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  1. http://eclectusparrots.net/ Lots of eclectus food & diet ideas Majority of an eclectus diet is sprouts & veg rich in colour like reds, oranges & dark greens. Then there's the rest of the food. Here's an eclectus food pyramid: http://eclectusparrots.net/foodpyramid.html A list of Eclectus specific seed mixes http://eclectusparrots.net/seedsnnuts.html And they LOVE sprouts so do try them.
  2. Ekkies are really easy to train. My boy is trained & my sunnie also came to me trained. But I have sort of reversed her training because she wasn't trained properly & I was worried that she may cause herself internal injuries over time if she hung on for the length of time she did.... I also wrote a piece on potty training: Most parrot owners tend to choose one spot to allow the bird to go to the loo & this is where the problem starts. If your parrot is trained to use the toilet in only one particular spot, then your parrot will hang on until he can get to that spot. A toilet trained parrot will not go to the toilet if they’re not able to access their 'potty', they just keep holding on.... They won’t go to the toilet until they see or hear their queue to use the loo. If your bird is toilet trained for only one spot, chances are it won’t be available to the bird all day. If you toilet train your parrot you need to give the bird a few available spots to go to the toilet. They need to be able to access a toilet spot where ever they are in the house at all times. Newspaper is probably the easiest to use for toilet training. You can place newspaper anywhere throughout the home, roll it up & bin it quickly & easily. If you haven’t read todays paper then you may not want to leave it laying around! Parrots poop approx every 15 to 30 mins, depending on size. Their colour, consistency, & size depends mainly what they're just eaten. Time your birds poops on several occasions. Then when it is time for them to poop again, have them perch on your finger, over a sheet of newspaper & give a command to go to the loo. The most common commands are “go potty”, “do poo” but it can be any command you like, just make it a simple command. Repeat this command until your bird has pooped. Reward your bird afterwards fro his efforts. Continue to do this until your bird is able to do this on his own over newspaper. Some parrots also pick up the command & can say the command just before they’re about to poop, or use the command to ask to go to the loo if their isn’t a toilet spot available, but it is only a very few parrots that learn these. Make sure you always have newspaper available for your bird, wherever he is to avoid future health problems from hanging on. You can read it all here: http://www.eclectusparrots.net/toilettraining.html
  3. Ice burg lettuce isn't a no no. Ice burg lettuce is all water & VERY little nutritional value. All that does is gives the birds runny poo, not diarrhoea. It isn't toxic & birds enjoy it, so why not let them have some once in a while? The red lettuces & asian lettuces are recommended only because they have higher nutritional values.
  4. I also sprout anything I can get my hands on. ATM we're out of mungbeans. I can't find them anywhere!!! i can usually get them in bulk. Soaking & sprouting depends on the type of things you're sprouting, how you do it & your weather. I soak in warm water. they say to do all the same size sprouts but I don't only. I add everything together. Warm water speeds up the soaking & sprouting process. My sprouts are soaked anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. The warmer the weather is, the quicker they soak & sprout but if the weather gets too hot I have to put them in the fridge otherwise they go off. As soon as they've doubled in size I rinse them & leave them to sprout. Again, depending on the weather depends on how much I have to rinse the sprouts. The hotter it gets the more I have to rinse. once sprouted I put them in a sealed container with a grate at the bottom. this allows them drain so they aren't sitting in their water going bad & they last longer. I've drilled holes in the top so they can breathe (sprouts are a living food so need to breathe). They can last 1 week, if I make enough for my pigs LOL. It isn't recommended you soak your sprouts longer than 12 hours if you intend on sprouting them. If you have trouble sprouting you can 24 hour soak them, rinse & feed them to the birds. The nutrition value isn't quite as good as sprouts but it's almost as good & much better than dry seed.
  5. SOR Freo. WAY Sth LOL. I wouldn't change it though I work in Bayswater
  6. Thanks for the welcomes everyone cw_lilstar, I'm not sure. I am on facebook. What's your facebook name? hotfoot jackson, I'm in the best place...of course, Perth
  7. There is a lot that can go wrong with hand rearing:
  8. My name is Kim, from Australia & I am owned by a cockatiel, eclectus & sun conure. I also recently bought a gouldian finch. I was looking for a pair but you have to be very quick around here. Females are really popular & sell fast :shock:
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