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  1. Found this on another forum i frequent...its not mine and i dont know the seller or have any idea of the condition: http://www.visordown.com/forums/showthread.php?t=340169 Described as a large parrot cage.
  2. OK...here it is. I have had it on the backburner for a while, but it is becoming more and more feasible that i will be in a position to get another parrot to keep Banzai company(thankyou mr tax man) when i am not around....and who knows maybe he will find love At the minute another sennie would be ideal, as i know what i would be in for. I also hope that there would be more chance that they would get on and in an ideal world share a nice cage. The only drawback i can think of is that perhaps they would not get on and never be able to share a cage, which is something that would really be necessary. I can't see two parrot cages being acceptable in the long run....Banzai rules the lounge as it is! Terefore i would appreciate anyones experiences, with regards to introducing a second parrot, ideally based on experience with poicephalus. From a lot of the literature i have read,it is inferred that they could share a cage no problems, but is this really true in reality? I know that it is more likely they will get on if they are of opposite gender, so DNA'ing Banzai is probably the first step, but i would appreciate anyones coments/experiences. Cheers
  3. Keedo


    If it is 2cm(3/4 of an inch i believe) then that is the same as the bar spacing in his current cage and that is fine. Oh dear i really am running out of excuses not to get Banzai a playmate. In addition to that its the right time to get a baby sennie aswell Time to open my own thread methinks.... keep them peeled
  4. Keedo


    I had my suspicions, cheers for letting me know :wink:
  5. Keedo


    I had a quick google for the bar spacing but i could not find it :cry:
  6. Keedo


    Does anyone have one of these cages so they can describe any pitfalls in having one? £99 does seem incredibly cheap and i have been toying with the idea of getting a friend for Banzai. Were they to live together, i really hope they would as i wouldn't want to clean 2 cages , it could be ideal. All depends on the bar spacing i guess, but i have a feling it will be too large for a senegal :cry: To think i have a few thousand burning a hole in my pocket courtesy of mr taxman giving me a rebate.(although i suppose depends how you look at it....either i have extra cash or he stole my money for a few years ) Fight the temptation.........
  7. Roz, I'm no expert but as I understand it this inteweb thingy does need more 6d in the meter to cope with pictures/flashy things/ external links to pictures etc. I have far to much 'pop' to go into more detail now and Ronin is on the tv Love to all, Papa Edited by Candycom (Papa's daughter) as he can't spell!! LOL Aah good stuff, someone else is watching Ronin...class movie, made all the better as i am very familiar with the area
  8. If Mabel is "loose with her charms", then perhaps she could visit Banzai some time. He prefers to smear any residue on his beak on my hair/sofa/anything of value he can put his beak to.
  9. Red bellied parrots seem to be quite rare in the UK, therefore i suspect you would pay more for one, as a lot of breeders seem to be parent rearing their babies for breeding stock. In the UK Meyers and particularly Senegals are more commonly bred and sold. I personally have a senegal and he is great. Whilst not as loud as a macaw he does screech when the mood takes him, which thankfully is not that often. His screech is quite shrill and unpleasant when he gets going though so they do "screech". Most parrots do tend to have a favourite but the key is to socialise them so that they accept family/friends. Banzai likes me the most and for some reason really likes my brother, even though he is not often around and is not really an animal person. He tolerates my parents and is reserved around people he does not know, but he recognises friends who visit often and gets on fine with them. I think the poicephalus family is a great choice for a first parrot and i would encourage you to continue to research online and either withdraw books from a library, or buy them. I am not sure where you are located or when you would be ready to get a bird but my breeder has a baby senegal available now i believe. She is great and i could not recommend her more. Here is the link to her site: http://www.mkb-birds.co.uk/babies_for_sale.htm I would be happy to answer any more specific questions you have, if i can, as will others as you pose them.
  10. Nice try, but i am afraid that is a very dire attempt at putting a spin on a post i made in the past. The fact Banzai has been mine since he left his breeders, is a very pertinent fact and most relevant. As it stands i would have no hesitation to return banzai to his breeders if my situation changes, if members of my family could not take care of him. Included in the post is reference to the pair of sun conures that were returned to MueB. If Banzai went back to his breeder then it would also be for free. I trust that she would either keep him inside or use him for breeding or rehome him to a place she trusts....thats good enough for me. When i collected him she said that if there were ever any problems in the future she would always be there to help out. As i have posted in this thread before, recovering ones own costs is acceptable, but i object to you selling the bird as soon as possible. Your argument about being unable to look after him is equally redundant as i am sure there would be a rescue or someone else that would continue to house him while his true owner is sought. Simply put if your cats are a danger then perhaps he should go somewhere else, where they will continue the hunt for his owner. You also indicated that the price you will receive is higher than you have paid. That therefore is scandalous as you are profiteering! I have not changed my argument to suit my situation, i stand by what i have said in both threads. Charging a price may eliminate some risk, but not all of it. So i agree that unless he has a known place to go to then it should not be for free, but then why not give the money to charity as he is a rescue. He is not yours! At the end of the day you can hide behind as many excuses as you want, i just hope the bird goes to a home that it deserves. However he has got to his new home, as long as he will be treasured, i guess that is what is important. I am personally putting a pin in this thread now and any attempt to prolong this disagrement will fall upon death ears.
  11. I am sorry but however you try and justify it, to us and more importantly to yourself, what you are doing is wrong. Your actions while initially may have been decent are nothing more than those of a dealer hawking the poor bird around. "Fugly will not be leaving me until the end of the month as you are right about the transfer of right of ownership to me at the 28 days point as this is what has been arranged with his perspective new owners." Sadly it seems to me you are far more concerned about making a few pounds than genuinely finding its true owner. You refer to rights of ownership and treat the poor bird as an inanimate object, there to be exploited. Which is exactly what you are doing. Perhaps in the eyes of the law you will be right but in the eyes of anyone decent, the way you have conducted yourself is a disgrace. At first i thought abez was a bit harsh,but now i feel perhaps you deserve more! It is a searing inditement of the state of the constabulary today that you have conducted yourself in the way you have, the sentiment "who will guard the guards" seems entirely appropriate. I can only hope that the bird ends up in a home it deserves, for some good to come out of this debacle. Some may feel what i have said is unduly harsh, but it is my honest opinion and i stand by it.......to hell with anyone who disagrees!
  12. Mango might be his surname..........
  13. I have to agree with abez and MMM. If you have had to pay vets bills, then fine charge a price, or knock a bit off if you must for seed/etc, but to profit from something that really is not yours to sell is outrageous. Asking the new owner to pay some money to charity would seem the best bet to avoid freebie hunters, but i seriously think you need to think long and hard about what you are doing.
  14. Keedo


    At 4 months old you really need to persevere with routine and ensure continuity with the way the bird is treated. At 4 months i had had banzai for a month and he was impeccably well behaved. Sure a few bites now and again, but nothing to write home about. As for his chewing of undesirable items it really is a case of supervision and parrot proofing your home. Banzai was too keen on my computer bables so i used a cable tidy that kept them out of harms way. At such a young age they are bound to be curious and they test things with their beaks.....thats just being a parrot im afraid. As i speak Banzai is sat on my head trying to remove my hair! He is now over a year old so expect this behaviour to continue! Distraction is the best way to handle the situation so if he is chewing things he shudnt give him something more appropriate and praise him. Banzai is a greedy bugger so its often a nut of sorts. Banzai has never really been an aggressive bird so its hard for me to offer any proven advice.
  15. Keedo


    Ah i stand corrected them MMM. I am afraid i flirt between threads so frequently that i thought the bird was a rescue and thus older. I bow to your experience and expertise
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