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  1. Quality of life over quantity of life TBH - I have to question whether or not the poor bird was still enjoying life during its chemo - one suspects not.
  2. Mmm . . . publicity stunt methinks. In the early days of battery hen rescue, people just *shock* made sure that they had somewhere sheltered to go (i.e. their coop) and put them in a utility room or similar if it was really cold and - they were fine. I know parrots don't do it, but chickens take great pleasure in taking dustbaths. Not only will it make it very difficult to bathe properly, the jumpers will get filthy. Not to mention that chickens will stand out in the rain (including ones that have always been kept free range - I can only imagine that ex-batts are worse) so the jumpers will get wet, heavy, cold and take ages to dry out. They're not quite as great as they sound!
  3. We use Tidymix - it was recommended by members here. It's supplemented by various fruit & veg, the odd nut, the occasional bit of sugar cane, some Lafeber samples and I suspect that my grandmother has been feeding Coco the odd corner of a plain digestive . . .
  4. Just like our old dog - given the choice between a nice fresh bowl of water or some manky pond water, it was the pond water every time. Oh well!
  5. Has anyone got any opinions on the use of hay / straw as an alternative to that shredded paper that is sometimes used as part of a foraging toy? Working on a farm, I obviously have access to lots of the stuff, and seeing as hay (i.e. dried grass) is used as feed for various animals, and straw (i.e. dried barley / wheat stalks) is used as a bedding material for all animals inc. poultry (and some animals choose to eat it) it can't be poisonous to parrots . . . can it?
  6. 24parrot.com sells the nutriberries, as do various other places
  7. In some marketing literature that I was sent by some distributor of Harrisons, it said that parrots have 100x less tastebuds than humans. I think it's a general thing with all birds - chickens are the same.
  8. My Lafeber samples have all gone down well, although the Avi-Cakes have gone down particularly well. Unfortunately, when I emailed Lafeber to find out where I could get some more, they told us that they weren't available in the UK!!
  9. Definitely a duff one - even here in England, they normally smell nice and taste sweet - albeit less sweet than a mango. You need to make sure that they are ripe before you eat them - you normally need to keep them for a few days after buying them.
  10. Nope - I've never been to South America. However, I have seen Jungle Fowl (the ancestors of all modern chicken breeds) in the wild in Kerala, India, which was quite cool as I also keep chickens.
  11. The man at the shop assured me that it hadn't got any coatings on it, and I'd agree with that statement from looking at it - it doesn't look / feel waterproof.
  12. We had to pick a name that was a) Gender neutral Short & easy to say (in the hope that it would learn to say it) c) Nice! Coco fitted all of those criteria, hence the name!
  13. In the end we went for the 'Large Corner Cage' from http://www.petworlddirect.co.uk/acatalog/Parrot-Cages.html It's really quite good as there is lots of space for toys and Coco can actually take flight within it! Coco came out of his cage for the first time tonight (we have had him about 10 days and we've been letting him settle in). He was a good boy - except for deciding that he liked to chew on my grandmother's glasses & fingers! He didn't really like the idea of going back in, but didn't put up too much of a fuss
  14. As a slight aside - it's not food - I have found that I can buy rope quite cheaply from a local rope merchant (Bristol is a port city, so finding these is probably rather easier than in Nottingham!). I got charged £1 a metre for 20mm diameter sisal rope (although I think I was undercharged as I was originally quoted £1.43). 24parrot.com is currently charging £7 for 3m of 12mm diameter sisal rope! I've come to the conclusion that slapping the word 'parrot' on a product triples the price . . .
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