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  1. I see bitey is only there once which is a good thing lol. Since looking at them and the less Jardine, I really do want one or the other. I like the look of Senegals too. I think I will just look into these 3 for the time being. Pippy, I went to Sheffield to see Muse and saw them in Nottingham a few years ago......amazing!
  2. You know the only thing worse than finding a mouse in your chip butty? Finding half a mouse....... :roll:
  3. I have rats and mice in my freezer so that wouldnt be an issue lol
  4. I totally understand where you are coming from
  5. lol reptile forums are a total joke to be honest. People advise on things they have never kept and so most advice is chinese whispers. I am hoping parrots bring a more intelligent clientele lol. I have wanted a parrot for years (4 or 5). I looked into Senegals a long time ago but never comitted to one. My ex was really scared of birds so never persued it. Now I have a wonderful fiancee who is really enthusiastic about anything I am interested in, I am seriously concidering buying something in 2010. Thats why I am here now, to see if I can find a species within my budget and that will be suitable. I really wanted an Owl, been on the owl handling course but never committed due to the noise at night. I dont want to get a pet and have to then rehome it due to busy body neighbours complaining so I am not the sort to jump into an animal purchase on a whim. My iguana came from Kent which was a 7 hour round trip on a friday night because he was the perfect iguana so i dont do things by halfs either. His viv cost me the best part of £400 too.
  6. to be honest I totally agree with you. I know its not quite the same, but I have been on reptile forums for around 10years now even running one and mod'ing another at one point. I see people coming online and saying they want an Iguana or a Burmese Python as a first reptile and getting absolutely annihalated by the witch burners telling them they arent experienced enough. The keeper I respect the most as a herpetologist and owns his own chain of shops had a burmese python as a first snake. I totally disagree with this approach as long as you research and do things right there is no species you cant care for. I just didnt want getting flamed on my first thread. But I am also aware that some parrot species have different behavioural traits and I didnt want one thats difficult to train with no past experience.
  7. I am also interested in Senegals and Caiques?
  8. Where would you say is the best place to look for how to care for this 'species' of parrot in particular? and general info specific to the lesser jardine?
  9. Bob is a little stunner. Thats the sort of reply i was after. I will be definately looking into a Lesser Jardine. Anyone else with other suggestions? Thank you everyone else for your warm welcomes.
  10. Bit pedantic but thanks anyway. Blue and gold macaw in my opinion costs the earth (not that I am saying this is a beginner bird, just an example of cost) Anything under £400 for the parrot is within my budget. I am aware of equipment prices
  11. Hi guys, I am the latest addition to parrot-link. The reason I am here is to if I am right for a parrot. I have no experience with birds but have many years of exotic animal keeping in the form of reptiles so understand how important husbandry is. I was looking for a good beginner parrot, the size of maybe an african grey or ow amazon and to not cost the earth. Does anyone have any suggestions of breed of parrot? and where the best source of information is so I can read up on their care and ensure I can provide this? Thanks for your time
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