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  1. We bought ours from Amazon online. They give you specifications of room sizes and what it covers. We definately feel ours helps.
  2. I have a Severe Macaw and I think they are well known for over bonding. Harley does scream a lot at times, again, I think it`s a mini Macaw thing and he too will fly and attack anyone but me, including my husband. During the day we control the screaming by having a set routine, he knows he will come out at certain times of the day so generally is well behaved in the cage until he knows it`s his time out. I take him in another room for 3 x 1 hour periods a day and give him lots of one on one time, get him to fly, exercise and then he`s tired when he goes back in the cage. He`s jealous if I hoover, or talk on the phone and then he will scream too, but I ignore that and he`s not too bad now. When anyone comes around I put Harley in his travel cage, it`s nice and small and means he can sit safely with me without attacking anyone else. Harley is over bonded to me, but he loves me dearly and I could never part with him, he too is enough to drive you insane at times, but please don`t punish your bird, he`s trying to let you know he wants to be with you, he sees you as his partner and is calling for you. I`m glad there are people willing to help and give you a break.
  3. Greg, when you say about the Zoo license, this is also the case when a Sanctuary does not rehome birds but is open to the public too doesn`t it? Sorry, slightly side tracking! I know of another place which rescues birds but is open for the public to come and visit them and has been told they need a Zoo License?
  4. Ooh Lincolnshire, near us if ever you fancy a visit
  5. The Buffet Balls are really popular for Budgies. How about a hard boiled egg done in half with the shell on too? Not exactly what you`d call innovative ideas but worth a go?
  6. Harley just has attitude and will attack anyone and everything he can except me, he seems to have no fear. If I show him a picture of a bird he doesn`t react, but if I show him a picture of a Macaw his wings spread and his head feathers raise, beak opens and .....attack!!
  7. Net, you`ve met Harley...what do you THINK I`m trying to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you`d like to borrow him for a week to see exactly what sort of nervous disposition he can have your whole family including George in, within minutes of arrival just let me know! Lol I`ve got a Jiffy Bag just the right size to post him to you!!
  8. Just a note...the minature Macaws can be little horrors around the big guys, flying at them thinking they are bigger than they are. We have to keep the Severes away from the big birds.
  9. Even if birds don`t physically interact I still think they benefit from company of other birds. In the wild they are naturally surrounded by other birds.
  10. We find you can`t beat the Java Trees. Much more natural, the wood is pressed in a kiln so very tough, even our Macaws struggle to get through it. They have bowls on and wheels etc. Even nervous birds seem to lim them No nasty grills either.
  11. We tried a jumper too Caron and she hated it so much we were worried it would make her pluck more and took it off. It looks like she has some good new feather growth coming, it really would be lovely to see her with feathers. I think partos of her back will remain bald from what our vet said, but other areas have potential and some of her back. Aww it`s lovely to see the pictures of her, we still wish we could have done more for her ourselves, we do love her to bits, even if she no longer lives with us. Dylan says 'hello sausage' xx
  12. Aww Caron she`ll love that being outside. She does love her walnuts doesn`t she?!! That`s one thing when she came to us, she did at least know what they were and what to do with them. Dylan is still learning years later, he just doesn`t understand there`s a nut inside, until you crack them for him! Bless
  13. That was always the thing, despite her looking sad and, let`s face it, quite pathetic, her character did not reflect that at all. She`s quite a fiesty little madam! So she likes an older man, big deal! Lol It`s warming to know she`s doing so well and erm, doing the rounds!!
  14. The photos we took were with our camera we bought for the business which takes clear close up pictures so that`s probably why it shows up her face feathers better. They are not that pronounced as caron said because of the Scarlet in her. I have to say it Caron, she`s behaving like a bit of a tart really isn`t she?!! Lol I`m so glad to see the pictures. I haven`t been ringing you constantly because her life is with you now and I know you are taking great care of her and will be in touch if she needs us. That`s not to say we are not thinking of her all the time though Just being around George may be what Phoebe needed? Some interaction but not that need to be joined to him all the time especially when there`s so many other lookers to mix with!! Give her a tickle tickle from us xx
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