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  1. Hey HF ! As soon as i get into a proper routine and get some money coming in,i will have more chance to have a chit chat now and again!!
  2. hi, i know i hav'nt been on here for a bit(miss you lot) but have been too busy. Starting work soon AT LAST and have alot of stuff to prepare. Would like to know when my membership runs out/or has already? Have i put this in the wrong place again? :roll:
  3. Thanks so much for your help. Snowing here again,so won't be cleaning the cage today! Collecting the budgie on monday. It is the most tame one (so she says) My daughter did not want a green one,and this one has ended up to be albino. I will look up if there are any particular problems with them compared to 'normal' colours. lol Unless you know something ?? Thanks.
  4. Thanky rubytoo. It is a secondhand cage. The budgie was someones pet that got given to my friend that has 4 or 5 other budgies and a cockatiel. She has them outside in a very large cage that has an indoor area as well. I suppose you could say it's an avairy. I sould think it will need worming then? I asked her if it has already been wormed and she did'nt seem to know what i was on about. I have no idea where to get worm stuff for birds around here,but i will ask in the pharmacy if they can order me some....But whats a brand name???
  5. Thanks. The 'new' one will be upstairs in my daughters bedroom. She did'nt get time to read your info this morning,but will do tonight. There are no little kids here,and she understands how important it is to keep everything clean. A friend of mine has some budgies,and has one i can have. Do i need to worm it when i get it home? (thats if it has not been already) Difficult here 'cos there are no bird vets for any advice.Not sure what i can even get for worming? What can i use to clean the cage i am collecting today,to make sure it's really clean? Please don't tell me of a product that i can't get here,i need a 'home' brew something??
  6. I am getting my daughter a budgie for christmas (not sure from where yet) he will be staying in her bedroom until he is proved to be in good health,and to get to know her too. I would like to know how long should i keep him in a different room from my parrot,and do i need to do anything special..... I won't be letting him out at the same time,but eventually he will be in the same room,in his own house so he has company when my daughter is not here during the day. She has no idea i am getting him,'cos i always say no ! So excited,have'nt had a budgie for years Thanks guys .
  7. I have tried having this breed. as fuzz says,they are ok when young. These creatures are Not trainable and probably best kept in flocks under a controlled secure enclosed pound of some sort. Good luck to anyone wanting one !! i would never get one of these ever again.
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