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  1. I'm so sorry that dear old Henry is poorly Pippy and keeping everything crossed for you here. I had a scare with my g/w earlier this year and had to buy a nebuliser and F10 in a hurry. I got the F10 online from Northern Parrots and the nebuliser online from here: http://www.mcgillspharmacy.co.uk/ (see bottom left of page "Nebflow") - this arrived the day after I bought it which I was amazed about. x
  2. laura


    Found this link. Perhaps there's some light at the end of the tunnel, for some of the residents, at least :?: http://www.bdonline.co.uk/story.asp?storycode=3144005
  3. laura


    Yes, I saw that one too I cried buckets last night to this one... don't ask me why, but something in that voice just tugged at my heart-strings :cry: :cry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43f_mNgpklo
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    As I think I’ve said before on the 50-pager thread, I really, really want to believe that the NPS is doing it’s very best with the limited funds available… but, I’m sorry, I’m yet to be convinced. I remember when we “rescued” our grey from a pet shop 5 years ago. He was a total monkey-nut junkie, and yes, because we knew no better at that time, we thought it was wonderful to watch him holding that nut in his foot, crack it open and savour the kernels within. Just like the visitors to the Parrot Zoo do, I’m sure. That is, of course, until we read about the risk of Aspergillosis and the monkey nuts were promptly chucked in the bin. See The National Parrot Trust article here:- http://www.npstrust.org/Aspergillosis.htm The Zoo is open daytime hours, 7 days a week? The visitors are presumably un-restricted in the volume of monkey-nuts they’re allowed to buy and feed to the “residents”? Like kids, parrots will eat all the good (unhealthy) stuff, and then when it comes to mealtimes, they won’t be able for the “good stuff”. I still cannot see past the general lack of information provided, other than the media-friendly portrayals of a sunny, colourful day-out for the school holidays. Where's the education for the visitors to tell them how and why many of the parrots ended up in the Sanctuary in the first place? Perhaps this does exist, but with a 1000 mile round trip on my hands to come see for myself, I’m reliant on the internet for all my info. I'm worried also, that if such education isn't available, then kids especially, following their visit to the Sanctuary/ Zoo will leave wanting nothing less than to get a pet parrot and so continuing the cycle of the unwanted!!! Looking on youtube for any video footage of the place I could find, I came across this, of a local "leisure park" which seems to "use" some of the parrots from the Sanctuary as part of the afternoon's entertainment-extravanganza (is there a vomit smilie please?) - I’m sorry, but the though of subjecting any bird to this makes me shudder !!!! :roll: Love them or hate them... the bottom line seems to be that they are the biggest, and most publicised parrot Sanctuary/Rescue/Zoo in the UK... whether they are they best, I am a long way from being convinced. PS also found a youtube video of the african grey aviary here:-
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    ... until today, it seems. :wink:
  6. I only use the sisal ones, but I soak them in soapy water in the sink leaving the ends sticking up and out of the water. Then a bit of a scrub and rinse a good few times in cold water, hang out on the washing line then back in the cages. In the past, when I've soaked the ends in the water, they've come off, so have just left them out and all's been ok so far.
  7. Sorry, just spotted this :oops: . Brilliant news!
  8. Yes, it's very much an integral part of his song, and I've probably only picked it up because of hearing the sound many times a day from our grey. Interesting how a wolf whistle is one of the first noises many parrots seem to pick up on to mimic... certainly not a sound that I'd heard very often in my life before parrot-parenthood anyway :oops:
  9. LOL @ Neilr and cheersm8 - I feel a right plonker now :roll: :oops: . Gucci obviously has better hearing than you :wink: go to 15 secs and 34 secs which is when I "think" I hear them ](*,) :wink:
  10. Thanks for that MMM. At least it's only a whistle he's learnt and not an ambulance (yet!) x
  11. Am I going mad :?: For the last few days I could swear I've heard a blackbird trying to wolf-whistle outside. Just after I'd taken my two in yesterday teatime I headed out with the camera and took 6 mins of film which I've edited down. Am I mad, or can anyone else hear 2/3 whistles? It's definitely not my grey as he was busy eating and at the other end of the house - too far away to be picked up by the camera! http://www.dropshots.com/LLL66#date/2009-06-01/16:53:34
  12. No, not mine but watch this clip!! Well done to this lovely man and his family =D> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/8058221.stm
  13. Very well put, if only more people could accept that this will pass Here here - if only. Glad you liked the video cheersm8 - we didn't say a word in that clip - just himself going through his version of "us". 3 years down the line and he still gives himself instructions when he knows he's doing wrong, and, tells our g/w "no", "get in your cage" etc when she's up to mischief. They're little monkeys aren't they and know exactly what they're doing's right, or wrong (in our eyes anyway :evil: ).
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