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  1. We have had tommy(st thomas conure) & suzy (sun conure) for 2 years now and we struggle to get them to interact with toys, have you got any ideas on how to introduce them to toys. We have tried all sorts of toys the main toys they show attention to but arnt really fussed about are little cardboard toys, but they will only entertain them for a little while. we shuffle them about but again their not bothered by them. When we see other peoples birds they are always playful however our 2 will just sit on their cage or their ropes (which are suspended from the ceiling) and preen all day. There are no problems with them, Tommy is very much attatched to me but apart from that all is good, no plucking no screeching, i just feel they might be used to being bored.. Any ides will be great.. thanks steve
  2. i didnt read it as offensive at all, ive asked for help and advice from peoples experience and knowledge, thanks for your input..
  3. im still gonna hold onto my old cage just incase.. what you mentioned above is what im gonna do for a while to start with so fingers crossed all will go to plan and they can live happily, but these feathered friends love to upset many of my plans.. thanks steve
  4. Thank you for your reply. I'm actually gonna cut the legs of the cage so it sits flush on a cabinet so I can have storage underneath and so the bottom cage isn't so close to floor as we do have a dog and kids..
  5. What are peoples views on the use of these cages, http://www.cheappetproducts.net/SPACE_SAVER_DOUBLE_STACK_FLIGHT_CAGE_32X21X73_BLACK-UKP53845.html i currently have 2 conures that share a cage that used to house 2 amazons, we are looking into getting another bird so was gonna have my existing conures in the top and the new addition in the bottom, the only time my birds are in their cage is to sleep all there toys are screwed to my ceiling and i have sisal rope attatched to the ceiling aswell, so all their playing is done outside the cage.. thanks steve
  6. just curious as to what you all wrote in your emails to this firm, as all i can think of is.. To whomever it may concern i have 2 conures due to the recession i was wondering.... hhhhmmmmm GIVE ME FREE FOOD... not sure how well that would go down, im not very good at writing emails or letters so if anyone can spare a few minutes to help out that would be great... thanks steve
  7. little als mum ive just read that thread and its full of good info.. thank you
  8. thank you, my problem is i feel i would like another bird but dont have the space for another cage, we have always talked about having a "baby" as our next bird as both tommy and suzy were from previous owners and we never experienced them growing up they were fully grown when we got them, would we be able to add another Sun in the same cage, it is pretty big, they only eat and sleep in there as they have the run of the whole house(exept the toilet) so its not like they are constantly in there, even when we go out they have the living room to theirselves or am i destined just to have these 2 until the kids move out(they are only 2 and 3 lol).. thank steve
  9. going by the general responses, it looks like having a grey join us is one of those things im gonna have to live without, we dont really have space for another cage in the house and i dont really want to stress any of the birds.. thanks for all your help though.. steve
  10. Hi we currently have 2 conures, Suzy a Sun and Tommy a St Thomas, there is apet shop at the bottom of our estate that has had 3 greys in for a long time and ive grown quite attatched to one of them, however he is wanting £900 for them which is out of my price range but i am seriouslty thinking about getting a grey but by time i have the money together im more than sure the little fellow will have gone, im not looking to have the spare for a while so i have lots of time on my hands, to see if adding a grey is really what i want, so i have a few questions.. How will the conures react to a new bird in the house, tommy is possesive of me.. (which we are working on) This might be a silly one but, how much more mess does a grey make compared to a conure judging byt there size is twice as much a good indication.(it doesnt really matter its just something id like to be aware of) what sort of price should i be looking at for a hand reared baby grey.. Would i be able to keep all 3 in the same cage once they settle in with each other.. thanks steve
  11. around easter time i am looking at getting a new cage for tommy and suzy, (conures) im liking the idea of going for stainless steel, i have been searching google but im coming up short, has anyone got any good places where i can find one or how much im looking at paying and what sizes would i be best going for.. thanks steve..
  12. hi all sorry i havent posted back i have had internet problems, (some idiot drilled through our cable outside the exchange) gonna send their previous owner an email in a minute as that sounds a good idea.. He seems to be calming down a little since he has been on his shoulder ban, he doesnt seem to like my shoulders when i have no top on so ive been without a top for a day and a half, he usual attacks my fingers if i tried to get him to step up but now he is doing it with mininmal fuss aswell and appears to be getting the message quite fast about not getting on the shoulders, im gonna go back to basics with him with step up and down on a stick just to get him in the learning frame of mind and to realise pine nuts are treats, is this a good idea or just a waste of time.. thanks for all your replies..
  13. thanks for the replies, there are a few scenarios when he bits, ill put all the scenarios as him sat on my shoulder so it makes things better.. 1. I will be talking to the misses or kids--- guessing he is after attention 2. I will be eating my dinner = (but offering him the good stuff) he will take it for a little bit but then start nipping my fingers, i then take this as him saying he has had enough but then he starts nipping my ears, i will re offer him food but he isnt bothered. 3. I will be talking to him and letting him chew up the junk mail and he will just go for my lips.. when i get him up in the morning he does like to give a kiss and ocassionaly throught the day aswell so im never sure if he is showing affection or aggression.. 4. I will have suzy on one shoulder(the sun conure) and tommy (the accused) will be on the other shoulder, i will be talking to suzy and he will start nipping my ears-- again im assuming this is an attention thing both birds are out of their cage from half 8 when we get up until about 9 when we put them back in for bed, they can fly free around the downstairs, our living room is about 9 meters long by about 3meters wide if that helps.. they do both fly about a bit but i havent started playing games with them yet as i thought it would be better for them to settle first or would it be good to start now... Thanks for all your help im hoping my answers will help you help me a bit more.. thanks,,
  14. as ive only had them for just over a week is it a bit too soon to be trying to train them, should i train both birds at the same time, just curious as to what not letting him on my shoulder will achieve is this mainly for safety for me, i cant really find a treat that he likes any ideas what i can try..thanks for your fast reply..
  15. As a few off you may know i have recently adopted 2 conures, a sun and a St Thomas, im not having any problems with the sun even her screeching isnt a real issue but its a different story with the St Thomas, I apperar to be his favourite person, i cant leave the room without him following me, he will be on my shoulder every second he can, he will eat from my hand.. but the thing that is starting to annoy me is his biting, although we have only had them just over a week its starting to become unacceptable, he has broken blood on my lip twice, he is constantly attcking my ears and has even bitten the inbetween bit on my nose, i have tried telling him no and putting him on or in his cage every time he does bite but nothing seem to work he is still biting and they are starting to get harder and more frequent, now my obvious question is how do i stop but the other question is why is he biting.. He isnt provoked when he bites, he will just be sat on my shoulder and just bite or he will be climpbing up my chest and just attck my lips.. Thanks for any help..
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