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  1. yorkielass


    Hello, how horrible for your mum! I can't offer any advice but I'm sure there will someone along soon who can.
  2. I've just watched Calendar and they have shown pics sent in by a man from Goole who has a parakeet visiting his garden. Hope this little one finds its way home. Did think it may be a wild one at first as it is apparently very timid.
  3. yorkielass

    George - pictures

    I have the same problem. The only way I get to see them is if I click on 'quote' then preview the message, the piccies show up then!!
  4. yorkielass

    Annonymous letter; thank you

    Parrot with a pomegranate in the parlour!!
  5. I use it to help stop red mite in my chicken hut. Worked a treat so far!!
  6. yorkielass

    Clipping African Grey's

    Totally off topic but I have just watched your video 'while the parrots away' and it is brilliant!! The look on your budgies face when it peeps out of the dish is priceless....sooooo cute!!
  7. yorkielass


    I don't often post on here, usually just lurk but just had to say what beauties!! My terrapin, Daphne, has just turned 30years old this Feb and is still going strong bless her. Hope you have as long and happy time with your two as I have with Daphne xx
  8. yorkielass

    Select Exotics, Kent

    They probably get their puppies from one of the many terrible puppy farms around the country!! I hope they don't and I am proved wrong!
  9. yorkielass

    Cumbrian breeder

    Thanks for the reply Rockyrobin
  10. yorkielass

    Shop4Birds??? (shop4birdsuk)

    It is very basic at the moment, we are in the process of building it up into hopefully an infomative site. Takes a hell of lot of hard work to make a site as informative as parrot link but one day we may reach that status
  11. yorkielass

    Shop4Birds??? (shop4birdsuk)

    No controversy on parrotbasics.....shop4birds are not members!
  12. yorkielass

    Cumbrian breeder

    Hiya, I'm thinking of buying a parrot from Denton parrots in Cumbria. Does anyone know if they are reputable breeders or not? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  13. yorkielass

    Eddie Houston New Member.

    Hi and welcome
  14. yorkielass

    Hide and Seek

    Tia says 'please may I help?' I looked down here....nope and I looked up here....nope It's not in here either....see...empty! I even asked my brothers and sisters and they've not seen it either! But they had a laugh looking for it!