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  1. I think it looks fantastic to see them enjoying there wings, but would never dare to try it myself!.
  2. The only problem I have with naming and shaming a vets is that one person may think that they are more than useless, yet another might swear by them. The vet that killed my Charlie I would like to beat to death with a big stick!!. Whereas someone I was talking to on another forum swear by him and say it's a 3 hour drive to see him but they do it cuz he's soooo good!. With us, he wouldn't listen to a word we said and seemed to be way to occupied with other things.
  3. We had a wonderful Avian vet that looked after our Charlie. He was based at meadow Lane Vetinary in Loughborough, Leicestershire. He was very, very knowledgeable and would recommentd him to anyone. Unfortunately when we moved away from the area we chose to see a different vet that was a Zoo vet and was supposed to be an avian vet. That was the biggest mistake of our lives as it ended costing Charlie (cag) her life!. If only we could turn back time............ The maddening thing was we very nearly drove the 130 mile back down to Loughborough to see our old vet, but was told that as she had already been treated by a different vet then he didn't want to undermine someones treatment etc. He did however suggest that we got our vet to ring him and he would offer his services in any way he could. All hale Meadow Lane vets!!!.
  4. What a good idea!. Now why didn't I think of that???
  5. So your the one that robbed our local pet shop last night!!! lol
  6. We had a feather tether for Charlie. Never got round to training her but remember it had big buckles. Not nice for Charlie's chest bone (had it operated on twice) so didn't try using it.
  7. When I get a bird I want to harness train him/her but not to sure on the flight line idea. It looks very flimsy to me and don't think it would take much chewing through. Our Charlie (cag) could undo split rings in seconds and would hate to lose the bird cuz of a split ring!.
  8. That's the Best news Ever!!. you and chicken are soooo lucky!!.
  9. Our Charlie always used to do that. Never did know why. Wouldn't have thought it was cuz of age, as our Charlie was only 5 when she died so wasn't likely to have had stiff joints or anything.
  10. Hi Mike. I too am on the East Yorkshire Coast (Brid). My first what I call 'real' bike was an rd350lc in Wrangler colours!!. I loved that bike. I always had a mate in tow that no matter how good or bad the wheelie, never fell off the back!. Until one day when it broke down and we nicked my dad's chicken chaser!! to fetch a part. I pulled up at a roundabout, as I pulled away he fell straight off the back and sat on his arse right in front of a cop car!. Problem was my insurance didn't cover me to ride that bike!. There went my clean licence!.
  11. Don't worry Stephie I wouldn't use shop4birds to supply me with anything.
  12. Hilton, you are just trying to cause a stink. No wonder they banned you/shop4birds. Get a life and grow up!!. I think we have all heard enough now.
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