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  1. Ah right, thank you for replying to my post. I may report the ad. I'm not quite sure what to do yet though. I don't really like dobbing on people, but whether its a scam or not they should not be doing it. I suppose though that anyone with parrot experience would not consider responding to the ad anyway.…Also and I feel a bit bad for thinking it but maybe anyone who does not have experience who would even consider having a parrot from when it hatches is irresponsible and maybe could do with learning the lesson. :shock: :wink: I'll have a think about it but may end up minding my own business :?
  2. Hiya all, I was just browsing some ads and came across one selling unhatched eggs. Surely this can't be legal in the uk, or is it? I would never consider buying these myself thats for sure. Maybe it my inexperience but it sounds awful to me, what do you all think? Here's the list shown in the ad - Available are Fresh laid parrot eggs and Parrot BABIES for sale at very cheap prices. Below is a price list of our available species of parrot eggs: - Hyacinth Macaw Eggs – 35pounds - Scarlet Macaw Eggs – 35pounds - Blue & Gold Macaw Eggs – 30pounds - Greenwing Macaw Eggs – 30pounds - Military Macaw Eggs – 35pounds - Congo African Grey Eggs – 30pounds - Moluccan Cockatoo Eggs – 30pounds - Umbrella Cockatoo Eggs – 30pounds - Rose Breasted Cockatoo Eggs – 30pounds - Black Palm Cockatoo Eggs – 35pounds - Electus Parrot Eggs – 30pounds - Quaker Parrot Eggs – 25pounds - Conures – 30pounds - Senegal eggs – 30pounds - Amazon – 30pounds Also available are Wearned Parrot Babies, contact for price list. All our eggs come in an incubators including a Cd Manual and tips on how to care for parrots, Email your order
  3. Thanks all for your help and advice. We have got him some egg food and a good quality low sunflower seed AG mix. Its got lots of diff nuts and fruit in it compared with the food that we had off his first owners. We bought it from the pet shop where he was originally purchased from. The people who worked there still remember him, they could give us a clear description of him and they said he was a lovely parrot when he left. He has really changed since he was sold . It's good though, with some time and love he should hopfully be more comfortable with us and let his lovely sweet nature back out. His appetite seems to be improving now too so we are introducing new things a little at a time. I'll prob order some soaks for him with some avimix or nurobal from Rob Harvey too.
  4. Thats great advice, thank you. I will def be trying the step up training with a perch rather than my arm later. I've not got any pine nuts. It sounds like they see these as treats, i'll have to get some
  5. Ah right thank you. So pulling on our hair is grooming, we did think it could be but wernt sure. Yes, so far he is like it with the both of us but if the choice is there he will come to me first. I dont know if its a male/female fav thing tho as my brother in law was here on friday and Smokey loved him. I do also feel that I am more shy of him than hubby is. I thought that may be why he likes to come to me. I dont know if he can sense my unease and likes to play on it or if he does just prefer me. Yes he first tried flying on the first night when we let him out. He was all over the place like he was flying for the first time and his landing was awful, He was just flying into everything. We were so worried that he would hurt himself. We've let him out every night since though and he has got much better. He was taking off from his cage last night, flying around the room and landing back on his cage. He was also taking off from the floor and landing well. So much better now, for him and my heart
  6. We have had Smokey for 3 days and found that as he is getting more confident, when we let him out he will fly around and land by where we are sitting. We have been just sitting still where we are and taking to him in a welcoming way and letting him do everything at his own pace. He has started walking to us, walking up our arms and sitting on our shoulders. The problem is that if we try to stop him by putting our other arm in front of him to walk onto or we move at all he growls. When he's on our shoulders he chews and pulls our hair and he has also bitten ears quite a few times already. If you or anyone else moves towards him he also growls and tries to attack. We know not to shout or make a thing of it so we've been just firmly telling him no, giving him dirty looks (hard when he's on your ear tho,lol) and ignoring him, and tring as hard as we can not to react in any other way. I am assuming this could be a nervous thing but am not 100% because it is Smokey who is deciding what he does and when and not us. He's choosing to come to us and to climb onto our shoulders. Does anyone have any advice on his reasons for acting like this or any tips on anything else we should be doing?
