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  1. sog

    Meet Rafiki

    Great pics you mention' after a long wait' Im waiting at the mo ,paid a deposit and picked mine 2 weeks ago and he's /she's 6 weeks old now ,going visiting on sunday but its going to be a long next 6 weeks or so but well worth it Im sure
  2. Brid me too lol nth end off Marton road,I know a guy who is restoring one at the mo hes had that done in wrangler colours a real blast from the past
  3. I couldnt afford one had to make do with an x7 but always hankered after one ,and after my accident something light was called for so because of my obssesion with classic 2 strokes the LC was my number one choice took a bit of graft to get her to where she is now,including a highly expensive crank rebuild,but she now rides and goes just as was intended which for a 30 year old bike is pretty good ,swmbo on the otherhand is a fan of A/C strokers both of em pretty good at mono wheeling but thats another story lol , 'He wans to next year buid his own sidecar and race his solo and his dad will take on a new sidecar partner' Now theres a challenge,are you the new passenger :wink:
  4. This Hailwood rep by any chance http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2674/4208961715_fb6c32b73a_b.jpg
  5. The CRMC a good freind of mine also races in the CRMC I try and get to as many meetings as I can some cracking racing
  6. Mmmmmmmmm 65 sportster very nice ,Im into classic Jap stuff especially 2strokes currently in the garage is a rd350lc 4lo mint original,1974rd350a nearly finished special belonging to the gaffer and a 1974 rd250a mint restored also belonging the gaffer
  7. Hi there just found this forum a few days ago and got to say WOW what a cracking forum.Im Mike and live on the East Yorkshire coast Ive been breeding and keeping Parrots etc most of my life but had to give up a few years ago due to a near fatal motorbike accident(my other passion).Anyway after countless operations etc Im mended as good as its gonna get so my thoughts have turned back to birdkeeping parrots in particular.Ive posted an ad in the 'Wanted' section which will hopefully provide me with my what Im looking for and am now looking foward to the new year and bird keeping again .Merry christmas and a happy new year to you all Mike
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