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  1. boysmith

    seed mix

    CAG 3 year old english breed bonded pair,i went to preston area
  2. boysmith

    seed mix

    just recieved 1xparrot mix and 1xsoak mix from tidy mix and what a great seed it is thanks for the advice
  3. boysmith

    Merry Christmas

    merry xmas everyone
  4. boysmith

    seed mix

    yes i have just got a closed rung, english bred bonded pair 3 year old
  5. boysmith

    seed mix

    ive just been reeding through the seed mix poll threads and was wondering if anyone uses john haiths seed mix, also anyone know what its like compared to jungle golds seed all information welcomed cheers
  6. boysmith

    newby saying hi (boysmith)

    thankyou for the welcome replys
  7. hi all im new to the forum,im from the nort west of england i have kept , shown,and bred budgies for a number of years i then moved onto parakeets with good care and breeding results i now wont to use my experience with a pair of greys