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  1. Thanks for the links little als mum I have read thru a few already they make interesting reading .. Thanks Greg for the info , I would be more than happy to take in a rescue or older bird if the right one for our home was to come along ... We have not long taken in a ringneck who needed loving and he is thriving , Im not sure how that would work out taking in an older bird wheather the two would ever get along ? I am home all day so time and commiment isnt a problem .... I just need to learn some more about greys as I want to be the best grey mum I can possibly be . Ive all the time in the world and im in no rush
  2. Wasnt sure where to post this , but I was wondering which make the best pets congo or timneh ? Whats the difference between the two ? Sorry in advance what is probably a daft question :oops: Thanks
  3. Gorgeous , both of them ... Love their play area / perch !!
  4. Im really sorry , good luck and here to a quick and safe return !! .x.
  5. Awww gorgeous photos , Im very jealous I dream to have a TAG one day I will keep saving !! He sounds like he has settled in really quickly and definately landed on his feet with you Its brilliant your children have so much interaction with him I bet he loves it !!! Here to many many more happy yrs with him !
  6. Thanks for them links als mum , Im definately going to try the cinnamon and lemon in a pan a go for the air freshener sounds lovely , and Im all for being green . Trigene is also brilliant stuff , so that will replace my bleach . After reading thru the threads on here it doesnt seem half as hard as I first thought it was going to be
  7. I bleach the floors and worktops every day normally , the floors because the dogs are forever running in and out and at the moment with the weather there is always muddy paw prints everywhere , the work tops as it is just habbit to soak my cloths in bleach .. I mean I can always change my ways now I know it can be harmfull ... but its learning what to change them too ... I do like to have a nice smelling clean house , but I also love my animals so a change is always as good as the rest Ill go look at the links now to see if I can pick anything up , in the mean time any tips will be greatfully recieved And Hotfoot , no I dont feel you are nagging .. Im truely greatfull for any advice offered .
  8. omg !! I love bleach too , so even on the floors is bad ? What do you all use instead ?... Maybe this could be a good thing , I can tell the other OH cleaning is forbiden as it may kill the bird
  9. I love xmas , and cant wait to put up the tree and get the decorations out ... Yesterday I popped into Asda with having 3 dogs the bird 2 kids and a man in the house i worry about it getting a little smelly ... so I thought what better to pick up some xmas cented candles and plug in .... Ive not used them or plugged them in yet , is this a BIG NO NO ? after reading this thread Im a little lost for what I can use ? What would you all suggest to use to make the house semll nice ? Also about perfume and aftershave , so no body on here wheres smellies ? What about deodrant ? and the mention of bleach ? I bleach my floors everyday ...... help ?.........
  10. Hello , Im new here ... I have enjoyed browsing through Im sure you will too !! The parrot you are hoping to get looks beautifull , hope it goes well for you and look forward to seeing pictures of him/her Is it the breeder bringing him/her to you , I think I would want to look at where it was being raised and what conditions the older birds was in if I was you Im very new to all this , but is just my experience in the dog world and guessing with most animals it would be the same precautions .
  11. Ive just looked at your photos , amazing they are gorgeous ! Your very lucky , they are also very lucky to have you to feed them too
  12. Really sorry to read your mum passed 3 yrs ago today ,a mothers love never dies and some day you shall meet again !! She will always be with you in your heart ! <3
  13. WOW how lucky are you to have such beautifull birds in your garden , and you get to meet their young !! I get excited when we get a robin in the garden each yr .... never really considered an exotic bird visiting ... I might have to emigrate lol
  14. lol Will keep coming back to check for updates Hope u find wot u are looking for ...... im thinking they are all looking for their marbles lol
  15. Thanks Kerry He has been here since sunday , he is doing really well ! Only one feather on the bottom of his cage He greets us when we walk through the door and he will sit and chat to us by the cage ... he will come out and take food from us and goes back in when he is ready .. hes brilliant !! I can see his confidence growing each day , cant wait whilst he trusts us completely !!
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