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  1. Hello Everyone. I was contacted today by a couple who's cag escaped on 16th may in the Sunderland area, north east england. They have contacted the police, rspca, and have put up posters. There has been a couple of possible sightings but nothing solid yet. They would be very greaful if we can post this on as many sites as possible in the hope that they can find him. He / she is 8yrs old and isn't ringed. I am going to register it with parrot alert now, and any others that I can. Thank you all for reading this.
  2. Thanks. Ruby loves it!!!! She's like a different bird. It's amazing to watch. She's been with me 8 months now is it seems like she is only now starting to act like a bird. She plays with all the toys now, hangs upside down and off things. Something she would never do before. This is what the cage looks like now And this is Ruby enjoying it!!
  3. Words fail me. The poor thing. I thought Ruby my CAG had been clipped badly, but it was nothing compared to that. He's in the best place now. Good luck.
  4. You could weave some dried palm leaf through them. The palm leaf will be destroyed quickly, Ruby loves shredding it, and the bamboo may last a bit longer then, and it would hold toys. Think I'll look for some.
  5. After 1 1/2 days of scrubbing and cleaning it's done!!! Im going to get my dad to make a new grate for the bottom as that is still really tarnished. But Ruby has already started checking it out http://i599.photobucket.com/albums/tt80/fireflyred_photos/Ruby/SDC11043.jpg[/img]
  6. I've just bought a 2nd hand cage for Ruby off ebay and it arrive yesterday. It is deffenetly a lot dirtier than I exspected and has been stored somewhere damp as the 2 old perches that were with it were all wet and moldy. It hadn't been cleaned since the last bird was taken out of it. I have had all the bits that fit, soaking in the bath with hot water and washing up liquid, scrubbed them, then used he pink Johnsons bird safe disinfectand. Well I'm still in the process of doing this as it is a huge cage. Is this enough to kill any possible harmful germs left from another bird? I would hate myself it she got ill because I hadn't cleaned the cage properly.
  7. Hello and welcome. I got a 3 year old grey in june and she was the same to begin with. I just used to sit near her cage and talk softly to her for ages. Take it slowly and let your bird get to know you.
  8. Ruby has ripped out most of the metal eyelets from my jumpers/ hoddies. Thank god she hasn't realised that my jeans have zips too!! I was thinking of putting a load of eyelets onto some material for her to chew at instead of my clothes
  9. Ruby is my first bird and came with the cage, but it was really bare and she only used the top half. She wasn't pleased at first when I lowered it, but now she loves it and uses all of it. I've even caught her on the bottom of it a few times now!! I hope you can find something that works for you
  10. I don't have many pics of before I changed her cage round, but you can see it in the background. It was just too tall for me to use with her as she wasn't used to being let out and when she got onto the top she wouldn't let you near her to get her down. I am going to try and add some photos now, so here goes!! I made a wooden frame to stand it on, which can be a very simple design, which I then used as the base support for a play stand. I knew I was going to leave the cage this way round so I then cut off the extra bits at the top and bottom for the trays so it would fit back in the alcove. If there's a local collage near by that does welding or creative metal work you can normally get a support stand made really cheaply by them. They like stuff that's a bit different for the students. Hope this is some help. If you want any more pics etc just ask (':D')
  11. I will try and load up some pics. I've been reading the how to add pictures thread and will give it a go tomorrow
  12. Hello and welcome. I too have a grey
  13. I use that pink spray as well for cleaning the cadge and I got a great washing up mitten with the sponge and green scorer thing on the palm of it, which makes the job alot easier. Thanks for all the advice .
  14. When I got Ruby she came with a high cadge. This was no good for me as Ruby was always higher than me, so I put the cadge on it's side. It's alot lower now and works much better.
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