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  1. Ok he still would like a galah but cos of the price he has looked into the African grey and loves them too. Still a lot more than I thought they'd be. 6/700. Anyone got any info on these or breeders near me please? Think he might wait a while but just in case. I'm still worried about the noise and the beak cos my little one hurts me lol.
  2. thankyou. have you an contacts of any recommended breeders that hand rear near me? we have a wonderful breeder but they havnt any at the mo. I didnt realise he price of them...they sell them for 850. We would be looking for a baby that has been hand reared the same way as they do..pulled out at 2weeks and hand reared and interacted with daily from then till they are ready to go. They said other breeders sometimes pull them later so they dont know just humans but theyve seen their parents too. And some others pull them at 2 weeks but dont interact with them...just feed them everyday. Its obviously hard to know what other breeder to go for where they could be selling you one that hasnt been reared that way. Thanks I shall look at the links.
  3. As some of you may remember I got a pretty little parrotlet recently called Pepper and I thank you all for your replies She is doing really well. Still biting hard sometimes though..so hard its impossible not to have some reaction. Anyway she loves coming out, has no problem going back in and loves to play and stuff her face all day long. Im introducing new foods to her slowly as suggested. Every day she gets her main seeds and her pulse mix. sometimes she goes a day or two out the week without pulse. She has apple and millet every other day. She has mastered step up, fly to you and is now learning to turn around on command. no talking yet...if she will...but early days and it certainly sounds like shes trying with her cute little chattering. Anyway, my fiance Steve has quite taken to her and he would like a parrot of his own. He likes the look of the galah cockatoo. Not as much info as i thought about them out there though. I have started looking into them, in case cos I love doing research for new animals lol. I understand they are much bigger than a parrotlet, and noiser too. They need a much bigger cage and are more expensive etc. They cannot have sunflower seeds and must havre an organic seed as their main food. This is what I have read anyway. And that they are about 15inches long, require a cage of three or four feet tall, wide and depth? maybe a bit smaller if it comes out more often than it stays in. One alone is fine, but two is acceptable, and they can live up to about 70years, good talkers and dancers etc. can anyone please confirm/correct what ive found out and share any info/stories/pics/vids etc pls? I heard they have all the same traits and comical behaviour as the bigger cockatoos and are very loving?
  4. thankyou. i just am scared of the biting lol. i have avery low pain threshold.
  5. This is Pepper my celestial parrotlet. Thankyou for the replies to my post concerning getting one. She is about two-three months old and hand reared. These pics were taken the second and third day home when she was weary and now shes settled in she wants to test us...hence the biting...hard. We have had her about a week now. The breeder said if she bites just say a firm no...and she will learn eventually and he has to still do it with his who is well trained and tame. He said to hold her firmly if she does, makin sure to do it by her cheeks too so she cant turn and bite , say no and put her back in if need be and leave her for a bit. I thought at first this would reinforce the behaviour but as he said they love coming out, as she does, and soon learn shes put back if she bites. Shes trying to bite all the time and wont shut up if you leave the room (though she is getting better with that). She comes out everyday and is quiclkly learning the step up and fly to you commands. I know all parrots are different and just cos they can talk it doesnt mean they will but how long did it take your parrotlet to start talking/singing/whistling things? I think mine is trying to say hello. She chirps twice in a row quickly and flys to the door to see us each morning. I know parrotlets arnt known for their good talking skills so I probably wonjt be able to understand her anyway. The breeder says its a myth that males will speak better or more likely to than females and it depends on the birds personality and how much you are persistant with them. He has been breeding, hand rearing and working with parrots for over 7years aswell as other animals. Do yours dance? Parrots naturally dance to anything - music or not that they like dont they? Here are some pics. Ill update with news and pics reguarly. http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee187/BlackRoseUK/Pepperlikestattoo.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee187/BlackRoseUK/Pepperpearching.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee187/BlackRoseUK/pcage3.jpg she does have toys and we are getting more. the cage was when she had been there a day
  6. she really wants one but she doesnt know id be getting her one. problem is i dont think my dad would be too happy. dont think he wants anymore pets. I still wanna find out more about them though for myself, as I want to get one when I havnt as many animals or when/if i move
  7. I am new here and am thinking of buying my mum a parrot. I also would like one in the future as I have always loved them and wanted one. We did have a very friendly hand reared cockatiel that would mimic the phone, fly to you, play a lot and allow himself to be held all the time. He has recently passed. My mum has a lot of avairy cockatiels and budgies. I love big parrot cos they are interesting, funny and talk very well. However I dont fancy having my finger bitten off or my ears deafened. So I was looking for a smaller parrot that wont cross my threshold of pain and my intolernce for loud noises. All parrots, I know, can be loud, messy and even the tamest can bite if its scared or in a mood. Some may be cuddlers, some may not talk at all. I am interested in experiencing ownership of one, but as added enjoyment I would like one with a big personality that would talk, dance, do tricks and basically have their mad five minutes like you see on youtube lol. I have been looking into celestial/pacific parrotlets as they are smaller than a budgie, very quiet and dont squark or screech like the bigger ones. But I am getting very mixed views on them from shops and breeders. I have been told they are not fluent talkers but can learn to say things quietly so you just gotta look out for it and youll eventually be able to her what they are saying. They also said they are very affectionate if hand reared, very big in character and will basically do everything a bigger parrot would do...dancing, tricks, fly to you etc. In fact I read they are just like a mini amazon parrot and they are true parrots. The other place said they are more like lovebirds and dont really do anything. They are not parrots and wont do anything a big parrot would do. I would only get a hand reared one. Can anyone please help straighten out the facts and post any pics/funny stories/vids you may have with your celestial. thankyou.
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