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  1. Aw, Lisa's a cutie Good to see you're progressing with Pablo Mertyn . . Waldorf and Statler my pair Celestials are rather attached to The Balcony (their cage) and seem a rather apprehensive about coming out into my living room for a fly They did come out for a fly over the weekend but I think it kinda felt strange to them; well they are only 9 months old, parent raised and have never been outside of a cage environment. So the way I'm going about encouraging them to come outside is to leave the door open of their house with a perch on it and hanging a spray of millet next to the perch. Millet is their favourite so I'm no longer putting it inside their house and the temptation of seeing it is proving too much and they are happy (though warily) coming outside to eat their favourite food I intend moving the perch and millet further along the door until I can move it no further and then I'll move it a little away from their house onto a stand. Hopefully this will build their confidence until coming outside is no longer an issue for them and they are happy to come and go as they wish
  2. I picked up a pair of nine month old parent reared youngsters just over a week ago, they're active funny little things I'm going down the route of a lot of patience, letting them do what they do, ie being birds, and hoping that given time they will come to trust me just like kermit my cockatiel does My two also don't seem interested in fruit and veg, but I'm putting in these things every day and hopefully they will try them eventually. In the mean time they are loving the millet sprays, parrot seed bells and beaphar XtraVital Premium seed mix I'm giving them
  3. A quick update on Waldorf and Statler They have settled in nicely and are eating well, though still not eating vegetables or fruits Any tips on how to get them munching on their greens would be appreciated? They do love to eat sprays of millet and demolished the large seed bell I put in for them within a few days! I've been getting them used to my hand though they're not hopping onto my finger yet, but we'll get there. They see Kermit on my hand enjoying his head rubs and general fusses and now I can get my hand to within a few inches of them both before they back off Since last weekend I've been leaving the door open to The Balcony (that's what I call their cage btw :wink: ) when I get in from work; they have both shown a lot of interest in this new development to their living arrangement but it wasn't until yesterday evening that the female, Statler, actually plucked up the courage to come outside She climbed out onto The Balcony door as close to me as she could get and sat there looking around the living room and at me for about 10 minutes before going back indoors to Waldorf. She sure looked better outside The Balcony than in it! Maybe next time Waldorf will join her and they'll have a little fly around So all in all I'm quite happy with how the little tikes have settled in: the way we are all getting used to each other, their chit chat and chirping, even their squabbles (which sometimes I tell them off over!); man does Statler boss Waldorf at times! But they always make up and spend their resting time preening each other and snuggled up together asleep
  4. I used to eat papaya all the time when I travelled around India; it's a wonderful fruit that is bright orange inside, juicy and full of flavour Unfortunately every one that I ever brought or had offered to me in England has paled in comparison ; they are usually small, hard pale coloured and taste like c***! :cry: Needless to say, I don't waste my money on them any more.
  5. He sure was when I gave him a peck this morning marion w Of course he then argued with me and became an attention ***** when I stopped! There just ain't no pleasing some birds! :wink:
  6. I never knew this about feeding or kissing a bird! All I can say is that Kermit loves taking seed off my lips and having his head rubbed again with my lips or on my beard. He is 18 years old and apart from showing the signs of old age is bright and hale Just to be pedantic for a moment, it is said that birds "can" catch pathogens from human saliva; this isn't the same as saying they "will" :wink: Of course if there's a risk then it's surely up to the owner whether they wish to take the chance their bird may catch something from them. I for one will continue giving Kermit his daily kisses and head rubs they way I have for the last 18 years
  7. Kermit is called Kermit because he's a frog......... well that's what I told everyone when they asked me why I called my cockatiel Kermit :wink: Waldorf and Statler my pair of newly acquired celestial parrotlets because I loved those guys from the Muppet Show When I get a larger parrot at some time in the future he will be called Bert. I guess you're all sensing a pattern in my naming strategy by now ain't you? :wink:
  8. Cheers for the tip Mandyandflock, I'll follow your advice when I give the little fellows their breakfast
  9. Cheers all Well the little things have settled in and are eating well judging from the seed husks on my carpet when I got home. They didn't touch the broccoli or carrot pieces I left for them though Maybe they'll prefer the gapes and dried apricots I have for them for tomorrow That's sweet about your parrotlet Mandyandflock Waldorf and Statler were very calm when I put my hand in to change their food this evening. They didn't flap or freak out, even when I I moved the rope swing they were both sat on; I just spoke quietly and didn't look at them as I got on doing what I had to do in their home (The Balcony their home is called btw :wink: ). And then there was the big test this evening: the vacuum cleaner!!! Well they didn't bat an eyelid I'm going to give them until after the weekend to totally settle in and get an idea of my daily routine before I begin trying to get them to trust me enough to perch on my hand.
  10. Well yesterday I took charge of a pair of these lovely little parrots I've called them Master Waldorf and Ms Statler. They have settled in nicely, Kermit my cockatiel showed a great amount of interest in them and Waldorf and Statler in him I'm sure they will fit in (and Kermit and me with them) very nicely. They are around nine months old and parent reared so I'm expecting it to take a little while to get them hand tame but they have seen Kermit sitting on my hand and getting petted so hopefully they will realise I'm no threat and it won't take quite so long before they trust me like Kermit does I'll try and post some pics once they have totally got used to their new surrounding. Anyway, off to work I go.
  11. I think a cage isn't necessarilly a bad thing either and can be, and should be, a place of sanctuary and safety for a bird: it's home, appartment or castle if you wish.Kermit, my cockatiel lets me know both vocally and by looking towards his cage, (which I call his home as I personally find the word 'cage' offensive for something which is his apparment), when he's had enough of sitting on my shoulder or wants to go to sleep for the night.
  12. I have been following this thread with great interest. I am wanting to get another bird, a Senegal or Quaker, and was going to acquire one that was hand-reared believing this was quite exceptable practice that had no (or very little) negative impact upon the young birds. However, after reading the various posts above I am changing my mind about getting a hand-reared bird. I am intrigued that none of the breeders that advertise their hand-reared, soppy tame birds have replied to the criticisms made above of this practise.
  13. Thank you LAM; I hope Kermit enjoys his new perches once I put them in
  14. And there was me thinking Kermit my cockatiel had a serious case of OCD over my pullover zips, lol!
  15. Can anyone answer this for me please. Today I cut off some branches from an apple tree to use as perches in Kermit's, my cockatiel, cage. I notice that there are several dormant buds on these branches. Should I prune them out or is it fine to let Kermit peck and possibly eat them? I know that these buds are full of energy but I don't know if this is ok for a cockatiel to consume. Cheers
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