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  1. Hi, We do not know if she can fly really well. She can safely land and fly but we are not sure of distances or anything yet. When she has her busher collar off we will take her to work and we will let her fly in reception and see how she does as it is a large space. We are giving her crushed vit D and calcium supliments and she has now got abird light above her cage, She has had one since she has been in bird room but before bloods, she did not spand very long in that room! We do not have an aviary but we have just brought her a harness so she can go out in the afternoon with the others on walks!
  2. Phoebe our B+G Macaw has a history of feather plucking for the past 3 years. She has a blood sample taken on Friday and a buster collar fitted. her results have come back. Out avian vet at work was not around when the rsults came though and therefore I could not speak to him. I am not at work tomorrow (In fact, I am at a college in the bottom of a welsh valley with no signal!) Part of the clinical comments on it (Produced by a vet) say: There is a toxic heterophilia present, indicating the need for an atnibiotic treatment (Fair enough, thats easily done!) and the low levels of ionised calcium suggests that a diet and husbandry (Including provision of UVb)would be worth while. I am presuming the UVb is the special lights whcih you get. We have 3 in the bird room covering all birds. What could we do for the diet part... should we be providing anything special? She ha sbeen with us for a month so th lack of UVb light could be from that (She has been in quarentine for 2 weeks before moving her into the bird room and then was in there for about 3 weeks before sample taken. Hopefully some fo you can share some ideas! We have fitted a collar and sheis fed on a premium parrot mix and fruit/veg and she eats it very well.
  3. I have to give in........ I have put him up for sale...... My heart is in pieces....... I only want him to go for breeding as I do not think he will be happy in another home. He is very hard to bond to and is at the age where he is now mature enough.... He got worse over the last few weeks and I just cannot keep being selfish for him to keep getting worse.... I have let him down....
  4. He is fine with my cats, my cat will be asleep whilst he plays with me on my bed! I do let all the cats in the room when I am not there, Leave the window curtains open (He is by the window so can see out) so he does have some action throughout the day. I know it is not what he wants but there are different noises he can see and hear. His plucking has settled down now for the last week. I think when a routine stays the same he is fine but if i spend lots more (Like most of the day) or any less time then he starts plucking. I spray him intermittently with some bitter spray stuff which helps and is currently helping it at bay more but not completely resolving it. Should it get worse again then I will get him blood sampled for a general profile and go from there. I would also like to add that (VERY surprisingly) my dad has started to interact with him in the mornings. He now feeds all the birds and when he goes to feed Coco he will put his hand in, stroke him. He will not come out onto my dad but will put one foot on. If he tries to move his hand with that foot on the he will BITE!!! But it is still some interaction with him so I am very pleased he is trying for him. With relation to other birds. I really have no space. There is no space for him to go back downstairs as we have already been kicked out of the room and it is now a "bird room" where they all are (bar Coco) and we now have our meals in the conservatory with the birds on stands or shoulders with us). And there is no room for any others to go up into my room. we have already moved furniture for him to fit in! We will have some cockatiels moving in from the aviary in about 8 weeks (They are currently week-old chicks in an outside aviary. They will come in for taming before being sold on.) We have tried to sell him. We were advertising for two months and no-one came for him. We had one reply but wasn't sure if it was the answer to her problem with her grey and we advised her it would probably worsen the problem or not change it. so he was unable to go to her. After 2 months and asking for a ridiculous price for him, we gave up and started removing furniture for his large cage.It was at that point, I realised I could not part with him. Whilst this is going to sound very selfish but I could not think of my life without him. I wake up and we have our morning conversation. when I go to bed we have our conversation. He becomes my rock when times are getting very hard for me and he is somebody who i can talk to about anything when I have nobody else who will understand. There are just certain things I could not get in another bird.
  5. Thanks "Potty's Mum" for changing the title, I was also beginning to think that it was not as relevant now but did not know how to go about changing it!! I can understand where all you are coming from. We have considered moving him into the bird room but unfortunately, as all the others are in there (We have 8 others in total in 7 cages), there is simply no room and still have room for us to get around in there. Having him up with me is the only option I can have to keep him in the house as there is no other room for his large cage. ! , As for the other members of the family - Dad has tried loads but he just keeps getting bitten - and this is really bad bites like I have never had from him. If he gets time, he will go and sit in the room with him and just talk and shake hands with him though but this is only once or twice a week unfortunately. Mum just gets flying attacks on her, I think being female, he thinks she is a huge threat to him and will not even stand her to be in my room sometimes and will just scream - he is like this for other females and also when i am on the phone he will constantly scream demanding the person on the phone does not deserve my attention because he does!!! My brother is the only other person and he is very reluctant to do anything with ANY of our birds and sometimes even the cats. He is very "un-animaly" and really does not see too much point in having them around the house. I will give him his due and say he does help with cleaning and feeding them though. I am going to try the relaxation methods before I go in to see him and see how much that helps. I have also brought him some anti-pluck spray which I have now been using for the last few weeks and whilst it has not stopped him completely, It has slowed the process down. Thanks for all your help in this case, you have all been very very supportive to me. I will update you in a few weeks once I have started to be a lot more relaxed around him and the budgie will have moved onto a new home so i will devote even more attention to him then!
