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  1. Edinburugh zoo is awesome! they have all the usual animals and shows also the panda's which you can visit and they also have the "petting" lorrikeets.........you buy some nectar and they all fly over to you! the also have avairys with many other species of birds/parrots which you can see. have fun on your hols
  2. i have looked at a few sites and like David has said its says they are "ground feeders". pinky will through her seed on the bottom of the cage then go down and eat it! what about putting a pot of herbs/leafy veg in the bottom of her cage? for encouraging foraging and getting getting her to try new foods? i will try giving her a bowl of cockatial food too, i gave her warm sweet potato this morning and she has not looked at it again but maybe she will give in one of these days!
  3. i have not saw the sticks can you get them off scarlets aswell? i will have a look! i will give it a while longer to see if they will take to them but so far they are having none of it! i was trying to think what they smelt like, your right its like a fruity bubble gum they really smell lovely so i hope they take to them just so i can smell it
  4. thanks Ruby, yeah she is lovely and very energetic - she certainly moves a lot faster than my greys and amazons! the sspca only said she was a bare eyed but having done some research i believe she is a little corrella. she appears to be in great health and feather perfect, had her for a general check up at the avian vet and other than being slightly overweight ( nothing to bad) she was given the all clear so the diet cant have been to but previously. if i only loose a few spoons in my bid to get her nice and healthy (and of course living a longer life) then its worth it..............and helps that you get teaspoons from poundland :-\ haha. from what i was told she lived with an older lady who passed away so she has not been mistreated and she certainly doesnt appear to be its just her diet that concerns me, but i guess like a child it takes a lot of patients and persistance before they will try anything new. thanks Greg i have tried mashed sweet potato but she didnt even look at it never mind touch/taste it. i havent tried mashing some veg tho so i will do that. i have been given her calcivet with vit d3 in water and i have been thinking of an avain uv light for a few hours a day?
  5. i adopted her from the sspca, she is lovely and full of energy! i have just uploaded a few pics to my photobucket! (i cant suss out how you do it on the new site!)i have tried soaking and sprouting the seeds and she wont go near them. you may well be right with me offering to much it may be a bit overwhelming for i her i will cut it down and see how that goes. yes she sure pays attention to what we are eating and screams to house down until she gets a bite so i was offering her bowl/kabab of veg at the same time we were eating thinking she may tuck in, but i will try giving it to her "of my plate" instead of the bowl and i will also try the spoon it may make her feel included - althought i can picture it now all 6 parrots sitting with there spoons eating mash it would make a fab picture! i think you have a good point about worrying i am a worry wort and i want her to have the best whereas my husband says "she has managed 10 years on this diet and she hasnt done to bad"................not the point lol not that i would tell him but i guess he has a point she has been eating certain foods for 10 years for me to come along and want to change it all, patients is a virtue! thats a fab idea about the veg finger i think i will give that a try tonight - if nothing else it might give her confidence to at least try new things
  6. oh they do smell heavenly infact so good i have to admit i did try a few but surprisingly they did not taste of anything! i am going to perserver and hopfully they will come around i will try and put a small amount in the dish and see how they get on but i worry about them going hungry. should i just offer the dish for a small amount of time and then give them their seed and/or veg? or should i give them the pellets in the morning allong with fruit/veg and only seed in the evening? i have been keeping parrots for a long time so the questions proberly sound daft but i fear both my self and the birds have become "stuck in our ways" when it comes to feeding habits :-\
  7. oh they smell absolutly lovely! i can sniff them all day well my guys have been eating (or i should really say not eating) them for a week now and so far none of them are eating the granules they fall to the bottom of the feeding dishes and thats where they stay! and they dont go near if a soften them with warm water but its still early days so i will keep trying them.
  8. i recently adopted Pinky a 10 year old bare-eyed cockatoo from the sspca i have had her about 3 weeks now she is settling great even if she is slightly territorial! but she will only eat seed, monkey nuts (which i have only been given her the amount in the seed mix so 1 or 2 a day) and screems for chips/crisps etc when we are eating. i have tried everything from 2 brands of pellets - kaytee exact and hagen granules. i have been given her a varies bowls of fruit in morning and veg and leafs in the evening but she wont go near the bowl so i tried putting it on one of those kabab things! and i have also put some of the juice from the fruit over her seed to get a taste of it but nothing she wont go near it. to me its obvious she has lived on a "junk" diet for a long time but im running out of ideas anyone have any suggestions of what else i can try?
  9. well i think i will give them a try and see how they go if for nothing else but a little change, karen my guys arent too bad the amazons will eat anything, the grey a bit more fussy but still pretty good and i have not long rescued my too' so she is a bit of a seed junkie at the moment but im working on that! the pellets are always the last thing to be eaten with my lot to like yours Caron they will eat their fruit and veg first especialy if its pomegranite :-)
  10. hi thank you for your reply! sorry i should of thought to put the links on, yes thats the ones. i just couldnt find much nutritional info on the Hagen granules so wondered if anyone knew how good/bad it was or if i would be best just sticking to the kaytee. as silly as it sounds i am thinking because it is a lot cheaper is it inferior to the kaytee? on the other hand can i be saving some pennies your right it would be so much easier if all the companies done it the same and that way we could make better comparisons but i guess that wouldnt be good marketing for some companies, whos products are not so good!
  11. i normally buy the kaytee exact pellets (i feed my guys 50% JJ seed mix and 50% pellet along with their fruit and veg) but the hagen granules are a lot cheaper so thinking of switching over i was wondering if anyone had pro's/con's to hagen? i cant seem to find much info online about it, does it have the same nutritional value? or is it a case of "you get what you pay for"? it is for a grey, amazons and bare-eyed too, any information/opinions would be gratefully appreciated.
  12. i have 3 children (aged 5, 4 and 3) and 7 parrots. in general they all get on great but each of my boys have all had a good nip so they know to be careful now. my biggest problem is the boys "gentle" and the birds is different so there has been the odd occassion where the birds have been petted too roughly hence they have been nipped. now when the children are running about the birds stay up high on their playstand, the doors or have some cage time to avoid them. i have also had 1 instance where they let the birds out when i was upstairs, when i came down Adi my CAG was on the outside of my window it gave me a terrible scare but we were extremely lucky because we managed to get him back inside with no problems from then on the children KNOW never to open cages if we are not there and i have also put child proof locks on the cage doors to be on the safe side. on the other hand i have had 2 of the parrots to nursery for show and tell and they behaved wonderfully and the birds will sit with children at quiet times when they arent so excited lol. i think if you lie down guildlines for both kids and birds from the start it makes everything that bit easier.
  13. i get apple and hazel branches from a lady i found on my local freecyle she now saves them for me.
  14. i agree david i spoke with them today and it doesnt seem right to me at first they said the £25 per year was for vet costs but then they said they "encourage" fosterers to get insurance because bills can be high, when i asked them to clarify this the lady got all defensive and asked why i grudged paying it if i was a true bird lover! with no futherer explanation. so you basicaly in order to help them and either foster or be a "safehouse" you not only have to provide for the bird (food, cage, toys etc), pay vet bills you have to pay £25 a year and if for any reason you stop paying the membership fee they come and take the bird back regardless of how long you have had it which to me sounds terribly cruel if a bird has lived with you for years they can come and remove it without a second thought due to money. for me it seems to much - but thats just my opinion.
  15. thank you for looking, thats very good of you
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