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  1. Please can anyone advise. We have a 5 year old African Grey, we bought him a new cage a couple of weeks ago and he has been fine. The last 3 days we have noticed that he won't come out of his cage and appears to be clinging to the side of his cage, staring and shaking. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be wrong with him, we don't know if it's a medical condition or whether he is fretting because he has a new cage. Please help!
  2. Thanks for sharing! Particularly liked this pic:
  3. I was advised to heat the food in the microwave before serving. Not for too long, but just to make it warm. In the wild Parrots do not have access to cool or cold food, because of the climate they live even their fruit and veg is warm. This has def worked for me in the past when introducing new foods to Kia. Give it a try!
  4. I dont think so, I would recommend clipping. She will be happier with balanced wings!!
  5. I wouldnt trust these. Impractical and a waste of money.... I predict that 90% of people that have bought these have never used them! (On their parrot I mean :-P )
  6. I love these youtube videos!! Is there a section on there people can share their favourite parrot/animal videos all in one thread?
  7. I saw that!!! I want one! I can see it being the new WAG phase. Gone are small little dogs in handbags, in are pygmy parrots on a rope in your top pocket!
  8. LAM - Thanks for the advice. I was having the same problems as Sarah with so many mixed messages but I have printed your chart out and will use as a reference in future!
  9. I read somewhere that over time parrots will mimic your sleeping patterns and become accustomed to the routine. Is this true? and what sort of detrimental effect will this have on my bird that I work rotating shift patterns, Mornings/Evenings/Nights?
  10. Hi Sarah, I bought a decent book the other day from Amazon that I would recommend. # ISBN-10: 0764110357 # ISBN-13: 978-0764110351 Its a very thorough book with some great illustrations! http://www.amazon.co.uk/African-Parrots-Complete-Owners-Manual/dp/0764110357/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1255476579&sr=1-2
  11. Hemp rope is very substantial and would be my recommendation. It is strong and as Tory says is a much better option than to cotton. Due to is durability, it is the same rope they use as "toys" and swings for gorillas in captivity!
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