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  1. Ive joined too. especially when just recently i lost my bird, yes i got him back two days later.The person who found him said if it hadnt been mine she didnt have a clue what to do next, so just goes to show. Good idea.
  2. I have just ordered a open top parrot cage for Bingo. Ive oredered it from Just Cages has anyone heard or used these before, couldnt believe the price but not seen the goods yet but only ordered Sunday.
  3. Hope you find Skipper soon, my thoughts are with you. We lost Bingo last week and I had no sleep up at in the morning just looking.I did try and be positive even tho its very hard, but he was found 2 days later 4miles away and didnt really look and worse for wear esp after been in the rain we had recently. I took him to the avian vets and he did so they can survive out there. So just carry on what you are doing maybe go out of where your living and put the poster up they really do work./Take care and my wishes that you find him soon xxxxxx
  4. http://s583.photobucket.com/albums/ss276/bingob_2009/ Hopefully ive got some photos on here for u all to see, im not very good on the comp.
  5. Bingo eats most things except Bananna.He loves his veg and fruit.Also mashed potatoewith veg in and alittle gravy (GETS EVERYWHERE) LOL I feed him on Harrison organic food along with veg/fruit.Loves pomegranite but you cant see the floor,walls or cage when hes eaten it ha ha also strawberries.He will not touch nuts/peanuts tho but apparently thats a good thing. Just keep trying im sure you will get there.xxxx
  6. How is he today ? Have you seen a vet, like everyone says make sure its an avian vet. When i rang this week to get bingo in for a check my vets were just going to put me onto a normal vet untill i said no he needs to see the avian vet hes got the expertise.He asked if he was eating and checked all his muscle and eyes.Hope all is well.xxxxx
  7. So hope that the owner is found.If not looks like its found someone that will love it.
  8. just looked at everybodys photos all i can say is rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr they all r so so lovely.
  9. Hes normall out alot during the day mostly in the kitchen where i am, but last thursday i took the kids out for the day and mum in law came and looked after things ,but she dont like the bird being out so he had an hour or so out in the morn then back in his cage till hubby came home in the afternoon he let him out of his cage. Then the girls and me got home at 6.15pm he opened the kitchen door to let us in Bingo flew straight out hed forgotten hed let the bird out.Lucky we got him back cos i told the hubby it was divorce lol.
  10. Just to say that Bingo had a check up with an avian vet tonight and said hes fine ,bones etc and hs still eating lots.
  11. I definatley will be hanging around this forum, you all have be great support and help. Im going to see if i can get that couple that also lost there bird 2 months ago number and get them on here. Once again thanks im so happy its like christmas . Ive been sat with Bingo this morning just talking to him hes not spoken yet tho but hes not stopped eating either.xxxxxxxxxx
  12. Did this bird find its home because yesterday the other couple that came and looked at The bird that was found which was my Bingo lost thers about that time and are from Halifax so its a possible link.
  13. Guess what ive got Bingo back hed gone 4miles away.Found in a garden then flew into the couples house, when i went to see him he flew on my shoulder after hearing my voice and kissed me.Another couple that have lost theres came but it was def my Bingo. Keep looking for those other parrots tho. Thanks for everybody helping and after being at caslefields hes flown over to a house nr Kershaws garden centre .The couple were able to ring me cos it was a coincident soz about spelling that there son was visiting Rastrick my area for a wedding today and saw the notice how lucky for Bingo and me. So thanks again everyone.
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