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  1. Hi I have been told to put disinfectant in the water reservoir for the humidity on my brinsea brooder, have I got to use brinsea disinfectant or will avicleans disinfectant be ok, or should I not put anything in. Thanks
  2. Hi Does anyone know where I can get a single nest tub for a brinsea tlc-4, have got the 4 singles but want 1 large. Thanks
  3. Hi Parent reared untill approx 2 wks, when you say slowly reduce by how many degs and over what period, would it be weekly reductions Thanks
  4. Hi Can anyone tell me the brooder temps and humidity for african grey chicks from 2 wks old please, I have been told a few different temps but just want to make sure. many thanks
  5. Hi Can anyone tell me where I can get leg rings from please. Thanks
  6. Hi I have one pair of caiques and one male on its own (due to loss of his mate). The male on its own it becoming quite fruity, but the pair dont seem to be doing much apart from sitting together, should I try putting the female in with the male on its own or is it best to leave them as they are. I am trying to find a female caique but no joy yet. Any advice please Thanks
  7. I have a pair of greys in there, they are a breeding pair, there is light through the windows, but I have also put the arcadia lights in there thanks
  8. Hi I have set up an indoor avairy and currently have arcadia lighting in there can anyone advise on how many hours I should leave the lights on for as I have been told quite a few different times, thanks
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