  7. Hi all, We are off out today to get Smokey some things. His first owners had not been giving him any Mineral Blocks, Cuttlefish or vitamin powders so we are going to get some for him. We are new AG owners so have no experience in what is out there on the market, but we've been reading up and it seems clear that he should at least be having something to provide extra calcium. Does anyone have any tips and advise on whats good for AGs and what to avoid please?
  8. When we rang the owners they said he was a tag, but when we went to see him we saw that hes def a cag. I think they had just got the names mixed up. Thank you all for kind wishes
  9. Thank you for your well wishes all. His last owners said his name was Sonny (or Sunny depends how you want to spell it), but tbh when I first asked his name the owner was a bit stumped for a sec before saying it was sonny, then when we got his address he lived in sunny rd. I didnt think anything of it at first because lots of people name pets after where they live. But since we've brought him home we've been talking to him and when we call his name he's not blinking an eye and clearly doesn't know it. If he was older we wouldn't but as he's still so young we are thinking of changing his name to Smokey. He is still smelling really strongly like an ashtray from his first owners house, he mostly makes a low bat sound from a smoke alarm and seeing as he's grey we think it suits him. We've said it to him a few times too and he seems to like it so I think it's gonna stick Thank you for the very good point regarding the top of the cage too, we won't be opening it again. We are new owners and are very aware that we have a lot to learn. We welcome any advice so if you notice anything wrong in what I say please feel free to let me know
  10. Hi all, Here is our new family member. We will take a few more pic's in time but we didnt want to take too many while he is still nervous. Please excuse the bad celing in the corner, we had a new pipe fitted and hubby has not repaired area properly yet :oops:
  11. Hiya, He was 12 weeks on 23rd aug and they bought him on the 24th. I counted back 12 weeks from 23/08 and worked it out that he was born on 31st may making him 7 months, he was exactly 7 months on 31/12 so he's nearly 7 1/2 now. I think thats right, I probably had a daft moment and did it all wrong now,lol.
  12. He's just started a new game with hubby. It started when I got one of his smaller toys and gave it to him. he took it off me and played with it for a few mins before dropping it. Hubby went over and picked it up for him, he made a sound that resembled thank you and took the toy before throwing it on the floor again, so hubby picked it up and gave it back. He said thank you and took the toy to drop it again. Hubby is standing there doing the same thing over and over
  13. Do you mean he's opened the top of his cage himself? If so, please be careful and find some way to hold it shut so that he can't open it himself. Birds can get their heads and necks trapped between the opening sides and strangle themselves. Hiya, no we opened it. Its one of the cages where you can open the top and put a perch on it. He can open the door on the front of the cage though so theres an extra clip on it to stop him from sliding it open and when we put him in the cat carrier he was trying to open the door. as I was talking to his first owners I could see the catches on the top of the door turning open :shock: . I had to keep closing them or he would have been out. I know they are very clever but I didnt think he would learn that fast! He's only 7 months old so can't have had that much practice at opening cat carriers,lol.
  14. Hiya, yes we paid £500 for him after. The owners said that they really didnt want to go down and had refused to, to others that had asked but the others were from miles away and for whatever reason the owners wernt really happy but they said that they were really happy with us as they could see that we were a loving family that would give him a better home so that replaced the need for the extra cash. We had 2 cages with him, his main one and a smaller one for taking him out in the nice weather and also a pile of toys and theres also a play centre for him, but only hubby saw that because it was in another room and we couldn't bring it home with us because the car was full, so I'll see that when we pick it up tomorrow. Theres over £440 worth of stuff with him in all so thats not bad and they gave us his reciept from the pet store showing that they bought him end of aug, which is good because we know that is where he's come from.
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