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  1. Hi All, Thought it might be usefull to pass on, i've been looking for an avian vet closer to me than chine house & i've just found one.. they are Ash tree vets in Market Harborough, they also have a practice in Desborough the avian vet (Nigel) goes to both practices
  2. Thank you.. but i feel it's too far away to be my pip, hopefully this baby will find his/her parronts soon
  3. no nothing since the possible sighting of him, with the temp going way below freezing the last couple of nights i really dont hold out much hope..
  4. he may have been spotted yesterday by a lady walking her dog on the fields over the back from me, she rang to say she thought it was a pidgeon at first but then saw a flash of red, i went straight over there spent over an hour looking & calling but i found nothing, i'm losing hope as last night we had a very bad frost it's bitterly cold, i'm just prying someone gets him out the cold before it's too late
  5. i'm going through the same hun my heart goes out to you i find the not knowing is the hardest, i'll be prying for your baby to come home safe sound & soon as well x
  6. missing since 5pm tonight, from market harborough leicestershire, he's 12 months old tame name of pip, does have a silver ring on his /her leg but i've only had him since monday & dont know what is on the ring, i've been looking for him but theres no sign of him i'm out my mind with worry, please please get in touch if anyone knows of a grey that has been found 07732888272
  7. ello everyone i'm new to the site although have been owned by parrots & parakeets all my life lol, presently owned by a cag & 2 senegals & am hoping to extend the family to another grey at some point, it's great to find like minded people to relate & hope to get to know..
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