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  1. Just wondered if anyone had come across any 5" bowls - still havent managed to find any yet. :?
  2. Aww thanks guys - i have tried everywhere to find bowls that will fit and still cant find any - Charlie is ok in the other cage but is used to a huge cage and i am keen to get her into the Haiti as a short term thing until we move. I will check back on here again tonight..thank you all.
  3. The diameter of the holder is 5" have just double checked. :?
  4. Its Wendy here (showgirlie) - so up in Scotland - i'd be so greatful if you could help as Charlie is NOT impressed with the cage she is currently in. Just let me know what you want for them and P&P and i will happily paypal you. Thanks.
  5. We are about to move house and our Grey's temporary cage (her large one is too large to move) is a Montana Haiti - we have somehow managed to 'lose' the 3 metal bowls that swing out in the feeders. Does anyone have 3 x 5" bowls that we could buy? She is currently staying with my neighbour in an old cage which is small but was all we had as she wouldnt allow anyone but my husband to put hands in her cage and my neighbour is elderly and i dont want her being bitten. Will i ever find everything i have 'lost' ever again? :roll: If you can help or you can suggest where i could buy 3 of these bowls it would be massively appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Has anyone visited here? I've never been but got a very distressed lady on the phone this morning who said she took her children at the week-end and was horrified at the state of the parrots - there are lots of parrots of all types in a large aviary - the aviary is completely open to the elements and many of the birds are fully or semi plucked - she described many of them as looking desperately sad and poorly. The aviary says its sponsored by the Scottish Parrot Society. She sadly didnt get any photographs but has said she will return without the children to take some. She said that the shop on site sells parrots? I just wondered if anyone who has visited could verify what the place is like?
  7. Awww thank you for remembering - enjoy your day too Ash.
  8. I took a call today asking for help - 12y old CAG who is a plucker - the owners can no longer cope and I need to move this bird to knowledgeable people ASAP - a temporary foster home would also be considered. It's a sensitive situation and needs careful handling. Under normal circumstances I would take the bird but I am in the middle of selling my house and constant visitors won't help him. Peter is 12y old and a lovely boy, very talkative and enjoys time out of his cage, won't step up but will accept food from your hand. If anyone can help out on this one it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Some recent snowy pics... http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v650/showgirlie/Winter09/
  10. Its me, Wendy - was Showgirl - i couldnt log in any longer as 'me' - so had to re-register. Hope you and your birds/dogs/animals are all well. Charlie our rescue CAG is great, she is still VERY much in love with Gordon and is still a bit iffy with me! We are hoping to find a young friend for her sometime soon - so if anyone knows of any Greys needing homes i'd really appreciate a thumbs up.
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