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  1. Hi as some of you may know I am after a Parrot tower for Red and Ruby.Well I have managed to find a second hand one but the problem is that it is in Scotland :shock: There is no way I can get up there and lady does not have the original box so does not know how much it weighs.It is the Junior stand with legs.Does Anyone have one of these stands or roughly know how much it would cost to have one delivered to Nottingham? Thanks Dorothy
  2. Hi I live in Nottingham and have a female Eclectus as well as an Amazon.Ruby the eclectus has a VERY LOUD CALL!! To me, she beats the Amazon hands down.My kids are off school at the moment, and she has decided that since there is someone at home nearly alll the time now, she has to come out all the time.Unfortunately, the lads don't want to get her out all the time, because they are busy doing their own thing and I am still at work part time so she has to wait till I get home most of the time, and so she is now going through a really noisy phase :shock: By the time I get home, the lads are just about ready to throttle her because she screams so much, and they are now starting to put her blanket over her cage to quiet her down for a bit..it's not on all the time.. She normally only screams when it is dinner time or when she hears the mico wave going because again, she thinks dinner is coming.Once she has been let out or had her dinner, she does calm down and she does have a beautifull sound when she is chattering away to herslelf.But when she is noisy, boy is she NOISY!! I am hoping once the lads go back to school, she will calm down, because believe me, she can try the patience of a Saint! To make things worse, when she goes off, the Amazon sometimes decides to go for it as well :shock: :shock: Then you either laugh or you'd kill them I certainly would not recommend them to some one in a flat because the walls tend to be quite thin.All parrots are different, and you may get one that is relatively quiet, but they can change and they can definately be noisy! I can hear mine down the street when the windows are open when the weather is nice and my lounge is at the back of the house.
  3. Hi Red is a Yellow Crowned Amazon.She is now 5 years old.When we first got her a year ago she did not have alot of yellow on her head, which was why I was not sure which type she was.However after a few months, she started to get alot of yellow on her head.Now though, I have noticed, it is dissapearing again :? I know she is moulting and she has a few pins on top of her head.Is this a general thing with Amazons, or is it possibly down to her diet? When we first got her, we put her on Harrison's and she learnt to start eating fruit.That is when we noticed the yellow coming out on her head.I have recently changed her back to a seed diet.Since then though, she seems to have gone off her fruit, deciding to hold out for the seed.It is only yesterday that I noticed that she is losing her yellow again.It might just be a coincidence. Any ideas :roll:
  4. So sorry you are having problems with you neighbours.We moved into our new house 6 months ago and no one realised we had parrots.However with all the hot weather we are having recently, I have had to have most of the windows open during the day and at night...we have cavity wall insulation, and this house is unbelievebly hot :shock: Anyway, people are now noticing the parrots.I had one lady, 5 houses down commenting on them the other day, and I am not sure whether she was being nice about it or not :roll: And my next door neighbour happened to mention... casually :wink: that he was reading a book in his garden at the weekend when Red and Ruby decided to have a contest as to who could scream the loudest
  5. Hi the clip on bowls are no good because the bottom of the clipps has to go under a bar and the holes are on a solid plate. The bolt on bowls are quite a good idea though.Like you say, just drill another hole through the plate.Will have to have a word with hubby. :idea: It would have been alot simpler just to swap Reds cage with Ruby's.Thing is Ruby has a bigger wing span than Red so ruby's cage is wider but not so deep, whereas Red's is narrower but very deep.Ideally I would have like another cage like Ruby's but just don't have the space for such a wide cage
  6. Hi Reds cage was second hand and though there are openings to get food bowls out without having to go through the main door, there are no attachments ie the bar that is screwed on and then the bowls. Now this has never been a problem for us as we have just used the clip on bowls and put them somewhere else in her cage, but we are thinking of going away for a week and my son is staying at home to look after the animals.However Red hates him and will attack if he trys to enter her cage so we have a big problem :shock: Does anyone know where I could possibly get the parts for it.Unfortunately I don't know the manufacturer either but I could measure the spacing of the holes.I have looked on the internet but all I have found are dealers who just sell the cages. Thanks[/code]
  7. Poor little thing.Hope you get her sorted out soon.Seems to have been going on for a long while
  8. Hi I am also having a fly problem.It does not help that I give the birds fruit during the day whilst I am at work...Ruby the eclectus has alot more than Red because she needs more in her diet. Where can I get Ardap from? I have shyed away from sprays in the past because of the parrots.
  9. Hi, I have an Amazon.She was a rescue and was very wary of me when we first got her.As everyone says it takes time and patience.It took me about three weeks to get Red to come onto my hand, but each bird is an individual so it could be sooner or later.Just don't rush it Btw welcome
  10. Yes that sounds about right I haven't had such a good laugh for ages! If only we could all have your sense of attitude. nearly makes me want another Amazon...not
  11. Hi from most info I have read, if you stare at a bird, they consider it threatening, likewise waving yours around in front of them.If you blink slowly whilst you look at them, they consider you relaxed with them and so that helps them to relax.I tried that with Red when we first got her and the blinking seemed to work However with a biter, I read keeping eye contact helps you keep control...or somewhere along those lines...but once you break contact, ie off guard, that's when they then try to bite again :shock: Whether that is true I don't know cause Red has more mood changes than a woman with pmt
  12. Hi what a beautiful little bird Has she found her voice yet
  13. Hi I brought two of those chubes for my parrots, but they never bothered with them at all.They were so big and took so much space in their cages, I eventually took them out.
  14. Both my birds are in the lounge so we are often still up when it is past their bedtime.So yes I do cover them up.However Ruby has a mind of her own and can often be seen pulling the covers down and does not seem to stop rambling to well past midnight Red on the other hand seems to need her beauty sleep and has gone night night by ten latest :wink:
  15. I def seems different birds like different things.My Eclectus is quite happy in the shower but hates misting.However the Amazon absolutely hates the shower.I usually end up getting more wet than her lol. But she loves being sprayed
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