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  1. Personally, I think being left alone for 8 hours during the day is too long for a parrot/s to be left on their own.
  2. Quote: I don't think it is that. My o/h is always spending time with him, he battles with me to be the one to get him out, give him head scratches, let him fly etc. He has really taken a shine to Bailey, which is great as I love my animals so the fact that he is interested is such a bonus. But it seems that he is spending more time with Bailey than I am, so I'm wondering if that's the cause of his grumpiness towards me? And what about what I should do when he is being nippy and bitey ------------- As has been said, parrots will chose who they like best. Also, I would not pressurise him into doing anything he doesn't want to do. Usually there will be plenty of visual signs eyes, feathers. in what he does not want you to do. Just respect that and back off, before you get bitten. Putting him back in his cage when he bites you may make him think you are punishing him by doing that and you don't want him to associate being put into his cage as a punishment.
  3. Goodness, I have just finnished reading some back history concerning Mandi. This is a link: mandiskem/quo/Birdline Goto page 12 1, 2 Next From what I can gather she had birds removed from her "care" by Birdline because of the living conditions of the birds. Also that she was always on the lookout for cheap or free birds. What I would like to know is what is she doing with these cheap or free birds?? =
  4. You are right about Mandi's landline phone, it gives a message that anonymous calls would not be accepted. Don't forget if you need Mandi and Steve's address I can get it for you. I think what has been previously written, it is true about "a verbal contract" it can stand up in a court of law. New information indicates that Mandi advertises on various parrot website looking for birds. Also Mandi is no longer an ACO for Safehaven Parrot Refuge. This is because of her behaviour. It seems, Mandi has been saying she is an ACO for Safehaven and therefore bringing the name of Safehaven in to disrepute. If she had any compassion at all she would return these birds. Perhaps if enough people were to ask/pleed or whatever it takes, it may persuade her to return Jem's birds to her.
  5. Christine and Paul Forman run Safehaven Parrot Refuge and I do not think they would like the behaviour of one of their ACO's. Safehaven's tel no: is 01684 850466 They may be able to persuade Mandi to give the birds back to Jem Jem. If anyone wants contact details just p.m. me.
  6. This is disgraceful behaviour. If this can help Steve and Mandi are ACO's for Safehaven Parrot Refuge. Hardly good representatives!!!! (Personal details removed from post by LAM)
  7. It's only been a relatively short period of time that a completely red A. Grey has been bred and as has been mentioned these birds are VERY costly and even birds sporting the mutated red feathers would be a high price. I too would be concerned and get him checked at an avian vets. They have now bred a Lutino Macaw. Personally am totally against interfering with birds or any animal to create un-natural colours. Usually the animal concerned will suffer healthwise in the long run.
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