  6. Unfortunately, he was moved out of the room as he was with many other parrots and he was only liking one human (He would shout and call for my attention. I would say that the budgie was not moved there so much for company but where i spend a lot of time so he gets used to being around people too as he is only temporary. I would guess he gets the same attention but just at different times. Could this affect it? I suppose with change of routine etc?? i still try to keep to come routine such as getting up in the morning and making a fuss of him, then when i get back from work he is around em and also after evening meals he is around me. I still leave the radio on during the day and he can hear my father around the house as he is moving about and he will sometimes come and spend some time through the bars of the cage with him. Coco will not let him get him out of the cage and is almost as bad to get back in! I do have to leave him in his cage throughout the day because I will come back to one big mess if he was out all day with no supervision which is his normal behaviour! I will admit that i think he sleeps a lot of the time i am out as he is usually very quiet (What my family tell me!) but he does seem to know when i am due home most of the time and will call my name when i am at the top of the drive as if to say he knows i ma home again! he does miss the few occasions when i have to call to him first and he will call me back after! Been thinking some more and the only other main change which has gone on mainly since the summer (Which is when he has got a little worse) which Is me. I have become a lot more anxious and stressed as have been sitting end of year exams for my Vet Nursing which was meaning a lot to me and with my results soon as well, things are still difficult. Whilst i try not to be harsh on him or make this affect him in any way, do you reckon he could pick up on this and therefore make him more stressed and pluck? Would you say it is more likely that he is plucking the feathers when they first start to come through than them not growing again at all? I have a feeling this is what happens with his legs as have noticed him doing that a few times on his legs but never his front?
  7. Thanks for all your help guys! He doesn't seem to have "de-formed" feather growth, just a lack of it! It is mainly on his front and possibly a little bit on his Humerus area. there are lots of little ones there but no large ones like on the rest of his wings. I will try to put some pictures on here of him. Unfortunately, he is not very camera friendly - He will attack one at any chance he recognises it! so getting a photo of the affected area is a bit difficult. I have spoken to an exotics vet who does a lot of microchipping and export certificates of our birds at work (I work with him in a mixed practice) and he says it may be a nutritional deficiency - i have added to his diet (Mixed in with Baby food) Seven Seas, Phillips, P.Y.M Bird Tonic (With Natural B.Vitamins) as my supplement. he gets this every evening apart from when i am late night as he is usually too tired to eat much by then! The other 6 nights a week he gets it. I will admit that I am a little dubious to go to our local avian vet (Neil Forbes) as it is a referral practice and there are high costs and he is not insured so i am therefore speaking to people at work and phoning the referrals when needed. I will if his quality of life suffers though. The problem started about Jan this year when he started to loose just a few feathers. We then moved him up to my room to make room for the umbrella cockatoo (Billie) and he was OK for a bit then started plucking so that it was noticeable change. He then seemed to steady off for a bit and this Winter it has got a lot worse again. The level of attention he gets hasn't changed apart from getting more at night time/evenings. He still gets time out of the cage and regular showers (About once a week in winter, sometimes twice a week in summer). He is only left for a maximum f 2 weeks in the summer when i go abroad and cannot take him but i then have a colleague who comes to feed and water them and give them some time. This is probably the main time routine is different. The only other major change is he is now living with a Budgie next to him whilst i tame it up before selling (He is one i bred and is to be sold end of next Jan ish). He seems to get on well with him and they seem OK living together, There is an air purifier in the room to help lower the levels of dust floating around the room and this does help a lot and does pick quite a bit up! I will also put a photo of his cage up so you can see his set-up. He does get a fair amount of daylight (Through Window, He does not have a special light as he bites the mains cable so has been removed for his safety. He has bitten it 3 times already). thanks again for your help and support through this, I am sure i am just thinking of worse case scenarios with him and that it is probably something really minor!. P.S. Images do not seem to be working... Any idea how i am supposed to get them onto here? I'm not very technical with these things!
  8. Please ignore the spelling erros in the title! I know this is a common problem in Cockatoos but can you just got one or the other? I have a cockatoo which is plucking its front/chest area. I know this can be bordom but I am certain he is not bored. he has lots of attention (HE is in my room which I spend a lot of time in). He has a good parrot mix diet with some fruit (Mainly Apple or Pommegranet as he is very fusy and will eat only these fruits!). He has Baby food in the evening which is supplemented with a Vit/mineral powder and sometimes Palm Fruit Extract. He gets seed overnight and the fruit in the day. I cannot see any problems with his beak bjust his feathers. He used to pluck his legs (Has done since we have had him from 5yrs old) and whilst he stil does do this, he is now allowing him to ave "socks" - The bottom few feathers are allowed to grow and stay atached to his les!! This has been a problem for about a year now, His feathers are either not growing back or he is plucking them from a small feather still in its sheath. Coco - Cockatoo in question - is about 10 years old Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. Also - Is this transferable to my other Umbrella Cockatoo (About 5 years old) by using me as a "vector/transport" for the disease if he has it? They do not live in the same room as Billie (Umbrella) Hates me and Coco only likes me in the household! Please help as I am getting very worried about him.
