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  1. I've got two that share a cage with no problems there's about 2 years between their ages. I started by letting them out together on the ropes in the conservatory and kept an eye on them but didn't interfere. I also pushed their cages side by side about a foot apart and moved them closer over the course of about a week until the cages were touching and they could beak each other through the bars. I left the cages open while they were out and they started going in and out of each others cages. Within about a week to 10 days they moved into the same cage during the day when they weren't out and were caged individually over night for about a week. After that they moved in together permanently in the larger of the two cages. I then bought them a massive dividable cage which they moved into while I was still putting all their toys and perches in and the divider has never been used yet but I have it in case they ever decide they want their own space.
  2. I gave my tiels a multi branched java branch that the greys were showing no interest in, I attached it as high as possible allowing everything to still work and they both sleep on it quite contented.
  3. When I was trying to get my two to get on I pushed the cages right up against each other and they used to beak wrestle through the bars, that carried on for about a week and then they started to investigate each others cages while vacant. They gradually started to investigate each others cages while occupied. They currently share a massive double cage with the barrier out but take it slowly and see how it goes, they might surprise you.
  4. Sorry Calley it's an African grey forum here's the link http://www.africangreyparrotcentre.co.uk/african-grey-forum/parrot-talk/food-bowl-warning!!!!/msg139411/#msg139411
  5. Yes well I too got the impression he'd already been but if he hadn't then he can't now claim he is unaware of the problem. I also didn't get why he didn't just give the email address to contact rather than say he would post it soon, which has not yet happened. He has however given his name so anyone with a problem can write to him direct in order to vent their frustrations with his products. Doesn't matter to me because I stick to Montana cages and my problem was solved relatively quickly and there was no safety issue involved.
  6. I just saw this posted on AGPC and thought it might be of interest to you, I will also direct the poster here Dear All, Firstly I would like to introduce myself, my name is Paul Lawrence and I am MD of Liberta UK Ltd. It was brought to my attention just last week about the issue you had with a Liberta product, I would like to point out at this stage that I have not received any letter or email regarding this matter. This design has been in production for many years and this problem has never been brought to anyone’s attention, I personally have contacted many breeders and sellers of Liberta cages to see if they have experienced this problem, and nothing has been reported. But please do not mis-understand the reason for me writing this message, If just one bird or animal is injured or has a near miss, that’s one too many. First rate customer feedback is the best and most highly rated feedback we can get as a manufacturer, and I have realised that we as a company need to spend more time reading through forums and listening to customer comments. With regards to the issue in hand, I have contacted the factory and we are changing the design slightly to reduce the gap, and we will be happy to replace your Liberta feeder holders if required*. It is important for us to get the message across that we are listening and we want to make a difference, the old design of feeder holder has been in production for many years and no problems had been reported, so we are not making a statement and admitting liability, but we are making a statement in saying that we are listening, we care, and if we feel it is called for we will make changes. So once again thank you for comments, please keep them coming, and I hope this message has been read in the positive manner it was written in. *we will post an email address to reply to soon, with regards to anyone wishing to change over the feeder holders
  7. I've got a Montana Los Angeles and had a bit of a problem with the bowls when it arrived, nothing dangerous but once the bowl was in place I couldn't get it back out again, they were an incredibly tight fit. I contacted the supplier Northern Parrots who responded quite quickly apologising for the problem but had to contact their supplier. It did take several emails reminding them of the situation, it took 6 weeks in all before I received replacement bowls and holders and only once I said if they didn't arrive within the week I wanted the entire cage replaced. I couldn't fault Northern Parrots tbh but their supplier was very slow to deal with it.
  8. I bought one for my grey when he was a baby and he wrecked it in the first couple of days, it wouldn't stay on the bars as the bit that holds it on just fell apart.
  9. It's meant to be wonderful for us too but it tastes disgusting to me. This link raves about it for parrots though http://www.parrot-paradise.com/spirulit.shtml
  10. If you love the shape and size of the current one wouldn't the Montana Denver 1 be the obvious choice ? I had my grey in a hacienda and loved it but when I got a second grey I put them in a Montana Los Angeles, they are very well built.
  11. How about Kaos as they love to cause havoc and chaos ?
  12. My two both pick up phrases that they hear regularly, either ones we teach them intentionally or ones they overhear and they take great delight in telling the dogs what to do. I have 5 dogs and they always get the right name for the right dog and follow up with an appropriate command. Just chat to them and see what happens it might take a while they tend to think about it for a while before suddenly coming out with it. George started chatting as clear as anything at 20 weeks and now at a year he's a right little chatter box and funny with it.
  13. Dobiedogz


    I did watch it and wasn't shocked or surprised at any of it. It didn't upset me it made me angry. It's become a numbers game, rescues are inundated with dogs especially staffies and staffy crosses because people continue to breed indiscriminately and sell to anyone who has the money. Those same people get rid of the dog at the drop of a hat and expect rescues to pick up the pieces and they no doubt go on to get another pup. I despair at times I don't know how you teach people to value life, to be responsible and to really understand the word commitment. I have a staffie, not from choice really because it was never a breed I wanted to own but my sons ex girlfriend bought him as a pup and by the time he was 13 weeks old she wanted him gone and was offering him to anyone who would take him just to get rid. My son took him and brought him here, and here he stays happy as a pig in muck, he's no trouble and fits in well with the rest of them, we love him and wouldn't part with him but yes it pi$$es me off that I had to pick up the pieces because she was an idiot who wouldn't be told she wouldn't be able to cope with a young child and a pup in a 10th floor flat and not only that couldn't act responsibly and deal with her mistake like an adult. How do you make people see dogs are not a commodity, not disposable?
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