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  1. I feel better now. I was getting worried after browsing through some sites. Cav3, your boy is absolutely gorgeous. I wish i could have one but i lived in an apartment. Caron and Hotfoot Jackson thank you for sharing, now i know the amount that i put in the mash is ok... they will not eat the mash by itself so i usually put in fresh fruits, sprouts, and corn and mixed them in.. choosy birds i have. thank u so much fpr sharing guys.
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone here feed fresh aloe vera? I usually make parrot mash for my greys and i would add in 4 small stalks of aloe vera, skin peeled. The recipe i am using is -5 cups sprouted beans (black beans, black eyed beans, red beans, green beans and soy beans) - 2 stalks of Brocolli - 2 garlic - a bunch of asian greens( bok choy, kang kong, etc) - half a small pumpkim - 1 beet root So i guess the aloe vera is not so much when i cooked,mixed and match and blended them together. However searching on the net, i have mixed results, some sites stating that aloe vera is not good for ingestion of parrots and others claimed they are really beneficial. I was just wondering what i'm feeding them is ok.
  3. My grey, Brodie, fell off the cage while bathing a week ago. His foot is visibily inflamed on top of the toes, just below the ring. He's not showing any sign of discomfort though he's standing well on that foot alone and eating well, using that foot to hold his nuts to eat etc. I had applied fresh aloe vera on it. I hate bringing him to a vet as it traumatized him a great deal. Is there anything i can do? I cannot massage his foot as he hates me touching either one of his feet since i first got him years ago.
  4. Kobe is a very smart fid.. he's so adorable Roz, and his dinner looks yumm....
  5. He's gorgeous Fuzz. I love his colours..
  6. Dusty is certainly a beauty. Oh she has her favorite tree? It must be so nice to live in Australia and see the beautiful birds.. It's always great to see birds in nature where they belong.. I feel bad cutting Brodie's wings, as Brodie chase around everyone and anyone who gets close to me, including my 3 year old son.
  7. Thank you guys, I'm so glad to have found this forum.. Obverse- I did not get Brodie from Good will. .. I've gotten her from a friend of mine who's returning to the States. I've had Brodie for 5 years and 4 months now. He is now 7 years and 3 months old. Hatched on 2nd september 2002. I live up north, Yishun. Ruppells parrots are so cool.. Good luck breeding them.
  8. I can get the non-color pellets here fuzz. Brodie does not eat them..but they r so much better for him. Thank you so much guys. So i guess Persimmon is ok for him. Star fruit too? this i did not know. But i did not feed him that though.. phew.. Lorikeets are very pretty .. Dusty must be beautiful ..:)As long as they make a mess of the fruit some will go to them..
  9. Thank you so much Fuzzand Hotfoot. I will try that. By the way nice pictures.. Food looks yummm and Kobe is beautiful, he looks so cuddly. Love the picture of him with sweet potato all over his beak. About the cod fish oil, I'm not so sure if i can get them here. Not many bird shops in Singapore sell an extensive range. Low fat yougurt with no sugar I've not seen that either. Only the Greek or natural youghurt, low fats and diet youghurts came in flavors and with sugar or aspartame in them. By the way I have read in some site that Persimmon is a no-no? and yet some sites wrote that it is rich in Vitamins and so it's good for the birds. The fruits and vegetables i would offer are mostly tropical, papaya, mango, bok choy, bean sprouts, kang kong, apples, etc, etc. I use to put the persimmon in his fruit food cup now i don't anymore as i am not sure. But he does not eat it anyway. i'm giving him Kaytee rainbow pellets and also Pretty bird pellets.
  10. Net- I cannot get soya yogurt here. I had not seen that in most supermarkets in Singapore. I have been giving him plain greek yougurt.
  11. Yes. Brodie will eat a whole banana, the only fresh fruit he eats without having to juice or making a fuss.
  12. Hi there, We are from Singapore and we are just saying a big Hello. We are looking forward to getting to know you guys. I've a grey, Brodie, 7 years 3 months old, and a budgie, Tansy, 11 weeks old. Brodie can be pretty agressive but Tansy is a sweetie..
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