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  1. Hi The ratio on kaytee exact is 2 to 1 so 1 tablespoon of kaytee exact would I put 30 ml of water to that Thanks
  2. Hi Sorry I want to decrease it, I have taken all water out and still can not get it lower than 43%, any ideas anyone Thanks
  3. Hi Can anyone tell me how to increase the humidity level in my brinsea tlc-4 brooder, I have taken the paper filter out completely and the humidity is still to high Thanks
  4. I wondered what the signs were when they start to breed. Thanks
  5. Hi Can anyone tell me the main breeding characteristics of african greys. Thanks
  6. Hi Does anyone know where I can get perch attachments to make my own perches, they look like half screw, half bolt with wingnuts and washers. If anyone can point me in the right direction thanks
  7. Hi Can anyone tell me what to use in an avairy for air filternation, would a normal air purifier be ok, or do I need something more specialised, and if so where can I get one Thanks
  8. Hi What is the best brooder for greys I have been told brinsea tlc4 is good, if this is the case where is the best place to buy one. Thanks
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