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  1. I would vote Amaru, merely because I was a huge 2pac fan as a kid and that's his middle name
  2. That's awful; I'm sorry to hear that. My bird was mysteriously ill with accute liver damage not long ago. I think this is pretty irresponsible to provide on parrot toys.
  3. So I've been trying to buy some stainless steel quicklinks so I can start making my own toys and hang them in Indie's abode. This is a quicklink : http://dreamgym.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/quicklink.jpg That's a stainless steel one. I took in three I had to a hardware store and one of mine had a matt sort of finish to it. He only had zinc coated ones which I believe is toxic to birds. Is that right? I said what I needed them for and did he have any stainless steel ones and he said no. I asked him if the big one I had that was matt finished was zinc coated and he said yes. I have two of these clips that came attached to two other wise very well made toys from a company I thought was well respected and often used in the birdy community. So : A) Is zinc toxic B)Does this mean those quickclips could possibly do my chirper some damage and C) If so should I contact the company? Thanks folks!
  4. Hey there thanks for reply. We talked about it over the phone but not owning a Renault Clio he's not sure. I measure the boot and deflated the seats and got 5 ft before it hits someone in the back of the head. He does have a second cage I'm also viewing which would also be suitable which is under 5ft. I just wanted to know if any one had received it flat packed as I'm travelling over an hour to see it. It wouldn't be a wasted journey but something I needed to consider. I assume the roof comes off and it looks pretty long - if it's 9 inches then it shud get in the car!! We'll have to see. Also the company wouldn't be able to get back to me today so I'll know once I've visited tonight. Thanks for the reply.
  5. http://www.petworlddirect.co.uk/acatalog/info_807.html I'm viewing one that someone is selling via preloved and I drive a Renault Clio. The pics look in great condition, the guy sounded nice and the cage is for my Nanday Conure, Indie. I want to know if anyone knows how much it breaks down and is it dreaming to assume it could break down to fit in my renault clio!! Thanks in advance
  6. Hey everyone, My partner would really like a grill pan (it may sound odd but he would actually like one for his birthday) but most of them are teflon covered. Is there any where I can get a 'safe' one? Thanks in advance
  7. Indie either lies as close as he can under my chin and falls asleep or stands on my shoulder, sticks his tail and bum in the air and stretches as his neck for a good scratching. Also when he comes out he sits on my shoulder and makes a kissing sound and we do this very sad thing (from when he was younger) where I used to look away then quickly turn my face and 'kissy' him and look away. So now we both look away at the same time, turn in quickly, make kissy sounds and look away again quickly! Very sad. Aren't we all
  8. Hehe to be honest I could be convinced looked at him but I appreciate the suggestion. It's onwards and upwards (and I'm quite pleased it's not an egg deep down - I want to remain convinced he's my little boy!)
  9. He is home now (thank god) and has 10 days worth of meds which should be an interesting mission to feed him but he'll have to get over it. For the first time (just to make me feel guilty) he had the smallest fly around, went into his cage and found enough to entertain him instead of coming out...he ate all the way home and pretty went on his high perch to sleep with a "Mum, I didn't get a wink of sleep last night" look. Hoping to get home early tomorrow and spend some time bird-proofing, buying in anything with Vitamin K in it and get him to forgive me!!! I went to C.J. Hall's vets in Sheen (near Richmond). A real mission!! I met two vets there and it was nice to go into an obvious avian speciality vets - bird toys for sale everywhere, stacks of bird food in the foyer, one of those electronic photo frames with pictures of mainly birds they treat there and the two vets I had were obviously pro's. I felt Indie was in very safe hands!!
  10. Hi everyone, Thank you for the supportive messages. I'm potentially in for a long haul. He was in over night and in the morning he was given vitamin K, something else and anti-biotics as a caution. He has x-rays which came back clear apart from grit in his stomach. Don't know how as I don't give him grit in addition to his regular diet so I'm not sure. Bloods were not so good. The short of it is acute liver damage. Two chemicals in his blood relating to the liver which should read in the 300 mark (I don't know what the quantities are); they both read between 11,000 and 12,000 indicating that some sort of toxin is in the blood affecting the liver. He's now on anti-biotics, Vitamin K and the other thing for 10 days then back in to see how he goes. He said that conures are the only type of bird to have a condition where there bodies can become low in vitamin K resulting in blood in the poop and sometimes vomiting blood. The blood doesn't clot basically. If it's that, it is a life long condition. Over short term causes - mouldy seed, eating toxic plants...etc...none of which I can associate with Indie's home. His poop tests come in tomorrow which help to clarify what's going on further. Fingers crossed eh Thanks again, everyone for advice and support.
  11. They didn't say anything about an egg or being able to feel one was fumbling my bird. It may have been me just thinking I could see a bump by the bottom. Just to clarify - my mother has two conures and they have just laid an egg; she opened a seperate thread asking for advice and I have told her what I've researched - she'd like more guidance on what to do but we don't live together and it's not referring to the same birds. Indie is mine, Fawkes and Phoenix are her two bonded conures who have been doing the dirty deed and have produced an egg.
  12. I will do - I'm sure he will be ok - he's bright and perky (apparently sharing the bird room with 2 sun conures) and once they've done all the testing, any signs of pining and they'll phone me to come to see him/take him home. He's in safe hands and he said he'll check in the night. Everything crossed tonight Thanks for the support people!!!
  13. So I couldn't take it - you guys were fabulous at reassuring me over night but I lay awake listening for every sound. Indie went to bed and went to sleep. I came from work and let him/her/it out and a big plop, more blood but nothing in the cage. Found an avian vet. Have done a 3 hour round trip - thank god I have insurance! The vet has him over night and is running tests as he looked Indie over, had a feel, did something funky with a cotton bud and was not satisfied. I've been daft and weepy since I left Indie there but could tell he would be very well looked after. Hopefully get him tomorrow - bloods back by 5 tomorrow night and everything else will be done in the day - have to ring at lunchtime for an update. Please let it be ok - I'm going out of my mind not knowing what's really going on inside my chirper! Thank you everyone and I'll keep you up to date.
  14. Thank you David and everyone who has fedback to me. I really appreciate it as I did have a panic and you're all in the same boat in terms of lovin your birds and not wishing any harm on them. I am sure Indie will be ok and I will keep a watchful eye for any complications. Fingers crossed she'll be ok. A little confused seeing as she's blares "Good Boy!" out frequently but all the same. Thank you thank you thank you, I'll keep you posted and try not to post graphic poo pictures at dinner time in the future x
  15. I was just about to ask that - how long do you think very roughly? I have to go to work tomorrow, I'm scared to leave her.
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