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  1. thanks i hadnt even thought about quarrentine the ringneck is only 16 weeks so this will be his first (and only home] so am hoping it will be used to handling and therefore train it myself will it eat the same food as my african grey any info or help on training ringneck would be great once again thanks for help
  2. thanks can i let both the ringneck and my african grey out of cages at same time or should they have play time seperate
  3. hey guys am getting an indian ringneck tomorrow can any one tell me the size it will be compared to my african grey been told it should be as big but looked it up and it seems to be just slightly bigger than a cockatiel is this the case any info would be appriecated
  4. nerb


    am quite new to parrots only had jasper 3 months was told at pet shop to boil them but will now just wash and dry naturally he loves chewing the wood and as you say its good for his feet and toys not cheap but i have to admit he is well worth it
  5. nerb


    i am gonna try using apple or hazelnut branches to make these i have been told that parrots love to chew these and am going to boil branches before hand sounds very blue peter lol but the toys not cheap and can sometimes only last a few days
  6. nerb


    thanks now know nothing to worry about as jasper having lots of fun and thats the main thing i havent tried making own toys but looked into it and hopefully my joiner friend gonna make me some is it right that i should boil the wood first?
  7. Hi am just wondering what is used to colour parrot toys as my african grey keeps putting his in his water to soak then chew and am bit worried due to the amount of colour that comes out and is this safe for him to do am assuming it is as the toys are made for parrots can any one enlighten me please as i dont want to spoil his fun
  8. as i said i totally disagree with wing clipping jasper is only 15 months and cant fly away from threats and it is affecting his confidence he wont let me too close but am getting there slowly but i think its going to take time and patience both of which i have and when his flight wins grow back they certainly wont be clipped again ps i only got him at end of jan and his wings were clipped when i got him
  9. It makes me really sad to watch jasper want to fly but he cant and he looks really confused he is coming out the cage a bit more now but only to the top bar but its a start and he will let my face really close but as soon as i put a hand towards him he backs off i think he must assocaite hands with hurting him but we moving slowly forward so hopefully with time my wee boy will chose to sit with me and not on the top perch lol
  10. i bought him from parrot care they stated on their website all parrots sold were hand reared in jaspers case i dont think so i have tried to e mail them on several occasions asking for information but they have not responded so i have no background on him and i will try not backing off but am worried he might get too stressed thanks guys
  11. Hi guys needing a little advice on my african grey jasper i got him in jan age 15 months and he still not letting me too near his cage when i opened his cage i found out that he has had his wings clipped and cant fly he is now not even prepared to come out cage dispite it being opened i really need advice and if any one can help it would be great i have tried to encourage him with his favourite food but he just growls when you go to near i have been sitting by his cage chatting to him and he is willing to let you do this and will whistle away and say hello but as soon as you go to near he goes to back of cage the growling is not as bad as it was so little improvement any advice would be much appriecated
  12. i have tried to get close to cage and at moment he is just not having it i am sitting by his cage constantly and useing a soft voice and trying to persuede him with his favourite treat hopefully he will learn to trust me in the long run and will he be able to fly once his feathers grow back i hope so
  13. hi guys i am against clipping wings as i agree it takes the freedom of flight from the bird but my african grey had his wings clipped when i got him in jan age 15 months how long do they take to grow back as he doesnt seem interested in venturing out his cage and it open most days
  14. hi on the debate of clipped wings my african grey is clipped and he wont come out his cage i got him in january and he has ventured out once can anyone help me encourage him to come out thanks
  15. Hey Guys Jasper was out again today with my son and went back to his cage himself well back to the top anyway and we all getting nearer his cage too so all these small steps can only be good my wee fellow doing great am really proud of him and that he is starting to trust me one small step for man but one huge leap for parrot lol again thanks for the moral support
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