but as soon as i got up to offer him a treat he went quiet. my husband was there but he doesnt really concern himself with jack and jack didnt really seem to be concerned with him lol so my question is...was he screaming for my attention and if so was this progress in the him liking me stage? thanks in advance for your help as always your wisdom is greatly appreciated. kelly
  2. to glen, a huge thankyou for the advice on finding jacks favourite food (it just so happens to be the free samples from lafebars.com lol) i tried to get him to take a step towards me in his cage yesterday with no luck and after 3 tries this morning he is doing it. i will continue to take your advice and follow what u said and hopefully i will soon be able to move him around the cage....is there a word i should be saying when offering the treat? also can this method be used for getting jack to approach me outside of the cage? thanks again your wonderful kelly
  3. yvonne22, i appreciate your advice and i have had jack now for 1yr having left him alone for most of this time i feel i need to try and interact with him now as the more i leave him the less tame he becomes. i dont really want a bird that lies own like a dog to be tickled bit i do want him to be my friend.
  4. Is it possible your little chap is an aviary bird perhaps? hi net, i dont really know much about his background as i found him the paper for 100 quid but from what i can gather he was a breeding bird . greg i have tried to find his favourite food but never your way so i will give it a shot, although i have tried tempting him to come to me before it has always failed miserably.
  5. Hi, this is just to say a huge thanku for the link, i recieved mine yesterday and it was a great big box of goodies that jack loves. thanks again kelly
  6. After writing a post about jack my 5yr old senegal and trying to find ways to make friends with him im still finding it increasingly difficult to bond. https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/25128-my-parrot-hates-me/ I have rehoused him in what only can be described as a mansion lol with lots of new toys to play with but he still only sits on one perch and leaves it only to feed and drink arghhhhh i have placed him next to my computer and talk and sing to him all the time but whenever i glance at him he is leaning right down and pinning me with his eyes....it is infact quite hurtful (silly i know) I am starting to wonder if i should maybe consider (reluctantly i may add) to find him a new home as i originally rescued him from a life of no freedom to be happy and i feel he is not... any advice would be gratefully recieved he is the first parrot i have owned and i really do love him immensly i just dont know what to do. Is there any hope he will ever love me back? kelly
  7. do you mean by that they are better kept in an avairy?
  8. can anyone tell me the likelyhood of my senegal getting along with a ringneck? thanks in advance kelly
  9. thanks so much lol it has definately made me think more about taking on two birds i feel jack will just have to have me for company even if he hates me :-) thanks again kelly
  10. hey everyone, needing some advice....again lol I feel my senegal parrot (Jack) would really benefit from some company and i was wondering does it need to be another senegal i get? i would eventually like them to live in the same cage as its huge (im optamistic lol) does anyone have any opinions on birds such as ringneck parrots or lovebirds or would these be too small/big etc? thanks in adavance for your wealth of knowledge. kelly
  11. hi, does anyone know where i can possible get an unwanted bird? i was hoping for a friend for my senegal but i really dont want to pay for a bird from some greedy person just trying to make money. Im not being cheap i would just rather home a parrot thats not loved like it should be than line somebodies pockets kelly
  12. just one wouldnt harm though would it? i am trying so hard to make friends with him and he is a little skinny?
  13. hi, would anyone happen to know whether it is ok to feed a wild bird feeder to my senegal? it has peanuts,fruit,berries and insects in it? thanks
  14. ive read many ways and spent a considerable amount on books :-( to try and stop my senegal from biting. any advice is gratefully welcomed...my senegal is nervous so i dont want to frighten him.
  15. hi, does anyone know whether towelling my senegal is a good option to get close to him? thanks in advance
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