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  1. sadly we have still not heard anything. his hen bird is now sat on eggs but very frustrated.
  2. :evil: my good freind lost his African grey last week. it is belived that while he was working somebody went into the aviary and left the doors open. we have heard that it was seen in a tree and a guy with another parrot (possibly red in colour) was trying to coax it down but everybody in that area is keeping quiet. :?: :?: :?: if anyone hears anything could they please message me asap as i know there are quite a few parrot owners in this area. Thanks BUB.
  3. well am i pleased i went to visit my baby yesterday. Cairo is only 6 weeks old. still a while to wait yet untill i can bring him home.
  4. Thanks for the advise! Much appreciated. Only 8 weeks till I can collect my Senegal. Brought my a new cage home today so I'm all set now
  5. is it compulsory to have a ring on a parrot? what are the pro's and con's? Regards, Bub.
  6. you can get a cat litter that is made from pine softwood and compressed into pellets, when they get moist they swell and are easily disposed of, and of course completely biodegradable.
  7. This is my wifes Parrotlet "Munchkin" i just cant believe how friendly she is.
  8. Thanks for the great welcome. I'm in Brecon mid Wales. I'm eagerly waiting for sum photos of my baby Senegal another nine weeks and I be able to bring him/her home. :wink:
  9. Hi, I've kept various birds for many years but recently I've purchased a baby Mexican parrotlet for my partner. It's a lovely little bird, I just can't belive what a fast little learner she is. After just one week she is landing on my hand. I've also bought myself a Senegal but I still have a while to wait until I can pick him/her up as there still being weened. Anyway Hello from Mid Wales.
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