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  1. Just been looking at it, some great stuff there!
  2. I signed too and have sent it to all my by Groups, here and in the USA and Canada. This law will give any morons carte blanche to shoot anything which flies, green or not. It's totally barbaric!
  3. Billy-Whizz is fanastic, he is such a good little talker. He used to live in my local Pet Shop and I used to go in every day as I just worked around the corner. When they retired, they asked if I would take him.......would I.........so here he is! My best Talker of them all is Charlie Hahns, but I can never video or record her, as soon as she sees me with a camera she clams up and nothing I do will make her start chatting. She is just quite amazing, another rescue.
  4. LOL, thank you all, he does sing beautifully, and no, you can't have him ) Well, you might be able to borrow him at night when he starts his whole repertoire around 9-ish LOL. He's quite amazing really.
  5. Thanks everyone, he really is a comic, I love it when he says 'Charlie wants a cracker' and when I put my coat on to go out, he says 'ok love, bye' he so brightens up the day. When my two Galahs say 'bye' he shouts bye back at them )
  6. This is Charlie, my 32 year old DYH Amazon. I moved his cage a little and he spotted this other 'bird' in the mirror and decided to have a chat with him!! http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=azwlIKPKmSI
  7. Goodness me, she really is giving it her all isn't she, I love to see the heads bobbing LOL. I have two Galahs and although they are not noisy as far as Toos go, when they both give it full blast, the dog and I disappear into the kitchen LOL. Here is a little video of Charlie, my 32 year old Amazon, he is quite a character. http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=azwlIKPKmSI (not sure if I have inserted this properly)
  8. Hi, I don't want to upset anybody and I have lots of Parrots and have had Amazons since 1974. There are a lot of us who are dedicated to our Parrots, they have the best of everything, freedom to come and go as they please and we love them and are proud of them. We make sure we give them the very best we can including love. I am passionate about Parrots and Parrot-like birds and rescue abused and battered ones and believe me, sadly we are in the minority. It is only people like us who come on these Forums to share and learn, those who have Parrots and don't care, are not bothered to find out what is best for them, they are commodities to be used. I don't like getting into arguments, never have, but when things come up like the SN debate, I will go in there and fight for the rights of these birds to be given a lifestyle as near to what we give ours as is possible. That is the very least I can do and if by making my thoughts known, this will help make any changes for the better for these birds, the I will shout as loud as I can. it is the very least I can do for these amazing, intelligent stunning creatures that have I have been so lucky to share my life with and still do.
  9. For goodness sake Mia get a life!! The first 10 Commandments are beautiful and I love them. . Unfortunately we live in a world to which GG's replies make so much more sense. If birds weren't treated as GG says, there would be no need for Sanctuaries. When you next visit to see 'your birds', take a look at the amount of birds pushed into each aviary, and by the way, I have been and after having Amazons since 1974, nothing on this earth will make me change of views of the place. It is a prison for birds and nobody who loves birds can say anything differently. We are not School children, but people who care what happens to birds and we are fighting for their rights, to be warm, healthy, happy and cared for properly, we are a voice for them and I for one will fight for those rights. If you think being there for them is OK, then I fear that there is something sadly missing in your psyche!
  10. Maybe it's me, but I just sit here and think that any 'intelligent' business man, because that is what SN basically is, not a bird lover, a business man , would rather have the public on his side than so patently against him. To this end, it would make so much more sense to treat these birds as they should be treated, recreate their aviaries into ones that take the birds and their needs into account. Build winter shelters for them attached to the aviaries, line them with wire to stop them chewing them to pieces. Attach corrugated sheets to the side of the aviaries for a certain length during the winter time as an extra protection, also to give those birds who are not gregarious, a place to sit behind when the public visit. All birds need a private place at times. I can't understand his reasoning, except that he is totally arrogant and I guess wouldn't take any suggestions other than those from top level which if he ignored, would end him being closed down. Closing down isn't the answer, but a more honest and caring approach is. As for RR, birds can't speak for themselves, they need a voice of people who care, not an empty vessel and we all know what they say about empty vessels don't we? jmho
  11. Jean, I know exactly how you feel. A few years ago I was asked to let my Panama Amazon go into a breeding programme, I had had him for 21 years and didn't want this. I was coerced into this by being accused of being selfish as the species needed a boost, for 12 months I refused and finally let him go to a high profiled Society. I took him in the May and by September he was dead, 21 years with me, left and was gone within a few weeks. He wasn't cared for properly and to this day, 14 years later I blame myself and always will. I loved him and should never have let him go. I thought he was going to a life of freedom and a companion, she died a few days after he did from the same disease they caught. We can all get a degree in hindsight, we go on what we are told when we are desperate and we did our very best at the time. We can't take the blame for people who don't tell us the truth and tell a good story and fool us. We learn when it is too late, that is why these places need to be sorted out and taken to account. Maybe with pressure, they will all clean up their acts and the welfare of the birds will be paramount. I pray so. Blessings to you.
  12. I agree with you Gregg. I remember our first meeting in Clevedon at your Mum's home and what you intended to do. Thank you for carrying it out. I think if you really love Parrots and any birds, you would ensure that they had a warm place for the winter months, you would go into the aviaries of those who desperately needed company and give them some attention. If I lived near, I would give some of my time freely for that purpose. Any bird who has been a bonded pet bird, cannot just be take away from it's care giver and put in an aviary. These are highly intelligent birds, who grieve for their loss and are desperate for human company. I have seen this first-hand. I pray that we may somehow get to the powers that be to ensure without fail, that this is given by all Santuaries to the birds handed into their care, well, any animal in fact.
  13. Exactly Gem. It takes a long time to acclimatise a bird from being a pet bird to an aviary bird and with some birds it never ever happens. No pet bird should be put out into an aviary without being acclimatised slowly from the Spring, through Summer so that it has a chance to get through the winter. I know many people who have aviaries and all their birds have indoor shelter with heating for the winter and these are birds used to the outside. What chance have these poor birds, it just hurts to think of them without warmth and shelter for the winter, especially those used to a home life, they don't stand a chance.
  14. I watched a Programme on BBC1 earlier this week on NPS& and was totally appalled. I have had Amazons Parrots since 1974 and do not profess to be an expert, this 'Gentleman' says he has researched Parrots and their keeping!! He took on 16 Parrots for a Lady who loved her birds but could not copy any longer. One was a little Cockatoo with an old broken leg, she died in quarantine! Amongst the others was a very elderly little Orange Winged Amazon, in very poor condition indeed. Ater quarantine, this little bird was put into a communal aviary with his Companion, as Panama Amazon. I couldn't believe it, no introduction to the other birds first, no gradual introduction to the weather and fluctuations of it. I could see no shelter attached to the aviary, winter is coming. I wonder how long this poor little bird lasted. It is total disgrace, Parrot Lover with research under his belt, I think not! I would rather my birds were euthanised than sent to this prison, it's wicked on such intelligent creatures, a lot of whom were pets. It is about time it was stopped.
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