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  1. SDavies

    cage trays

    I'm looking for someone to make a plastic or arylic ect tray for new cage that is more shallow to fit were the grates meant to be, anyone know of anyone? ive sent email to few people online that do sheets to cut
  2. & would you be able to get me a photo of the article about budgies & oats please? tried the zooming on website trick but all a blur
  3. i got one last sunday so will be checking, thanks for the warning when removing the filling from a hut (it smelt really bad) i found some cotton material in there!
  4. thanks for the warning i wonder what the purpose off the little ledge is?
  5. SDavies

    Cockatiels, budgies and grit.

    i give them grit, but SOLUABLE grit so crushed oasyter shell, gypsum, lava blocks ect ecttt i wouldn't personally ever feed them small grains or sand
  6. SDavies

    Well done, Emily!

    that is great result !!! wish mine were that good
  7. SDavies

    want to start breeding info wanted

    if you want to be a millionaire breeding birds, start off as a billionaire
  8. SDavies

    Air Purifier

    awh thanks guys my sort of price too going to pop in b&q tomorrow on way to pride and check that one online out
  9. SDavies

    Air Purifier

    anyone use one? looking for just a normal one, keep the air a little cleaner, suck up some dust for me
  10. SDavies

    the seeds in peppers?

    they scoffed them down this morning, yum yum!
  11. SDavies

    the seeds in peppers?

    ohhh thanks i think i just took them out on instinct. she'll love them tomorrow
  12. are the safe? just chopping up some slices for them for tea and wondered. they eat chilli seeds and loveeeee seeds but couldn't find anything on pepper seeds :S
  13. SDavies

    outdoor metal aviary

    just waiting for a reply off alutek now
  14. mango gets herself in trouble by landing on the mum's head one of my favorite videos they can't stand the birds hehehe
  15. SDavies


    hehe that sounds fun !