  9. Thanks a lot guys! to be honest, we got it form a farmer who was making a fence for his fields, to keep the sheep out of our caravans, using lots of cut wood and we asked him kindly for some of his spare stuff as it was really nice and thick! I will certainly keep an eye that it does not get too slippy for them. thanks for all your advice and help.
  10. Hi Guys... I am really hoping you can help me out here. I am trying to find out if Hazel wood is a safe wood to give to parrots for toys and perching? I have tried searching the internet but cannot find anywhere which says it is safe OR toxic! Can anybody help me find out if they are toxic or not please before i give it to my parrots. Many Thanks
  11. how is she doing? Did she lay any more eggs? What species of cockatoo is she? I have a MSC called Coco as well but he is male! In general, is it a good thing for parrots to lay when they are not breeding (e..g being kept on own without a mate, apart from us humans!,) Just a general question as our females have never laid (one is 19years old (Scarlet Macaw) and the other is 6 years old (African Grey)? Hope she is a lot better.
  12. Hi there, sorry i ahve not replied sooner, I killed my computer and have only just got it back a couple of hours ago. I take my parrots (wll 2 out of 6!) away with me and the family and have taken out ourange winged amazon with us every year for the last 3 years now. We have just brought a Blue Fronted Amazon which we are also going to take away with us for 4-5 months in May. If you are traveling to FRANCE You need to get a document from DEFRA which will be like a health certificate form, you will need to fill this in and send it to the vet who will health check him - see later in post , you will need to phone your vet previously (either local or specialist depending on what your local one is like. Mine is my locla on and where i work and we have a vet who deals with a lot of exotics and is happy to do it but some places may not have vets happy to carry this out). My vets will charge about £30-40 for this consulation. Take the paperwork along with you and they will look at him and check him over and sign to say that he is fit for travel. You will also need some form of identification for you parrot. This has ot be perminant. A leg ring may be sufficient but we got all ours micro-chipped as you read of horrible stories where the leg rings are forced off and therefore they may not be able to be identified again. Some local vets will do this but unless you have a vet there who is really confdent with birds, i would take it to a specialist to be on the safe side!! The paperwork now has to be signed 24hours or it may be on the day of travel,(it will be on the form sent to your vets so just phone them when they recieve it and they will be able to tell you) before traveling with him. it gets signed by the vet. you would also have to contact the travel company (e.g. ferry company or how-ever you are getting there) to let them know that you are travelling with a bird. Some companies will charge you. I know when we go on the ferry they like to charge us £70-80 per parrot. But, we have always felt that if it is for a long time, that £100 ish you have spent is worth it! You do not need any paperowrk to bring him back into GB but just the identification so show he is yours. I hope this has helped. Any questions, please PM me.
  13. Well, i have just bought another cockatoo which we are collecting on Sat btu we are hvaing to get rid of the one i have now as it just attacks the rest of the family and now i am working really odd hours, we are having to find another home. Not my preferred choice but best for the bird i think. We have just brought one which is great with all of the family and has reached maturity so should, hopefully, stay that way and we can also have it out in a room with one of our other birds as they are just not bothered about each other!! sad story/situation but family are scared stiff of the one we have now so am looking for a better home for him. I soak them in just a dish of water about 1cm deep, possibly 1.5 cm., Then i rinse them off and soak them some more, then i rinse them and put them in a pot on my window sill (as my curtains remain shut as i am never home in daylight hours!!!) and put them in the put but on a selection of tissue paper to soak up the moisture as i don't have a sprouting pot. I have then left them all week-end and nothing is showing. . They are from a seed-mix which we feed to most of our parrots and I have shelled them. After soaking they seem to open up (almost like mussel shells) at one end and remain together at the other. I then left them to "sprout" and they did nothing. Is it likely to do with the way i leave them (not in a collander or a sprouting jar? I never realised i could use a collander so that will be my next attempt!) or is it likely to be with my seeds i am using? Would seeds from a sack of pure sunflower seeds which i buy for my cockatiels be better? Thanks.
  14. I Have FAILED!!!!!! i feel ashamed!!! I ahve tried twice now (going on third time lucky at the moment and have some soaking as i type. I have them soaking in a small disk, i then rince them about half way through their soaking, i then leave them on the window sill in my room where it is warm and ahs light to sprout during the day and they look worse than when they finished soaking. What am i doing wrong??? I feel like i will never get the hang of sprouting seeds which is a shame as i really want to get my cockatoo onto them! Please help all you sprouting queens/kings out there! Please help the useless pesants!!
  15. i never got a reply like most of you others. Does this mean they will not send me any I sent it Tuesday (2 days ago).AM getting worried now. How long do they take to come?
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