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  1. Thanks everyone for yoru replys and i wll try every thing people suggest,OK kiwi aplogies accepted i took offence by you sayng should not have birds. if dont like the vocal. I have 3 birds and would never part with em just for the noise.i can assure you Billie my amazon gets very loud and i dont mnd BUt sinbad has taken to ringng for ages he even does it when having a shower or sat on me and mimcs (talks) non stop but i have had stop puttng him out inthe garden(in cage) as he rings for ages and i have to keepswndows shut when he starts.my neighbours are good about my birds but do understand how they must feel after 45mns of a riiging bird
  2. Thanks for the comments Iam aware that noise is something parrots do .I have an amazon and know what to expect ,As for your comments Kiwi i am aware they mimic ,and your comment If they do it too much, maybe you shouldn't have one? is not hepful but very patronising!!!!.I only ask ths question as my nieghbours have been commenting ,yes i will put up wiith a lot of noise but dont want problems wth nieghbours..I wont bother askng for info agan if all i get is people on soap boxes
  3. Can any one suggest a way to help reduce my sengals loud telephone/house alarm imatations .he doe talk a lot (too much ) but now has taken to ringing very very loud non stop and its gettng worse/
  4. hi, Billie my orange wing amazon is still in breedng mode and is very very agressive and loud i cant touch him .iam use to this every year but this year he seems worse and is supper agressive he also is doing a lot of rude stuff to his rope perch, I have 2 other parrots (pionus hen and a sengal hen) he usually ignores em but now when he s out he flies direct to their cages and attacks them them and then turns on me .so when he s out i have to remove the othe cages and birds . Has any one got any ideas to calm him down
  5. any ideas on how to calm him down,even just cleaning is cage is hard work and he has got very vocal
  6. lol yeah i just wish he would calm down
  7. Hi all can anyone help,Billie my OWA is 4/5 years old and he has turned so nasty towards me,he attacks me if i go any were near him or hios cage and if out of his cage flies at me trying to get me ,he will also attack my female pionus and 2 cockateals if out he trys to get them through thier cage bars He has neve been hand tame but but always been steady , I thought is was due to the breeding season but this has been going on months also he is always mouinting his toys and perchs and has even got randy with corn on the cob .can anyone help am at my witts end
  8. will do i give my birds caclivet .she laid another today
  9. My maxi pionus chico who is 7 laid and egg today ,was shocked always thought she was a he .had her since she was 6 weeks ,Not sure if here is a conection but today billie my OWA has started doing rude things to his perch and toys ,looks like i wil need to get a male maxi and a female owa:)hehehe
  10. i wathced it the other day and really enjoyed it ,even if the conures vocals set my lot of lol
  11. Chico my maxi pionus hates to be sprayed with water but as soon as i hover he jumps in to his water bowl and ends up soaked and the bowl empty.Billie my amazon also like teh hover starts to bark and display .so all in all hovering in my house is a crazy time and i do it every day lol
  12. my judi was 40 years old when she passed away 2 years ago .and i still miss her she was so funny and was like a little person.
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