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  1. I'm so sorry to read this June, fly free Angel, God bless x
  2. Oh Jem I'm soo sorry. I hope you get an update very soon to help ease your mind.
  3. So sorry to read this Marion, praying for Jaspers safe & speedy return home x
  4. I don't have a macaw but I do have a large Too, he has tons of these foraging toys & can't get his beak into any of them! I only put nuts in his because anything smaller he would have problems getting out but he is very adept at wiggling his nuts out with his fingers. They don't really keep him occupied though Calley, he can empty them much quicker than I can fill them
  5. His first harness wasn't an aviator but it was made of exactly the same material as the aviator just a different design. The second one was an aviator, my Too is a chewer, for him they are pretty easy to chew through. You would have thought being outside would have distracted him from chewing them, & I had hoped that the second attempt would have been better but it wasn't! They work for many, but not for us
  6. He bit straight through his first harness, a year or so on I got him an aviator, as you can see from the photo the only thing he was interested in really was chewing through this one too! For me taking it off was the hard part, he would let me put it on hin without any trouble but completely freaked out taking it off again. I gave up!
  7. I used to have a sun conure, his name was Sam. Yes he was noisy but nothing I couldn't live with. He was pretty clever too, managed to master all his foraging toys etc. And he loved me, we had beautiful cuddles & lots of playtimes together, but he hated everyone else & would viciously attack them. I couldn't let any visitors into the house until Sam was firmly placed back in his cage, didn't need a guard dog with Sam around
  8. I whole heartedly agree. Mark Rowlands who owns Trinity (named after his dog Trinity who sadly has gone to heaven) is my vet. He is fantastic & not only with birds, he's a qualified tortoise vet too. Mark has been so lovely with my rescue tortoises & with my Too that I recently transferred my 3 Cavalier King Charles spaniels over to him too. We went for their boosters last month & Mark also asked how Jas & all my tortoises were. Such a nice man, can't recommend him highly enough.
  9. Rowan berries are perfectly safe. My Too loves them. Never heard of whitebeam though sorry
  10. I had a sun conure & this was perfectly normal behaviour for him He attacked everyone that dared come into the house, he was indiscriminate, attacked absolutely everybody except for me. I always had to make everyone wait outside until he was safely back in his cage :oops: Hope the DNA evidence leads to a conviction
  11. Hehe I have almost the exact photo........here's Jas with his And with his complete ball before he destroyed it :oops:
  12. I bought one this Wednesday I posted the following on the parrotcare forum I was up at the B&Q warehouse this evening when I spied less than half price air purifiers 2 Hepa filters, 4 speed fan, ionizor, uv & timer. Large size, black in colour. Should have been £90 on sale @ £35 they only had 3 & I grabbed one of them Am I right in thinking I should use it with the ionizer switched off? & why? Should the uv be switched on or off? Apparently I was right, the ionizer should be switched off but I still don't know why? Google tells me the uv should be switched on? it was a real bargain, I'm really pleased with it
  13. Hi Gary, I can't help with any advice about celestial parrotlets I'm afraid but I've fallen in love with your gorgeous rabbits
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