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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/3414323.stm The Jury is still out!!!
  2. http://www.plannedparrothood.com/famousowners.html Thought this was quite interesting! I really don't know how much of this is gospel but isn't the thought of Winston Churchill sitting with his Blue and Gold Macaw brilliant. Oh and I see our old pal Paris Hilton has popped up again this time with a Bare Eyed Cockatoo! I wonder what became of him??
  3. http://celebrity.aol.co.uk/2009/11/23/paris-hilton-buys-pet-parrot/ Here she is with the parrot, the camera appears to hold more appeal than the bird!
  4. I 've got two P/F lovebirds who were a rehome who've been with us about five years. Ours are semi tame and love getting out for a fly about but watch the wallpaper as they would strip the walls if left to it. I didn't have any history on them so assumed they were boy /girl as they are constantly doing what little birds in love do. So much so that they both have baldy patches on the back of the neck where the other has been holding on. They were provided with a nest box which has never seen any eggs therefore they were named Colin and Justin for obvious reasons. I would recommended you give them a hidey hole as ours love their box and spend ages in it preening each other. Much as they are in love they can also have little tantrums with each other but I think that is in the nature of Lovebirds as they are feisty wee bundles of personality. Ours get a good cockateil mix and I have tried numerous fruit and veg over the years . The favourites seem to be apple, pear, cucumber, various green leaves but only a wee bit as it can give them the scoots, grapes, pomegranate, mange tout, and best of all celery which they go nuts for. Another fav seems to be one of those mineral blocks for birds you get in pet shops. I don't really know the advantages of the minerals but they do love chewing it and it will keep the beaks trim. Another thing I have noticed with ours is that they show no interest in toys and I've tried many different kinds but they don't want to know. Wrecking their nest box seems more to their liking.
  5. Thats a wee shame!!! All thats missing is a fig leaf to hide her dignity
  6. Sorry folks didn't know this one had already been covered! I'm new on here and just assumed that it would have been on the media page didn't think to search elsewhere. I shall now get off my soapbox and go and have a cup of tea!
  7. Glad to see that Charlie must be happy at his work if he's talking away and amusing the cast:) I never had any doubt that he will only be put in THAT:( cage for filming and that he probably has a very good real owner. Its the portaryal to the public that this is an acceptable way to keep a parrot that bugs me. God knows how many times over the years we've seen cute, sweet, clever,brave animals portrayed in films and on TV only for folk with more money than sense rush out to buy themselves one. They then find out that they've bit off way more than they can chew and that the sweet little creature is now noisy, messy, not so bright, smelly or whatever else is inconvenient or unexpected.
  8. Was looking forward to seeing the Blue and gold macaw in Coronation Street until I seen the cage :shock: Way, way too small as my two lovebirds reside in a bigger cage than that. As if this wasn't bad enough they have dubbed the parrot like something out a Kung Fu film. Anyone with a Macaw would know that this definately not a real macaws voice. The bird has been in Corrie since August and I admit is rarely in the programme but it does raise concerns. The main one is that people will believe that these are lovely, wee quiet birds who will be quite happy to sit in a tiny cage with no toys and as quoted in the soap 'he gets his 60 minutes a day out to fly' Fly where exactly as you couldn't swing a cat in Eileens living room? Those in HMP get more exercise a day than this. He has also been filmed escaping out the back door during a burglary and miraculosly re-appearing sometime later . This in real life would obviously be a very bad situation and would no doubt result in the injury/death/theft of the bird. People will assume that parrots have some sort of homing instinct and can be 'let outside to play' then come home like Lassie. Sadly there are morons out there who could let this happen. I am sure that in real life then 'John' would be very well looked after but the writers/directors of Corrie should be shot for portraying this as a suitable way to keep a Macaw.
  9. Ooops I 'thought' I had sent a PM but it doesn't seem to have worked and there was me sitting waiting on an answer I was never going to get. Duh!!!!! Will try again!!
  10. A big thanks to everyone who has tried to help. I did post a thread on the parrot society forum some time ago but couldn't get any info although there were some really helpful folk on there as well. Its not a PSUK ring so I guess there is no real way to trace it. Maybe, just maybe someone out there knows who it is. This far I've discovered that they have bred H/R blue and golds and P/R Lilacine Amazons so heres hoping this might twig someones memory!!!
  11. In my opinion she doesn't love animals - she loves accessories. If you love them you devote time to looking after them not pawning them off to an army of skivvies. She appears to get bored of her aquisitions them goes and buys a new 'toy' when the novelty wears off. I just hope the poor parrot isn't subjected to the ridiculous outfits that the others have to wear....or as mentioned earlier dyed pink to match an outfit. Oh God I despair.....
  12. Hi All Our B/G macaw has a ring with the initals MJH and I was wondering if anyone knows of this breeder. He is about 8 years old and I reckon that he might have had a few different owners before us. I'm just curious to find out a wee bit more about his past and where he was bred. In actual fact I don't even know whether he is actually a she as I've never got round to DNA sexing. I was also wondering if the year of hatching is the 'sideways' number on the ring . I would really appreciate it if anyone can help.
  13. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. Just managed to wok out the photo bucket thingy and now hoping it works!
  14. Hi Everyone! I'm delighted to have found this forum as its looks as if its going to be really helpful and informative. I am the proud owner of an 8 year old B&G Macaw called Sparky who rules the roost in our house. I've also got a pair of wee peach faced lovebirds and quite a menagerie of other pets but Sparky is definately the boss. Even Odin the rottweiler knows his place! One thing is for sure life with a parrot is never dull ....or quiet!!!
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