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  1. Hi Guys Charlie (months) has always been very good about going back in his cage, steps up, has a tickle on the way back, goes in and says good boy charlie, but for past few weeks he has suddenly starting flying around when I tell him its time to go back. Tried not saying anything but he seems to know when I have to put them in their cages. Hoola(quaker) is no problem, but Charlie is, he just flies around, i have to wait until he lands on the floor or couch so i can get him. Don't like seeing him like this because he gets out of breath and I don't like stressing him out. Any ideas anyone, thanks in advance
  2. I am wanting to re paint the walls, concerned about the affect on my parrots. Any parrot friendly paints out there? Or tips/advice on what you guys do when wanting to spruce up rooms
  3. I do alot of walking with the dog, and also go up the lakes every weekend, I never know what the birds are that I see I always guess lol... Can anyone recommend a bird book, there are so many to choose from thought I would ask here first.
  4. Thanks for that, at least I know its normal, and yes its like a chicken lol. He has already got me wrapped round his little claw, just like the other 2
  5. Hi, Had Charlie a few weeks now, settled in quite well, loves the dog, not so keen on other parrots lol hopefully that will come with time. Anyways, since I got him he has always stood on bottom of his cage just scratching the floor, like he is digging I suppose,not all the time just a few times a day. This past week he hangs off his water dish doing same kind of movement! Is this normal, or is he odd, or more serious is something wrong with him. He is eating, drinking, acting normal to me but never owned a grey before so what do I know Hope someone can shed some light on this for me.
  6. They are in different cages, its just when they are out. Thought somebody might of had experience of horny birds. Its a shame they are best of friends 99% of the time, she obviously has needs at the mo. Fingers crossed its just a phase. Thanks any
  7. Happy New Year all My little quaker, Hoola, is 14months old and she/he, has started to get fruity with Ben, my jardine, was told Ben was male, but someone on here said he looks female, not that it bothers me what ever they are. Hoola corners Ben, fluffs herself up tries standing on Ben's head with 1 leg then acts, shall we say fruity. My concern is Ben will let her do this for so long but then gets mad with Hoola. I am bothered about Ben hurting Hoola, they have already locked beaks over this so now I stand guard when they are out of cages. Do they have breeding season's or is Hoola gonna be like this all the time. She doesnt do this with Charlie, african grey, or with me, well maybe the odd time. Any advice would be grateful:)
  8. Funny you should say she is a girl, I came to that conclusion today, Ben was trying to get fruity :wink: with Hoola, it didnt strike me as being a male action she/he was doing.... Strange when I bought Ben, they told me HE was male and he was a breeders pet but they didnt have the time for him, they have made me laugh tonight, doing courtship type dances with each other. Thanks everyone for the welcome, love seeing all the parrot pics My kids think I am crackers to be so much into them, wish I could have a houseful, maybe when kids leave home eh! Love my nails too, birds like them also hehe
  9. Some pics of my birdies http://s886.photobucket.com/albums/ac62/Lyntaz/Public/
  10. Hi All, Been reading your forum for a few weeks now, many stories make me chuckle then theres a few that have made me cry :cry: . I have 3 parrots now, my 1st is a lovely little quaker called Hoola, she is 18mths old, love her to bits, makes me laugh so much, she has actually picked up my laugh, but at times sounds like an old witch! hhmm maybe that should tell me something... My next is a Jardine called Ben, they said he was 2yrs old. Funny how all older parrots in pet shops are 2 yrs old :? I saw him in a pet shop looking very miserable, they didnt know much aboout him, I fell in love with him and bought him, like to think I rescued him He is so gentle, takes food from my mouth, loves cleaning Hoola, they get on great. And lastly is my new addition, Charlie, an african grey, only got him last Friday, what a beautiful boy he is, 14week old, just a wonderful little baby. So you can imagine I have my hands full, but wouldnt swap them for anything. Wish I had got a parrot sooner in life, they bring me so much joy. So thats me and my brood, oh got kids as well Anyway Hi all, will be asking for advice very soon no doubt. Ta ta for now
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