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  1. Thanks for posting the info David. I will get a copy today.
  2. Ah.. that will explain why when I contacted them to try and find out who was behind it, they said it's been removed from the internet. Well done!
  3. If it was one of my birds, they would climb to the highest point and perch there, especially if I had a play area on the top of my cage as in the photo.
  4. Hi Greg. What I found amusing was the fact that someone went to all that effort in creating such a website in the first place. I did not find the content of the site amusing at all. It looks like a professionally made site and therefore someone has paid a web designer a fair bit of money to create it. Maybe whoever it was who you helped close down his illegal dealings has had it made? Thankfully the unusual web address is not something that would normally be found in a typical Google search. My guess is that whoever had it made did so as a joke between friends. If I was to have a website done to defame you I would at least put your name in the web address! lol Go on to Google and type in your own name and you will see that the website in question does not appear. If someone created a false website about me and I knew about it, I would email the link to my friends and contacts making them aware of it and telling them to ignore it as it's a fake. That way, if anyone else sends them the link, they will already be aware of it and will just ignore it. Anyway, what are we meant to be talking about in this thread? Oh yes - 'Living with parrots'! It's so easy to get sidelined on these forums! Let’s get back to discussing the one main thing that we are all here for - PARROTS! and not the trouble causers.
  5. Yes, not a bad site but I personally don't use it. I have a better source for information on bankruptcies.
  6. Research has many forms. Information on people can be sourced through many means. The internet is an obvious place to start but then it throws up websites like the fake Greg Glendell one so you have to filter out the crap. There are more reliable sources which I won’t go into here. With the right contacts in the right places, you can have access to lots of personal and private information on anyone you wish. This access is often abused and misused by those creating identity fraud. Even big celebrities can’t hide all their information. Luckily for them, the average man in the street wouldn’t have access to such info. My visit to the Parrot Zoo will be the final piece to my investigative jigsaw. Providing I get the answers I want, I will be happy as I have a far more serious piece of 'digging' to do for a client - one that pays and not for my own nosey self.
  7. I plan to make it part of a day trip to Skegness. Maybe the morning at the zoo and the afternoon in Skegness. That’s one of the main reasons I started my little investigation as so many people on here are criticising something they haven’t seen for themselves and relying on what others are saying about the place. My report will be blunt, honest and to the point as I have no personal gripe with either Mr Glendell or Steve Nichols. If I see something that I feel is a welfare issue then I will say as I hate to see any animal mis-treated. Having knowledge of parrots myself I feel I will be 'qualified' enough to give a fair report. I use the term 'qualified' very loosely by the way!
  8. Thanks Derek. It's the only way to get true facts whether they are positive or negative. I have done some research on both Steve Nichols and Greg Glendell and been quite surprised with the results so far. Despite this forum appearing to be 90% against anything that Mr Nichols does, I have found more positives than negatives on him and more negatives than positives on Mr Glendell. Before you all ask - no I'm not disclosing my findings. My research has been purely for my own benefit after reading all the posts about the NPS / Parrot Zoo over the Christmas period. Certain comments just didn't seem to sit well in my overly critical mind. I phoned the Parrot Zoo yesterday to enquire about their opening times and they told me it will be open every day as from this weekend. If the weather is good then I might go and see what you are all on about. I hope to speak with Mr Nichols and will have my camera with me to take some photos. After my visit I will give an honest impartial review on what I've seen. Finally, a colleague of mine from the USA emailed me this link: http://www.funditusvacuus.co.uk - clearly a hoax but it did make me laugh. There must be one out there on Mr Nichols and when I find it I will post the link.
  9. Yes both went down well with the wife when she got home! I had managed to clean the mess up but as it was a cold winter's day (hence me doing nice warm egg for my parrots outside) I didn't want to leave a window open. Mind you, old man and farty smells is something she's getting used to now! lol :oops:
  10. That’s definitely play fighting. A typical characteristic of Vassa Parrots. I had a pair many moons ago before moving on to Senegal’s, Meyers & Pionus. They are a much underestimated species much like the Pionus. Get a hand reared one and they are fantastic. I prefer the lesser Vassa Parrot. Not too big, not too small and can be as playful and friendly as any other species. OK, they are not the best talkers but then neither are many other species. There's something still stunningly beautiful about a black parrot.
  11. During Christmas, I was working on my computer. As many of you will know, computers are little time machines and before you know it several hours can pass that seems like only minutes. I heard a loud bang from downstairs and thought to myself "That parrot has undone his toy again - little bugger". A few minutes later - another bang. I though "that’s strange, there's only one large toy that makes a bang like that when it's dropped on the floor of the cage. I ignored it as I was into something far too important to leave (Facebook I think it was! lol ). Suddenly another bang! Hmmm.... "best investigate the matter now I thought". So off downstairs I go. As I looked into the cage there was the large heavy toy still hanging there and no signs of anything else falling on the bottom of the cage. Then I went into the kitchen.... ...And that’s where I realised what the bangs were... ..I had put 6 eggs on to boil for my parrots and had totally forgot about them! 3 had exploded and splattered all over the place! Ahh, the joys of growing old.
  12. Whilst recovering from 'Man Flu' I have been sat in bed with my laptop browsing through lots of topics. There’s a wealth of good solid advice on here from very knowledgeable parrot owners. However, you can’t fail to miss the fact that the forum is very anti NPS / Steve Nichols lol I personally haven’t been to the NPS (or Parrot Zoo - whatever you like to call it) but do intend to go when the weather gets better to see for myself what you all are on about. Hopefully in the next month or so I will report back with my views. With my P.I. background, I have done a little digging and found some interesting stuff on both Steve Nichols and Greg Glendell. Both are not the saints they make out to be but on the other hand, I have found some positive stuff too. I'm not going to discuss what I have discovered on here as this isn’t the right place and I don’t want to add fuel to the forum fire. It's been interesting reading to say the least. One thing I definitely will do when I visit the parrot zoo is go and speak to Mr. Nichols myself and hope to get answers to the relevant questions. I will have my camera with me and will post some photos on here for the benefit of those who haven’t been to the place. This may look like I’m anti parrot zoo already but I’m not. I'm merely doing my own investigation for my own personal interest. Once a P.I. always a P.I! Lol. Bit like being a policeman really. It keeps the old grey matter working. Just wish the grey hair would come back! Lol.
  13. Ha lol A man of many names! I guess it's too late to change my name now unless admin could do it? Maybe just plain old Gary would be better!
  14. I'm in Gayton Thorpe which is near Kings Lynn in Norfolk. Only been here about a year. I originally lived in Witham near Chelmsford in Essex.
  15. I sold a Jardine called Bob about 4 years ago! Although it was to a man called Richard so obviously it isnt you! lol
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